Saturday, May 2nd

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Mountain America EXPO Center

9575 S. State Street, Sandy, UT, 84070

Registration Acceptance

Fill out the APPLICATION in order to be considered as an exhibitor. Schedule an appointment to speak with an Empower You Staff member to discuss your LEVEL of participation in the event. Once your application is approved you will receive an email with a  payment link.

Booth specifications

The space is 10 x 10 (some spaces include; 8 foot pipe and drape & 3 foot side drape.) Refer back to your package details.

No tables, chairs or carpet provided. (decorator info at the bottom)

Exhibitors are to bring their own tables, chairs and decoration items.

Exhibitors are responsible for a clean and professional look of their space, any kind of packing materials and boxes are to be stored in a way that they are hidden so as not to disturb the professional look of the exhibition space.

Additional costs

Internet:  $40 - Available through South Towne Telephone: 385-468-2260 Email:

Power: $85 - Available through JP Display 801.523.7083, 

Decorator Kit: $75 - Available in advance through  

Media Kit: $150 - Available through Promotion on social media

Day of event

Doors open at 7:00 am.

Check in at the BACK DOOR REGISTRATION TABLE as soon as you arrive to check in and receive your badges. You are expected to be completely set up by 9:30 am. The event start begins promptly at 10:00 am.  

Event ends at 6:00. Please do your best to be out of the space by 7:00. We do have until 8:00 to be completely out. JP Display crew will arrive to begin cleanup around 7:00. Thank you for removing all trash from your space leaving it as clean as you found it.

Assignment of space

A map of the event space will be made available on the website for everyone to see. Final placement of your space will be determined by the  Empower You organization team. 

Booth set up and break down

Exhibitors can set up their booth as early as Friday, May 1st, 2020 between 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm and are expected to enter and exit through the loading docks with accessibility from behind the building. 

No one is allowed to begin tearing down their space until the doors close at 6:00. If you need to leave your booth at any time make sure that you have someone who will agree to remain in your space while you are gone.

NOTE: The doors will be locked Friday at 6:00 pm and only EXPO STAFF will be allowed in. The Expo Center recommends covering your merchandise with a cloth for overnight. Neither Mountain America nor Empower You will assume responsibility for items that may be stolen, misplaced or damaged.

It is recommended that exhibitors do their big setup of furniture and display shelves on Friday and then bring merchandise on Saturday morning.


We want our event to offer a wide range of products and services for our attendees to be exposed to. We do not guarantee full exclusivity for a specific brand, product or service at our event. Exhibitors can still choose to participate as long as they are okay with the possibility of other vendors offering the same brand, product or service.   


Banners can be attached to the pipe and drape in your space. Do not exceed 10 feet wide for your display. You are allowed to extend up higher than the 8 feet pipe.

Food at the event

Contact the Empower You Event staff for special instructions if you want to offer product samples. For personal snacks, you can use the vendor service provided in the lobby or eat your own food in the spaces provided by the center.

Water at the event

Closed water containers are allowed at your booth for your personal use.

Aisle Use

The aisle space is 10 feet deep according to safety regulations and needs to be kept free of any equipment or furniture at any time.

Marketing the EXPO and Photography

By your participation in the event, you grant the EXPO Marketing Team to use your public information on Facebook including pictures as well as the information you provided about your products and services to promote your participation in the event. You allow us to take pictures of you, your booth and visitors that will be published by the Empower You team.

Utah State Tax License

The State of Utah will send a representative to help you with the paperwork you need to submit for participating in this event. If you sell products you need to be prepared to have a special event license which you will get from the State of Utah representative right there at the EXPO.

No refunds

There will be no refunds issued for deposits, exhibitor space rent, sponsorships or entry tickets purchased. In the event that you are unable to participate for some unforeseen reason, and you need to cancel, you may receive a 50 % refund of your registration fee if you cancel by March 31st, 2020. As of April 1st, 2020 there will be no refund upon cancellation.


By registering for a booth the exhibitor assumes all risks associated with the exhibitor’s participation or presence at the event. The exhibitor assumes all liability for any lost profit or damages as well as any damages they cause to the building or other exhibitors, guests or organizing team. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to observe all rules of the Mountain America EXPO Center including fire and safety regulations.


Individuals and organizations that do not have a booth at the EXPO are not allowed to display and share their information at the event.

 As an exhibitor, all of your promotional activities must take place in your assigned space. Contact someone on the Event staff immediately if you see a vendor soliciting customers outside of their assigned booth space.

JP Display-Customer Service-801-523-7083


Hosted by Empower You - Tina Jones, Owner & CEO              Phone: 801-989-3122 

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