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CWW Guidelines
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CWW Community Guidelines

By creating an account on our site, you agree to follow these guidelines and uphold these standards at all times.

The CWW is run by the Young Writer’s Workshop, a Christian program that offers support and guidance for young writers.

Do I have to be a Christian to join the CWW?

No, not at all! While we talk about God and our faith openly, we do not require our students to belong to any particular denomination or religion. As long as you’re comfortable following the guidelines stated here, you are very welcome in our program.

Where do I share my writing on the CWW?

The CWW is NOT a writing-sharing website. We don’t allow students to post their writing on the CWW (for feedback or otherwise), and we don’t require students to upload their writing for competitions.

Our focus is on being productive together and helping each other, regardless of what everyone is writing.

Principles of Good Community Behavior:

1. Use Kind Words and Clean Language

In everything you say, aim to build up and encourage. If you are correcting or disagreeing with someone, do so kindly.

DO NOT put down, make fun of, bully, objectify, insult, or harass anyone. DO NOT make belittling, racist, or sexist remarks against anyone or any group of people, including people who are not members of our community. There is no excuse for such behavior in a Christian or professional setting.

Rules about swear words

2. Respect Everyone

Everyone here has different beliefs, philosophies, and backgrounds. And, everyone is made in the image of God and precious to Him, and therefore worthy of respect.

Do not attempt to push your beliefs on anyone. Pushy behavior of any kind is not allowed. If someone asks you to stop doing something, stop.

Because we respect the needs of our youngest members, posts and comments on the CWW may NOT contain:

  1. Demonic characters or forces
  2. Swearing or racial slurs
  3. Descriptions of abuse, whether physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual
  4. Descriptions of self-harm, eating disorders, or suicide
  5. Descriptions of alcohol use or recreational drug use
  6. Discussion of sex or sexual temptation

To keep the community peaceful and focused on our common goal (writing!), students may not discuss controversial topics such as race, theology, sexuality, and politics.

3. Be Helpful to Others

If you see a question that you can answer, answer it! Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know the person asking for help, or if you think they’re a more advanced writer than you. Being helpful to others makes them want to help you.

Students in distress

If you see a comment that makes you concerned about another student’s safety, please take a picture of the concerning comment and send it in a private message either to one of the Leaders or one of the Community Managers.

4. Ask for Help

We can’t help each other if no one ever asks for help! Remember, we are here for each other. Everyone will need help at some point, including you.

To get the most help, word your question as specifically as possible, and give any necessary background information about your situation or your story.

5. Do Not Judge

The CWW is organized by a Christian program, but we have members from lots of different cultural and religious backgrounds--mainly within Christianity, but also outside of it.

When you find a student that has different beliefs than you, remember that we are to extend to other people the same forgiveness that Jesus extends to us.

This does NOT mean you need to set aside your own convictions, or feel pressured to support a message that you’re not comfortable supporting.


6. Act with Humility

As a community dedicated to helping each other, we all suffer when people put on pretenses to appear more important or knowledgeable than they are.

Some tips for staying humble:

No self promotion: this is not a place to promote your writing, blog, email list, product, etc. You’re welcome to share links to those things if someone asks, but do not actively advertise or request that people follow you.

7. Be Safe

We strongly discourage people from giving out personal contact information to people they meet in this community.

Because this is a free community, anyone can join and pretend to be someone they’re not. While we certainly want to believe that everyone is who they say they are, there’s no way to verify if that’s the case.

If you do want to connect with someone outside this community, please get permission from your parents (if you’re under 18) before sharing your information with anyone.

If you want to exchange emails with someone and both of your parents have given you permission to do so, please Private Message one of the CWW instructors so you and the other student can exchange emails privately.

Students may share social media information (such as Facebook or Instagram) outside of a PM. Just be careful and discerning, and communicate with your parents about who you’re connecting with.

The CWW’s Plagiarism Policy

In order to dissuade students from unfairly using the work and ideas of others, we reserve the right to remove a student from the CWW if he or she is found to have plagiarized or infringed on the copyright of any other writer, including another student.

So, if you are using someone else’s words, even if you’re quoting from a website like Pinterest, be safe and acknowledge where those words came from.

Thank you for reading our guidelines and doing your best to follow them!