HOUSING MANUAL 2019 - 2020


Contact Information        5

2019 - 2020 Trainee Housing Agreement        6

What to Bring        8

What Not to Bring        9

Check-In Procedures        10

Health Forms        11

Medical Withdrawal        14

Check Out Procedures        14

Legend at Legacy Overview        14

Living at Legends at Legacy        15

Roommate Agreement        16

Protocol for Room Changes        16

Bullying and Harassment        17

Legends at Landmark Building Policies        17

Compliance with Joffrey Personnel        17

General Rules and Guidelines        18

Guest Policy        19

Overnight Guests        19

Lice        19

Reported Missing Items in a Dorm Room        20

Room Inspections        20

Substance Use/Abuse Policy        21

Charges, Penalties, and Fines        22

Maintenance Procedures        24

Escort Information        25

Attendance        25

Medical Instances        25


HIDE: Hide silently in as safe a place as possible        27

FIGHT: Take action to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter        27

Immediately after an incident:        27

Note:        28



SHOULD I CALL 911?        28

Building Safety & Lockouts        29




Public Transit and Navigating the City        30

Mail and Packages        30

The Neighborhood        31

Supermarkets near 3700 Legacy Dr. Frisco , TX 75034        31

Hotels near 3700 Legacy Dr. Frisco , TX        31

Pharmacies near 3700 Legacy Dr. Frisco, TX        31

Airport Transportation        31


Housing Duty Phone

RA On Duty 24 / 7

(646) 342-7568

Cole, Nancy

Trainee Student Accounts

Financial Aid Administrator


Feather, Tia

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Keystone School Coordinator


Guest Relations

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM CST



Hecker, Danielle

Director of Residence Life


Janse van Rensburg, Hanro

Events Coordinator

Transportation Coordinator



Monticciolo, Shannon

Director of Administration


Moore, Bridget

Artistic Director - TX Trainee Program


Peters, Ashlyn

Head Resident Advisor


Patrick, Tiffany

Ballet Program Coordinator



I understand the attendance policy and that I must attend all classes, rehearsals, and performances unless I am sick or injured. I further understand that if I am injured, I should observe classes. If I am sick, and staying home I know to submit a WuFoo form, text the RA on Duty, and who to email. _______

If I am not going to class, I understand I am required to text the RA on Duty. If I need to go to the doctor, I understand I am to tell the RA on Duty at least 48 hours in advance. I understand that if I do not alert the RA on Duty at least 48 hours in advance for a scheduled doctor’s appointment, I may not be accompanied by an RA.__________

I understand the curfew system and agree to always sign in for curfew on time. I further understand that failure to do so will result in fines or other consequences. _________

-OR- I am 18 and older do not have a curfew.  I will text the RA on Duty if I will be out past 12AM.  ________

I am 17 or under and understand that I am not allowed in other rooms, except my own, after 10PM Sunday - Thursday and 11PM Friday and Saturday._____

-OR- I am 18 and older and understand I am NOT permitted in the rooms of students 17 and younger after 10PM Sunday - Thursday and 11PM Friday and Saturday.______

I understand no guests outside of Joffrey housing students are allowed in my apartment at anytime. I understand family are only allowed on check in and check out days._____

I understand opposite genders are only allowed in Joffrey housing student’s apartment common areas. Opposite genders should never be in bedrooms. The RA On Duty must also be notified if mixed genders wish to be in common areas of apartments they do not reside in._______

I understand that students must sign up to request an escort for the first two days of classes. If I do not sign up, an escort will not be provided. I understand an escort will only be provided to and from class for the first two days of class._________

I understand the only adhesive allowed in the building is painters tape, command strips, and wall putty. I understand anything hung with nails, thumb tacks, or items that chip paint or make holes will result in fines. Furthermore, I understand lights and wires cannot be hung on metal frames or bed posts._____

I understand for Winter Break NO Joffrey staff will be present on campus from 9AM on December 21, 2019 - 9AM on Sunday, January 5, 2020. Students who wish to stay in their apartment will adhere to Joffrey policies. The Duty phone will not be active at this time. ________

By living in housing, I consent that the RAs can search my apartment / room for any reason, at any time. _______

Housing fees guarantee a bed in the dormitory, but do not guarantee a specific room, roommate, or room size. Joffrey Ballet School reserves the right to move me for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, roommate conflicts, behavior, room availability, maintenance, change of building lease agreements, change of term, etc. Moves may occur at any time during the year. ________

I understand I must do a thorough assessment of pre-existing damages in my room when I check-in, and must report any further damages to the Head RA or DRL within 24 hours of moving in. I understand that I will be fined for any damages to the apartment, including unreported pre-existing damages. Any fees charged by the management of the building for repairing damage to student’s room or replacing keys will be passed on to the student(s). _______

I understand I, the dancer, am expected to communicate with the RAs if there is a problem with maintenance, roommate conflict, or other housing-related issues in a timely matter.  ________

I understand that if I do not check out properly with an RA, I will be charged a $150 Improper check out fee. I understand if I do not turn in my key(s), there is an additional $50 fine for lost keys._______

