Day 1: 3 January 2019 (Tentative)

UCCC: Conference Center, fifth floor of UC building

 (250 chairs)

Room Manager: Yong Sreymom+Jac

M-size room: Room 508, fifth floor of UC building

(25 chairs)

Room Manager: Khit Soaphorn+Jin Yin

Small room 1: Room 515, fifth floor of UC building

 (20 chairs)

Room Manager: Esther Woo+San Channiroth

Small room 2: Room 514, fifth floor of UC building

(20 chairs)


Computer Lab: third floor of UC building

Room Manager: Jac

08:00am - 09.00am


Registration Manager: Zam

Registration team member: Zhang Yin, San Channiroth, Yong Sreymom, Khit Soaphorn

09:00am – 09:03am

An introduction to the conference

Dr. Sam Chu, The University of Hong Kong


Dance Performance

Students from Pleroma School for Girls

Photo: Tiffany+Haruna


Introduction to President H. E. Kao Kim Hourn

Dr. Mongkul Tep, Dean, CoAH, The University of Cambodia


Welcome address
H.E. Kao Kim Hourn, Founder, Chairman of Board of Trustees and the President of The University of Cambodia

Photo: Tiffany+Haruna


Photo Taking

For guests, keynote speakers, and organizing members; for all.

Photo: Tiffany+Haruna

09:35am – 10:10am

Lisa Given

(including Q & A)


101. Workshop 1: An unconference on literacy for academic audience 
Sam Chu & Helen Cheung

102. Technology Development (I)

Session Chair: Shen Qiao
1. Development of Mobile Learning Media about Indonesian Diversity using Augmented Reality by Hardika Dwi Hermawan, Sukirno, Agatha Saputri, Heri Kurniawan, Dodi Widia Nanda, Zakky Muhammad Noor, Zamzami Zainuddin & Dwi Pamuji Ismoyo (Long)
2. Using Pedagogical Intervention with ICT to Minimize Student Plagiarism by Yin Zhang, Xiuhan Li & Zamzami Zainuddin (Short)
3. A Literature Review on Effective Technology-Based Reading Interventions in Elementary Grades by Shen Qiao (Short)

 110. Social Media & Systems (I)
Session Chair: Michael Olsson

1.  A Systematic Survey on District Health Information System (DHIS): A Bibliometric Analysis by Fei Yu, Manish Kumar, Nandita Mani & Javed Mostafa (Long)
2. Users’ Behaviors towards Different Topics of Microblog on Public Health Emergencies by Lu An, Yanping Liang and Gang Li (Short)
3. A Bibliometric Analysis of Social Media Research in Finance by Baoqiang Zhan, Helen Du & Jiahong Xu (Short)


Coffee break



11:25am – 12:35pm

103. Panel Discussion: Higher Education in the 21st Century with Information and Learning Sciences
Chaired by Mongkul Tep & Kit Tai Hau               
Panel members: Sok Soth, Sam Rany, Kolap Mao, TEAV Chhun Nan

Photo: Tiffany+Haruna

12:30pm – 02:00pm





Mike Minehan, Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Cambodia




105. Workshop 2: Research methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative) – Part 1
Michael Olsson & Hilary Yerbury

104. Technology Development (II)
Session Chair: Teresa Chu

1. Applying a High-Tech Gamified Reading e-Quiz Platform for Fostering Children's Low-Tech Reading Behaviors by Xiuhan Li, Zamzami Zainuddin & Yin Zhang (Short)
2. Game Based Learning through Digital and Non-Digital Approaches: Developing English Phonemic Awareness by Teresa Chu (Short)
3. The Use of Interactive Learning Platform (ILP) to Enhance Students’ Learning in a Positive Youth Development Program by Tan-Lei Daniel Shek, Mabel Nga-Sum Cheng & Yee-Man Moon Law (Short)

111. Workshop 4: Learning and teaching with Virtual Reality and drones
Helen Cheung

106. Workshop 3: Developing primary and secondary students’ reading and writing skills through gamified learning and digital story telling (Part 1: Reading skills)
Sam Chu & Helen Chan

03:45pm – 04:15pm

Coffee break




107.Workshop 2: Research methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative) – Part 2
Michael Olsson & Hilary Yerbury

