Our Value Proposition

We’re building a tiny automated convenience store to cater to instant demand. These micro-stores are placed in self-contained spaces like offices, colleges, Hospitals, residential societies etc. They’re 24/7 open and intelligently stocked based on location, time and demand.

We’re using some cutting-edge retail automation technologies like computer vision, AI and IOT sensors to change the last mile retail.

In our world, brick and mortar stores look much different - we place stores right where our customers live, work and play and curate the products in our stores with the help of our customers. This is all possible because, we design, build and operate automated stores that put the customer first with a seamless, frictionless checkout experience.

About Us:

        We are well-funded team of engineers, designers, and operators with experience in building products at companies like Flipkart, Tapzo, Arvind internet etc. We have combined experience of more than 20 years in retail and e-commerce.

Our team is driven by the passion to make a new retail concept that helps the “Now economy”.  Get things when you need it “Now”.

Full Stack Developer

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer to round out our skill sets and help lead our growing engineering team. Our ideal candidate is someone with meaningful SWE experience who wants to expand their responsibilities and own projects across our tech stack, and who can design and build end-to-end solutions from scratch.


You'll be responsible for one or more of the following: