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Every team participating in the AYSL Tackle Football Program is required to create and maintain a Team Book that will be used to verify teams, players and coaching staff prior to every scheduled game. The Team Book shall contain the following documents for every player listed on the Certified Team Roster that was submitted to AYSL by the team in the order outlined below:


FRONT PAGE OF BOOK: Certified Team Photo Sheets and Roster  To be created by the team and certified by League at Team Certification Day.


SECOND PAGE OF BOOK: Certified Coach and Team Manager Photo Sheets – To be created by the team and certified by League at Team Certification Day.


FOURTH PAGE OF BOOK: AYSL Tackle Football Rules – Every team is required to have a copy of the most recent AYSL rules pertaining to their division in their Team Book. You may find a copy of the rules online at www.azysl.org.




In ascending order by players’ jersey numbers, place the following documents in page protectors in the following order:


FIRST PAGE: Age Verification Document  Every player shall have an age verification document.  Valid forms of age verification documents include but are not limited to a copy of his/her birth certificate, passport, shot records, official school document. **All players must attend Team Certification Day with the original age verification document in his/her hand to compare to the copy in the Team Book.


SECOND PAGE: Signed AYSL Code of Conduct  Every player shall have an AYSL Code of Conduct signed by both the player and the parent/legal guardian.           


THIRD PAGE: Signed AYSL Participation Contract  Every player shall have an AYSL Participation Contract signed by both the player and the parents/legal guardians.               


FOURTH PAGE: Grade Level Verification Document (14U Division Only) – The maximum grade level for the 14U Division is 8th grade. Every player participating in the 14U Division shall have a grade verification document indicating the player’s current grade level. Valid forms of grade verification documents for players in the 8th Grade and below include but are not limited to the player’s most recent report card/progress report, a printout of the player’s online school profile, the player’s school ID, or an official letter from the player’s school.  


FIFTH PAGE: Player’s Current Sports Physical For the health and well-being of the players, all players are required to obtain a sports physical. Sports physicals will be good for one calendar year. (Physicals completed prior to June 2016 will not be accepted.) You may obtain a sports physical through your family physician, your local Urgent Care, Walgreens, CVS, and various other places throughout the valley. You may use the attached form, or provide a report from your pediatrician that specifically states "cleared for sports."


IN THE BACK OF THE BOOK: Coaches’ USA Football Level I Coaching Certification – Every coach participating in the AYSL Tackle Football Program is required to complete the USA Football Heads Up Level I Certification in order to coach. (The Concussion Course Certification is not acceptable.)Team Books shall have a Certificate of Completion for every coach in their Team Book.


Student Assistant Coaches are required to have a signed Participation Contract and Coaches Code of Conduct along with their Certificate of Completion.


Team Books must be certified by AYSL Staff at the team’s scheduled certification day, **Team Books will not be certified if any of the above-listed information is missing for any of the team’s players.


The Team Book must be presented to the designated Site Staff when checking in the players and coaching staff before every game. If the Team Book is not present at the time of check-in before the game, the team shall forfeit the game.


Teams are asked to return all documents collected from the players back to the individual players at the end of the season.


Please contact Keri Arsenault at (602) 635-6345 or email keri@azysl.org with any questions and/or concerns.