108. Communities
Session Chair: Helen Du

1. Sustainable Base-of-the-Pyramid: A Synthetical Literature Review and Multiple-Case Study by Jiahong Xu, Zhanyao Li, Helen Du and Yuen Ying Cheng (Long)
2. Problems and Strategies for the Use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in the Primary and Secondary Schools in Rural Western China by Menghao Jia and Jia Du (Short)
3. Integrating Comprehensive Practical Activities with Science Education in Rural Primary School in China by Xinyu Chen and Sunny C. Y. Chan (Short-Online)

109. Pedagogy (I)
Session Chair: Hay Mar Myat Kyaw

1. STEPS: Develop Argumentative Writing Skills of Secondary School Students with Wiki Collaborative Writing and Information Literacy by Helen Cheung (Long)
2. Fostering Design Competencies in a First Year Engineering Course: a Design-based Learning Approach by Jac Leung & Paul Lavigne (Short)
3. Implementing STEM Education: A Literature Review for Early Childhood Teachers’ Professional Development by Hay Mar Myat Kyaw (Short)

5:30pm - 6:00pm

Poster session




Cultural & musical performance - traditional APSARA dancing and folklore singing performed by Cambodian students.

Photo: Tiffany+Haruna

06:45pm - 09:30pm

Conference dinner: Participants can register for this at USD25 per person.   (Drinks are extra). The dinner will be held at Tonle Bassac II Restaurant (

Day 2: 4 January 2019 (Tentative)

UCCC (250 chairs):

Room Manager: Yong Sreymom+Jac

M-size room

(25 chairs)

Room Manager: Khit Soaphorn+Jin Yin

Small room 1

(20 chairs)

Room Manager: Esther Woo+San Channiroth

Small room 2

(20 chairs)

Computer Lab

Room Manager: Jac

08:30am - 09.00am


Registration Manager: Zam







09.00am -09.15am

Opening remarks and SA Chapter presentation

09:15am – 09:55am

Prof Javed Mostafa

09:55am – 11.10am

201. Panel Discussion: Effective learning in preschool, primary and secondary education with Industrial Revolution 4.0
Chaired by Zhang Yin                  
Panel members: H.E. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia; Y.T. Wan; Joyce Chan, Principal of Shine Kindergarten; Y. T. WAN, Vice principal of Kurmul International School.

Photo taking: Tiffany+Jin Yin

11:10am – 11:40am

Coffee break



11:40am – 12:55pm

203. Workshop 5: Publishing in high quality journals
Javed Mostafa, Sam Chu, & Tina Du

204. Scholarly publishing and review
Session Chair: Christopher Khoo

1. Is There a Mantra for Successful Collaboration? Mapping Faculty Experience in Facilitating Cross-Culture Collaboration by Naresh Kumar Agarwal & Noor Faridah A Rahim (Long)
2. An Approach to Teaching Academic Writing Focusing on Argument Structure and Information Organization by Wei-Ning Cheng & Christopher Khoo (Short)
3. Which Measurements are Most Relevant to Peer Review? By Lele Kang, Bei Luo, Chao Min, Qingqing Zhou, Chengzhi Zhang & Jiang Li (Short)

 202. Libraries
Session Chair: Faye Dorcas Yung

1. Gamification in Libraries for Information Literacy Instruction and Library Services Promotion: A Survey by Manu T R (Long)
2. Significance of Discussion Facilities in Collaborative Problem Solving by Esther Woo (Short)

3. The highest possible tech in the low-tech environment: the evolution of a community library model in rural Cambodia by Faye Dorcas Yung (Short)

12:55pm – 01:50pm







Sponsored Talk

eFunLearning Ltd


Gary Burnett


205. Gamification
Session Chair: M.Y. Helen Chan

1. How Do Students Learn in a Low-Tech Gamified Flipped Learning Model? A Self-Determination Theory Perspective by Zamzami Zainuddin (Short)
2. Can Gamification Bring Long-term Effects for Elementary Students’ Learning? By Jiawen Zhu, Xiuhan Li, Yin Zhang, Zamzami Zainuddin, Shum Yi Cameron Lee and Samuel K.W Chu (Short)
3. Gamification and Reading of Students with Autism Spec-trum Disorder: The experiences of Lam Tin Methodist Pri-mary School Library in Reading Battle by M.Y. Helen Chan (Short)

