Year 0

Planet Namek.


This peaceful and organic planet consisting of luscious, green water and turf had been at ease for quite some time. Formerly consisting of its native and indigenous Namekians, three clans inhabiting its soil; Dragon, Demon, and Warrior. For quite some time each clan made their abodes on Namek, separated by the barriers of their own respective villages. Mutual and common interest and respect allowed the planet to live in a non toxic environment, all clans and Namekians capable of being cordial and living together in harmony.


As years went by, the prestigious and wise Elder had finally deemed it appropriate to shower the planet's populous with gifts that only he could manifest; Gifts he also thought fitting. He made his venture towards the most capable Dragon Namekian - That being the head of their clan's village, and laid out the blueprint consisting of seven large, sturdy stones marked with stars. Each one tallied up to seven, and as you can imagine, there would be seven magical orbs at the end of this process.


This was something he'd soon regret. The Demon Clan had now began to succumb to their greed, using their relics and dark magic to spawn literal Demon Namekians in their own rights; The Makyojins. Now operating as spawns of the Demon Clan, they sought to conquer each Dragon Ball for themselves under the head of the Demon's order. The impartial Warrior and Dragon clans now made a decision of their own at this juncture. They'd serve as loyal guards to the Elder. Using their might, magic, and knowledge to help reserve the balance on Planet Namek and keep the Dragon Balls from being misused or abused. Or, they could make like Demons and seek to use these orbs for their own gain and/or assist the Demon Clan and Makyojins with their own.


Seeing the sudden mayhem and chaos that he was now responsible for as his gift had made its way into converting into a curse, the Elder sighs with grief and frustration. After having his most trustworthy warriors go out and collect the orbs, he would summon them for one grand wish. He seeks to right the wrongs of his own mistake, now casting a wish that grants an innocent and youthful Namekian a ship to harbor inside and launch into space. This Namekian would have knowledge of how to conjure orbs of his own, and spread them onto whatever planet he arrives on - Perhaps he can do what the Elder could not, and sustain a world of peace where everyone can selflessly make use of gifts he would be capable of granting them.


Namek is now in its dark ages, chaos at every corner for the rights to use the orbs. Some, however, stay true to the Elder's wishes and fight to protect and seek the peace of their planet with intentions of making sure the orbs are only used for pure intentions.