Where I Am From  

By Student 67519 

Inspired by ”Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from the cushy bed with the flower blanket and a purple pillow.

From the ipad with the purple case and headphones and the couch that is soft and black.

I am from a small yellow house.

It is always hot.

I am from the bleeding hearts.

The maple trees in our apartment’s backyard.

I’m from my Grandmother going crazy about Halloween and a short temper.

From Aunt Briann and Grandma Jean.

I’m from biting your nails.

I’m from “Don’t slam the door, nothing will make it better” and “Don’t jump on the couches or you’ll be a jumping bean”.

And “You Are My Sunshine”.

I’m from traveling to Utah to visit family.

I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ravioli and chicken with rice.

From Grandma Theresa who lives in Utah, where I was born,

two bracelets from Hawaii that my mom got from my grandmother and gave them to me.