206. eLearning (I)
Session Chair: Bazilah A. Talip 

1. Collaborative e-Learning Platform for Exploring Fine-Grained Behaviors in Learning Mathematics by Kam Hong Shum, Cheuk Yu Yeung, Lucas Chi Kwong Hui and Siu Ming Yiu (Short)
2. A Proposed Conceptual Model Web 2.0 Technology Adoption for Teaching and Learning by Bazilah A. Talip, Siti Haryani Shaikh Ali and Mohd Rozi Zafar (Short)
3. The Dilemma of Higher-Order Thinking Education: Do we Really Need High-Tech Environment to Assist? by Ning Chen & Julie Wu (Short)

207. eLearning (II)
Session Chair: Kutty Kumar 

1. Veterinary Scholars’ Perception on MOOCs: A Study by B.R. Doraswamy Naick and Kutty Kumar (Long)
2. The Academic Impacts of Oxford Achiever on Hong Kong Primary School Students: A Self-determination Case Study by Yin Jin, Shum Yi Cameron Lee, Min Lee and Kai Wah Samuel Chu (Short)
3. Minimally Supported Flipped Classroom: Motivational and Self-Determination Orientations by Kit-Tai Hau and Jianfang Chang (Short)

 208. South Asia Chapter Business Meeting
Hosted by Naresh Agarwal, Kanwal Ameen & Md Anwarul Islam
*All are welcome

03:45pm – 04:15pm

Coffee break



04:15pm - 05:30pm

209. Social Media & Systems (II)
Session Chair: Haruna Hussein

1. Mobile-based Synchronous Q&A for Knowledge Sharing: A case study of Zhihu Live by Ying Tang, Huixin Tian & Noriko Hara (Long)
2. Iterative Process for Developing Digital Games for Adolescent Sexual Health Education in Low-Tech Environments by Haruna Hussein, Robin Mellecker, Xiao Hu and Samuel Chu (Short)

3. Evaluating TeachUP: A Singapore-based Sri Lankan Teacher Training Programme by Ning Xin Tan, Li Neng Lee, Xin Ru Chen and Carmen Chia (Short)


211. Workshop 6: Developing primary and secondary students’ reading and writing skills through gamified learning and digital story telling (Part 2: Writing skills)
Sam Chu & Helen Chan


Poster Manager: Tiffany+Maggie

Instructions for presenters for poster presentations:

1.  All posters are to be set up at the conference and preferably be available by lunch time on Day 1 (3 Jan 2019). You can set up your poster from 8am onwards on Day 1. There will be student on-site to direct you to where your posters should be set up.

2.  Some of you have asked about the ideal size of the poster. This should be in A3 or A2 sizes, and mountable using bluetac or thumbtacks. The local conference organisers will make these resources available.

3.  The poster session is scheduled for 5:30pm-6:00pm on Day 1. During this session, please stand by your posters to share more about your projects and research.

4.  You may leave your posters displayed throughout the conference but please take it down by 6:00 pm on Day 2 (4 Jan 2019).




Annis Shina Nuris Sadida and Pramudi Utomo

Issues on the implementation of inclusion programs in vocational education

D. H. Chang and B. J. Koo

A Study on the Economic Feasibility for a Construction of a Children’s Library in an Innovation City in Rural S. Korea

Zamzami Zainuddin, Yin Zhang and Xiuhan Li

Gamification in a non-tech environment, is it possible?

Shurui Bai

Using Automated Writing Evaluation for English as a Foreign Language Writers as a Feedback Tool

Akh.Muwafik Saleh and Muhammad Fauzi

Governmental Communication Strategy in Creating City Identity

Leo F.H. Ma and Helen M.Y. Chan

School Library Services for SEN Students: Hong Kong Perspectives

Maoyuan Chen and Jiaqi Song

A Review on the State of Educational Tour to Museums in the Context of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Athena Hong, Joshua Ng, Wendy Wu, Alvin Kwan and Sam Chu

Rescue Mission: Gamification of Sexuality Education for Hong Kong Secondary School Students

Sunny Chun Yeung Chan and Debbie Choy

Gamification of education in low-tech environments: A case study

Luxing Zhang, Shum Yi Cameron Lee and Qiwen Xiao

The educational potentials of the gamified e-learning platform PeekaBook in early childhood English learning