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Show Respect.

Be Prepared.

Be on time.

Listen with your ears AND your eyes.

Thou shall not chew gum.

Thou shall not eat or drink in the Band Room (other than water).

Thou shall dispose of refuse in a trash can.

Thou shall not have inappropriate public displays of affection.

Thou shall not hack.

To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be LEFT BEHIND.



Be Your Best is a goal that EVERYONE can achieve.  This is NOT the same as “Be THE Best” which is something very few can achieve.  It is all that is expected of you, but it is expected ALL the time – every minute, every practice, every day and every performance.  Further, it is expected that you will BE YOUR BEST outside of organized band activities, as well as in rehearsals and performances.

YOU can measure your own success and do not have to wait until someone else, like the director, your parents, a senior band member or band judge tells you.  YOU KNOW!



Respect yourself.  Respect others.  Respect the band facilities, equipment, and uniforms.


Band members are responsible for doing their best, working on individual skills, and practicing.  All equipment and other necessary items must be brought to rehearsals as requested.


Students should arrive at the building AT LEAST 15 minutes before the rehearsal is scheduled to begin, in order to be ready to start on time.  If you count on someone else for a ride to practice, tell them the time you have to BE THERE, not the time rehearsal begins.  With this concept, you will be prepared physically and mentally to begin the rehearsal and not flying in at the last minute or worse – LATE.  You also will have a cushion of safety if there is extra traffic or you are running a couple of minutes behind.



Paul Beuning, Director of Bands

(702) 799.6660, Extension 4040

Carl Baker, Associate Director of Bands

(702) 799.6660, Extension 4040

Chelsea Petersen, Band Office Administrator

(702) 799.6660, Extension 4043

Liana Ham, Colorguard Director

(702) 799.6660, Extension 4040

Harrison Shaw, School Banker

(702) 799.6660, Extension 4044

High School Band Program

Enrollment in High School band requires two simultaneous placements: Advanced Band, Percussion, Rhythmic Precision (Full year band class) and Marching Band (Fall Semester) OR Intermediate Band (Spring Semester).  This simultaneous placement fills only ONE slot from the elective choices; however, students receive credit for both band classes.  Students involved in band should expect several evening rehearsals and performances outside the school day.  All members are required to participate in Marching Band.  Participation in after school rehearsals and performances is mandatory.  Transportation will not be provided to scheduled rehearsals and performances at Arbor View High School.

Three to five concerts are scheduled each year; winter (usually December), Pre-Festival (February, or March), and spring (May).  These concerts are held in the Arbor View High School Theatre.  There is no fee to attend concerts hosted at Arbor View High School.

Band members are required to arrive early for all events (as specified by the director) in order to dress, warm-up, tune, assist with moving of equipment, etc.  Members are expected to remain for the entirety of all events.  The band director must approve exceptions well in advance.

Students may also receive additional credits for participation in section classes/pep band/symphony orchestra/independent study, etc.

Wind Symphony (Advanced Band)

The Wind Symphony is the top performing concert ensemble comprised of students who audition for and are selected to participate in the group.  Members of the Wind Symphony will sign a contract signifying their commitment to be prepared and attend regular Tuesday evening rehearsals (after the conclusion of Marching Band from 5-7 PM) and all scheduled performances.  The ensemble will perform the highest quality of literature in the Grade 3,4,5 and 6 levels.  The Wind Symphony will perform at the Clark County School District Advanced Band Festival, at several concerts at AVHS, and at various local, state, and national festivals.  While private lessons are not mandatory for members of this group, it should be noted that for students without a private teacher, much of the literature this group will perform may be unattainable for many students.  A list of private instructors is available from the band director upon request.

Symphonic Band (Advanced Band)

The Symphonic Band is comprised of students who are not involved in the Wind Symphony (select Wind Symphony members may be added to this group in order to fill out instrumentation).  The Symphonic Band will perform at the Clark County School District Intermediate Band Festival and at several concerts at AVHS.   The ensemble will perform the highest quality of literature in the Grade 2,3 and 4 levels.  Attendance is required at all performances.  

Intermediate Band

This one year course is designed for students who have achieved beyond the beginning band level. It includes guidance and direction in solving psychomotor problems relating to instruments and the techniques for producing and evaluating pitch, tone, rhythmic patterns, and dynamic levels within a variety of musical styles. The importance of sustained effort and practice is stressed for technical proficiency. Emphasis will be placed on providing each student with a variety of performing experiences. This course may be repeated for credit.

