Jamie Minihane / Clive Minihane V Fred Pope / Alec Pope (Jenny Lind)

Andy Ellison / Chris Lamb 1-2 Ian Hicks/Steve Astley (Ashburnham)

Ray Norton / Andrew Lipscombe V Colin Southouse / Peter Payne (Ashburnham)

Chris Haynes / Gareth Dell V Nick Speight / Dennis Cole (OKJ)


Byes-Mark Bailey / Andy Elldridge

              Alex Reardon / Jez Horsler

          Nigel Doe / Grahame Dean

              Sandy Harmer / Mick Osbourne



Colin Southouse (9.400) V Nadja Herten (700) (Ashburnham)

Dave Pearce (1,600) 2-1 Ray Norton (1,600) (Nags Head)

Andrew Lipscombe (1,800) V Alex Pope (3,400) (OKJ)

Gareth Dell (2,800) V Alex Reardon (1,500) (Ashburnham)

Fred Pope (2,800) V Clive Minihane (3,400) (Jenny Lind)


Byes- Peter Payne (4,800)

              Jamie Minihane (6,400)

              Chris Haynes (5,000)


Lower Averages

Mark Bailey V Alec Pope (Jenny Lind)

Alex Reardon        V Ray Norton (Nags Head)

Dave Pearce V Nadja Herten (Nags head)


Bye- Andrew Lipscombe


Over 50’s

Play off

Chris Haynes 2-0 Dave White (Jenny Lind)


Colin Southouse V Alec Pope (OKJ)

Mick Osbourne V Clive Minihane (OKJ)

Chris Haynes V Peter Payne (Jenny Lind)

Andrew Lipscombe V Fred Pope (Ashburnham)



Ray Norton V Sandy Harmer (Nags Head)

Andy Horsler  V Jamie Minihane (OKJ)

Byes- Colin Southouse

              Andy Ellison


Ties to be played by Friday 15th November 2019


Please check availability of the table with the venue in question.


Results by text to Andy Horsler 07890854044 immediately after your game.