848 Policy – Campout Sign-up

You must sign up for the campout before the deadline given in the campout information note.  The deadline is typically the Sunday before the campout.  The campout information note is typically sent out a week before.  That gives plenty of time to sign up.  The Jotform information is used by several scouts and adults to prepare for the campout.  Late requests to go on the campout make things very difficult for many people and will typically not be allowed.   If you will likely go, but are not 100%, go ahead and sign up.  Let the campout SPL and your Patrol Leader know BEFORE the Friday of the campout if you cannot go after all.  If you can’t be counted on to check your email at least once a day, come up with a fool-proof plan to work around that issue that does not involve scout leadership. You may sign up with multiple emails on the troop web-site. Food money to your patrol’s leader does not confirm you’re signed up on the Jotform.