THE UNDERSIGNED this date ____________________has entered into an Agreement with Events on Main, 145 W Main Street in Canton, Georgia. The Undersigned acknowledges the reading of the rules and regulations and accept all the conditions therein with damage/cleaning fee, and timing of the payments

A $____________non-refundable rental fee has been given in the form of _____________________.  

Remainder $___________________________________________ with $150 damage/cleaning fee is

due 30 days prior to (Dates & Times) of event which is ____________________________________

It is an express condition of the use of Events on Main, that except when caused solely by its negligence, the owners, agents, and employees shall be free from any and all claims, debts, demands, liabilities, or causes of action of every kind or character, whether in law or equity, by reason of any death, injury, or damage to any person or persons or damage or destruction of property or loss of use thereof, whether it be the person or property of the undersigned, its subsidiaries, agents, or employees, or any third persons, from any cause or causes whatsoever arising from any event or occurrence in or upon the demised premises or any part thereof or otherwise arising from the undersigned’s operations under and during the term of this Agreement; and the undersigned shall indemnify and save harmless Events on Main, its owners, its agents and employees, against and from any and all such claims, demands debts, liabilities, and causes of actions (including attorney's fees and costs). Applicant agrees that all information provided on the application is true to the best of their knowledge.

I am the authorized person to sign and make decisions for this event.  As the Renter, I have read the rules and regulations and agree to comply or otherwise forfeit deposits.

Signature _______________________________________________________________________

Print ___________________________________________________________________________

Witnessed by ____________________________________________________________________

Print ___________________________________________________________________________

I have received a copy of this form, my application, the rules & regulation and am ready to show proof of payments in case of discrepancies.