Jazz Band

This one year course is dedicated to the development of jazz performance and knowledge. Students work extensively on the art of jazz interpretation as well as developing skills in jazz improvisation. Students wishing to perform in the ensemble will be accepted according to the following instrumentation: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, bass, drums, auxiliary percussion, and guitar. Students must be enrolled in one or more of the band classes offered other than jazz band to be eligible for participation in jazz band. All members are required to participate in the Marching Band. Participation in after school rehearsals and performances is required. Transportation will not be provided to scheduled rehearsals and performances at AVHS.

Marching Band

This one-semester course is designed for students already participating in advanced and intermediate band. Students will also receive a waiver for Physical Education II credit. All students will perform at a variety of events outside the school day. These events include, but are not limited to, football games, basketball games, parades, marching contests, and pep assemblies.  All band members are required to perform in the Marching Band and attend Pre-Season band camp prior to the beginning of school. Transportation will not be provided to scheduled rehearsals and performances at AVHS.

Indoor Percussion

The Arbor View High School Percussion section will form the Indoor Percussion ensemble at the conclusion of the Marching Band season. Any other non-percussion members of the band are eligible to perform in this ensemble.  Members rehearse during school and twice weekly after school. The ensemble will perform in several competitions throughout the Las Vegas valley from February through April. Members MAY also attend at least one out of state competition, which will be an overnight trip.

Color Guard/Winter Guard

This one year course is dedicated to the development of color guard skills and knowledge. The Arbor View High School Rhythmic Precision class will form the Arbor View High School Color Guard, which rehearses and performs with the Outdoor Performance Ensemble. The class will then form the Arbor View High School Winter Guard at the conclusion of the Marching Band season. Members rehearse during school and twice weekly after school. The ensemble will perform in several competitions throughout the Las Vegas Valley from October through April. Members MAY also attend at least one out of state competition which will be an overnight trip.


Specific dates, times, and locations of fall marching competitions and spring concert festivals are published on the Band website (  Parents are encouraged to attend these events. There are 6 marching competitions each fall and a small admission fee ranging from $5-$10 is generally charged for spectators (admission fee is NOT waived for chaperones, uniform closet volunteers and the pit crew). Only those parents who are officially signed up to be chaperones travel on the buses with students (no younger siblings are allowed to ride the bus). Carpooling has been successful for those parents who wish to attend local events.

Each student is given one meal on competition days, courtesy of the band boosters. The band director will announce to the students if food stops will be made or if brown-bagging is required. Students are allowed to carry small coolers, etc. on the buses. Sufficient chaperones are necessary for each trip and activity.


District Band, Solo and Ensemble Festival, and All-State

These events are open to all students on an audition basis. Band members are strongly urged to participate in this audition.


The Arbor View High School Band is a large group of students that must play together in unison and also work in unison to be successful and thus, communication is paramount. There are several means of communication:

Attendance/Rehearsal Policy

The most successful groups have the same attendance policy: ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY AT ALL SCHEDULED REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES.  Schedules are given to the students well in advance and rehearsal/performance schedules should be communicated to employers immediately.  All other conflicts should be rescheduled if possible.  If a student is absent from an event, prior written notice from a parent or guardian of at least 14 days (10 business days) must be given except for instances of extreme emergency.  If students do not provide written notice all absences will be unexcused, the student will receive no credit and no make up assignment will be given.

Sample Excused Absences:

-Personal Illness (doctor’s note required for missing more than one rehearsal or performance)

-Death in family

-Unavoidable doctor’s appointment (follow up with note)

-Family emergency

        Sample Unexcused Absences (but not limited to):

- Work


                -Transportation not arranged

                -Being grounded

                -Having to babysit siblings

-Anything deemed unexcused by school policy

-Absences which are unreported according to band guidelines

-Scheduling conflicts with other activities or events without prior approval

        Attendance Policy

-3 Unexcused absences are grounds for removal from the program at the discretion of the director

-3 Tardies constitute 1 unexcused absence

Performance Assessments and Evaluations

-Band members will be responsible for weekly performance assessments. These may include marching, movement, or playing evaluations. If students fail to pass these assessments, they may be placed on “alternate” status until they are able to achieve the required repertoire.


