What are Staggered Entries, Full Starts & Intake Interviews?

Staggered Entry Week (ONLY applicable for MORNING programs)

To allow children to integrate into their new classroom environments, we welcome smaller groups of students into the classroom during the first week of school (typically, the second week after Labour Day). You child will come to class for ONLY one morning, for the entire morning time (either 9-11:30am or 8:30-noon if you signed up for extended hours). Your child’s “Staggered Entry Date” is emailed to you before the school year starts. If your child is registered for two programs, then they will attend school twice that week.

Full Start Date

Regular class scheduling begins on the Full Start Date at the end of the 2nd week or start of the 3rd week after Labour Day. This date is also emailed to you before the school year begins. At this point, all children will participate together on their registered days. Morning classes run from 9am-11:30am (or 8:30am-noon for extended hours). As a reminder, afternoon classes run from 1pm-3:30pm and DO NOT have staggered starts so all students begin on the same Full Start Date (emailed prior to the start of school). 

Intake Interview

You will have an opportunity to sit down with one of the classroom teachers to communicate your child’s needs, any concerns you may have, soothing techniques that work well for your child, etc. It is our goal to make your child as comfortable as possible in the classroom, and your input is greatly appreciated.

Your Intake Interview (time and date emailed to you before the start of the school year) will last about 15 minutes, while your child is in class. Please bring your child for the full morning or afternoon session and arrive for your interview at the appointed time. You are welcome to wait in the school or leave and come back for your interview.

Starting School After September

If you are entering the school year at a later date, an intake interview will be scheduled for you. Please speak to the Program Director if one has not been scheduled.