Minneapolis Telecommunications Network

Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, June 11th, 2018

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Board Minutes from 5.14.2018
  3. Executive Director Update - Valerie Lockhart        
  4. Discussion regarding upcoming outreach events (NE Parade, Open Streets)
  5. Public Commentary (3 minutes per person signed up)
  6. Public Session adjourned
  7. Board meeting adjourned

MINUTES - JUNE 11, 2018

Meeting called to order 6:05pm

Attendance: Samantha Pree-Stinson (Chair), Tracey Blake, Jon Samuelson, Valerie Lockhart (Executive Director)

Absent: Kyle Tharaldson (Vice-Chair), Michael Wade (Treasurer)

Discussion about Board Members missing meetings, and how they need to be notifying the board chair and/or vice chair when they will not be in attendance.

Executive Director Report: Smack dab in the middle of community events. NE Parade and Turtle Derby are coming up next week. July 22nd is the next Open Streets event, planning on doing a “Hey, Minneapolis!” session. August 5th is the NE Open Streets, which will be combined with a Fundraiser BBQ with the Minneapolis MadDads. New equipment is coming into the studios, old equipment is dying out, we have already begun transitioning all members over to new systems. Working out some of the logistics for checking out equipment in the future. Some of the board recognized the work that is going into the site remediation. Slowly but surely getting to a stable state.

Board Business: Board has decided to move ahead with Strategic Planning and Retreat. Val will send out a doodle to get schedules coordinated for both.

At July meeting, Board will vote on Anna Columba Reyes and David Allison joining as members.

Public Commentary: None.

Meeting Adjourned 6:55pm