-The Arbor View band employs a system of alternates. An alternate is a regular member of the class, attends all functions, and is graded in the same manner as everyone else. However, an alternate does not have a permanently assigned spot in the competition show. Alternates will replace students who fail to maintain an adequate performance level, move, are sick, or who are chronically absent or tardy. These replacements are either temporary or permanent at the discretion of the band director. Anyone replaced by an alternate becomes an alternate until he/she regains a spot in the drill. All alternates will have specific functions in the show and will participate in all practices and performances. Primary determination of alternates will be based on absences, tardies, and performance level.

Special Considerations

Parents and students must be aware of and acknowledge the importance of attendance to the performance and morale of the band. As such, any absence (excused or unexcused) may affect a student’s performance standing in the ensemble and eligibility to perform at a given performance or competition.

Conflicts with Band Performances and Rehearsals

Conflicts between band and other activities or events are the responsibility of the student.  The Band Directors encourage students to participate in school activities.  Students are aware of all scheduled band commitments.  They are responsible for communicating conflicts with the Band and the Coaches involved.  It is the band programs policy that it is the student’s responsibility to resolve a reasonable solution within two weeks of a scheduled band commitment and that the student will be in attendance at the band performance. Students should have access to the band calendar on the AVHS band website and be aware of all band dates well ahead of schedule.   Students are reminded that band is a very demanding activity and that involvement in outside activities should be limited to those that are compatible with the band schedule.  All conflicts in regards to performances must be worked out in favor of the student’s responsibility to band.  Work is not an excuse for missing any band activity.

Ref: CCSD Policy - Practice/Performance

Grading Policy

Daily Grades – 10 points

        -5 points for having proper materials/attire

        -5 points for participation

Test Grades – 25 points

        -Music Memorization

        -Marching drill spot accurately

After School Rehearsal/Sectional Grade – 50 points

Performance Day/Rehearsal Day Grade – 200 points


We are fortunate to live in a society with a relatively cheap and GOOD public school system. Furthermore, Arbor View High School has distinguished itself as one of the PREMIER high schools in the State of Nevada.  It is the responsibility of each student to take their academic career seriously.  Not turning in homework because of the excuse “No time because of band”, is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Even on days with rehearsals, students have a minimum of two hours between the dismissal of school and the start of rehearsal. Band is a family and a student’s best tutor may be marching next to them. ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED HELP!


Band pictures are taken at several Marching competitions and at the District concert in the spring. These photos are available for purchase at each shoot.  Information will be sent out via e-mail approximately 1 week prior to events.

Band Fees

In a perfect world we would not have to charge fees, however, it is a “necessary-evil” in the world of competitive high school marching band.  Students are expected to pay marching band fees according to the published payment schedule (part 3).  We do understand that some families may be facing financial hardship; therefore, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Beuning or Mr. Baker regarding alternate arrangements.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY!  We can work out any problem if we are working together!  There are many ways to earn fees other than paying directly.

        Fees you can expect throughout the year:


Fundraisers—Individual Band Accounts (IBA)

The student may accumulate profits which are maintained in a Booster-administered account.  Funds are generally profit from fundraisers that the student participates in. The student may use these funds for band trip expenses, fees, and other band expenses. These student funds may also be applied to their parents' expenses should they decide to chaperone the spring trip. Account balances are always available from the Treasurer.

Funds carry over from year to year. At the conclusion of a student's band involvement, any excess in the students account reverts to that student's sibling (if the sibling will be moving into the band program within a reasonable time). If the student has no sibling in the band program, excess funds go into the general fund account. No funds are ever paid directly to students, but rather are applied either to (1) expenses as directed by the student (2) a sibling account as appropriate.

Important Note: Students and their family members can and sometimes do raise all necessary money for their participation in the band program through fundraisers. If you have questions, please contact the Band Booster Vice President Fundraising.


Fundraisers—General Fund

Several fundraisers occur throughout the year in which members are expected to participate. Fundraisers provide operating capital for replacing marching band and concert uniforms, purchasing band instruments, subsidizing the costs of trips, Pre-School Band Camp, and other band activities. It also covers many other items covered under the typical band operating budget.  These “fair-share” fundraisers allow EVERYONE’S band fees to be lower.  Typically, there is one General Fund Fundraiser each month and members are expected to sell a “minimum” number of items, products, etc in order for the band to meet its financial goals. Any items sold beyond this minimum will be applied to the student’s Individual Band Account (IBA).  MANY STUDENTS EARN PART OR ALL OF THEIR ENTIRE BAND FEES THROUGH PARTICIPATING IN THESE FUNDRAISERS.

Concessions at Home Football Games

At each home football game, the AVHS Boosters provide the visitor’s concession stand. This is an on-going fundraiser during the football season. We work both the JV and Varsity games. Proceeds from this fundraiser benefit the general band fund.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway/Levy Restaurants

We have the opportunity to work concession booths at many of the activities held at the Speedway. Students and adults alike work together in these fast-paced concession stands. We are grateful to Levy Restaurants and for our partnership with them. These funds will go to both general funds and your IBA.




In order to maintain the high quality of our marching band program, we require a participation fee AND participation from each member in several General Fund Fundraisers.  Students who choose not to participate in their “fair share” General Fund Fundraisers will be assessed an additional fee.  While the school district does provide for some of the costs associated with our band program, the BULK of the expenses fall on the participating members.  A breakdown of the costs is listed below

$400.00        Transportation (school and charter buses are not paid for by the school district), cargo truck rentals, fuel for rentals, instructional staff, meals for students on competition days, equipment needs, equipment replacement, first aid, entry fees to competitions, entertainment, costumes, props, custom show design, custom drill design, SNBA Membership, instrument cleaning and repair, and emergency expenses

$400.00        TOTAL FEES

        Note: Color Guard members follow a separate fee schedule

Fee Payment Schedule for Winds & Percussion Members

AUGUST 2nd          $200.00

SEPTEMBER 13th        $200.00

Fee Payment Schedule for Colorguard Members

AUGUST 2nd          $200.00

SEPTEMBER 13th        $200.00

How to pay fees

If you cannot make a payment on the published payment schedule date, please contact Mr. Beuning or Mr. Baker for alternate arrangements.  All information is kept confidential. Otherwise, payments are expected on time.  It is imperative that each member make this financial commitment as the actual cost per student is almost twice that which we are collecting. The band boosters make up the remainder of the student costs through fundraising.


How much are marching band fees this year?

Band fees are $400.

Where do I get the most up to date information?

How does the IBA thing work?

Each student will have an account for fundraised funds; funds may then be used for any band expenses.  Band Fees must be covered first before any other expense

What is the fastest way to raise funds?

Working concessions at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway AND participating in all of our General Fund Fundraisers

Can I withdraw cash from my IBA?


Can I transfer IBA funds to another student?

IBA funds may be transferred to a sibling or other current band students with prior approval of the band director.

What happens to my unused IBA funds?

IBA funds will carry over year after year.  When a student is no longer in band the funds will be transferred to a sibling or the general fund

How do I know my IBA balance?

IBA balances are available at any time by contacting the Treasurer or checking the AVHS Bands website and accessing the “charms” office assistant

What does the band do to collect unpaid fees?

Certified letters are mailed for outstanding fees after they are past due.  The band is required to turn unpaid fee notices in to the school bank, which in turn mails notices home.  Students are not allowed to graduate until all fees are paid

What is the difference between IBA Fundraisers and General Fund Fundraisers?

All fundraisers are very important.  IBA fundraisers help students pay their fees.  General Fund Fundraisers help keep fees low for all students

Can we wait until the end of the year to pay my child’s marching band fees?

No.  We have budgeted to collect and spend all fees by the end of October.  It is, therefore, necessary to collect fees according to the published fee schedule

Do I get into the football games and competitions for free since my child is in the band?

No, you will need to pay for your own entrance into the game and any competitions that you attend.  There will be no access through the gates where the band enters at football games and competitions.  Parents will be directed to enter through the main gates.  Usually the entrance fee is $3.00 - $5.00 at the games and $10.00 - $15.00 at local competitions.

Are rehearsals open to the public?

Yes.  You are more than welcome to attend rehearsals but we request that observers keep distractions at a minimum and sit quietly in the bleachers.  Please do NOT interrupt staff members who are working with students. We do request that you not text or call your student during rehearsal as they are REQUIRED to have their cell phones turned off.  In a true emergency, please come to the practice field and seek out a director, otherwise it can wait.