I understand if I lose my key(s), I have 48 hours to find the item(s) or I must pay for a new key(s). I understand there is no refund if I find these missing items after 48 hours._____

I understand that I must check out Saturday, May 23, 2020 by 5PM. I understand if I check out after 5PM, I will be charged a $100 fine. _____

        -OR- I am a first semester only student and understand I must check out by 5PM on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

I understand that failure to follow the dormitory rules and policies may result in dismissal from housing without a refund. ____________

By signing below, I affirm that I have read the full contents of the 2019 - 2020 Housing Manual and understand what is expected of me. I am familiar with the rules and expectations of Joffrey Ballet School and agree to adhere to all dormitory and school policies, including everything listed in the Housing Manual and Trainee Catalog.

Parent Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Parent’s Name (PRINT): _____________________________________________

Dancer Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: _________________

Dancer’s Name (PRINT): ___________________________________________


Your room will fill up quickly and there is no additional storage other than your apartment. Please bring only what you will need. Also, keep in mind that items can be purchased upon arrival at nearby stores.

  1. Bedding: Twin XL Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Pillowcases
  2. Bathroom Essentials: Towels, Shower shoes, hair dryer, shower curtain & rings, bath mat
  3. Toiletries: Toilet Paper, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other personal toiletry items.
  4. Cookware: Since each apartment has a full size kitchen, students are encouraged to bring or purchase cookware including pots, pans, and utensils. Students may bring a blender, coffee maker, kettle, and toaster. PROHIBITED items include mini fridges, toaster ovens, grills, and panini makers.   
  5. Dance Attire: Dance clothes, shoes, and other related supplies.
  6. Recreational clothes: jeans, shirts, sweaters, walking shoes, etc.
  7. Storage: closet organizers, hangers, hanging shoe rack
  8. Hot/Cool/All Season Attire: It is mostly hot with warmer temps through the fall. Winter does bring some cold temps requiring a warm jackets and boots. Please be prepared for all seasons.
  9. Electronics: Alarm Clock. Computers and other valuables at your own discretion. All apartments are Wi-Fi equipped. Don’t forget to bring the chargers!
  10. Cell Phone: Every student is required to bring or purchase upon arrival, a personal mobile phone. This phone number must be provided to the RAs upon arrival and will serve as the primary method of communication between the staff and students. Students with smart phones should download Google Maps
  11. Recommended: storage containers and closet organizers. Dressers will not be in the apartments.


The following items are prohibited in our housing locations and may be confiscated if found in your room.

  • Candles or incense
  • Mini fridges are not allowed (large fridge in kitchen)
  • Toaster ovens, grills, toaster ovens, and panini makers not allowed (oven in kitchen)
  • Shelves or items that require more than command strips and putty to hang
  • Halogen lights
  • Pets of any kind, including fish
  • Alcohol, Drugs, tobacco, including eCigarettes and Juuls; Illegal substances of any nature
  • Anything that produces a flame/spark, fireworks, sparklers, etc.
  • When not in use, lighters for your pointe shoes must remain in your dance bag.
  • Space Heaters

Please note: Dancer’s may only use lighters to fray the ends of pointe shoe ribbons. If any of these items are found on check in day or during the year, the item(s) will be confiscated and the student will be charged.

Housing Assignments Housing fees guarantee a bed in Joffrey housing; however, they do not guarantee a specific room or location. Joffrey Ballet School reserves the right to move students for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, roommate conflicts, apartment renovations, maintenance, change of building lease agreements, etc.

*Please note, in order to accommodate new students arriving second semester, first semester students may be asked to move to a new room to accommodate the new incoming students.*

Roommate Requests Students may request a particular roommate who is the same gender and will be residing in housing for the same time period. Should you request a particular roommate, we will make every effort to accommodate your request but we do NOT guarantee that you will be assigned to a room with your requested roommate.

Staff: There are several live-in staff members that reside in JBS housing. All students are expected to treat staff members with respect and adhere to all building policies and protocols. Staff may enter and/or search student rooms for any reason at any time. Any student who lives in the apartments consents to this.

Dismissal from Housing In the event that Joffrey Ballet School deems the dancer unfit for housing, Joffrey reserves the right to move students as we see appropriate and the right to expel any student license at its sole discretion. Behavior that could result in dismissal from housing includes, but is not limited to damaging the premises, having unauthorized persons in rooms, lending/giving keys to any person, consistent disregard for quiet hours/disrespecting those living around you, use of drugs or alcohol, and breaking the terms of the housing agreement. Students who are dismissed from housing will have 48 hours to move out of the dorm and are not allowed back into the dormitory, including the front steps, for any reason. Students dismissed from housing may not loiter on the same block as the dormitory. If they do any of the above after being dismissed from the dormitory, there will be consequences to their participation in the program. Students dismissed or expelled from the program will also be dismissed from housing without a refund. Students dismissed from housing who wish to return the next school year are at the discretion of the Director of Operations and Director of Residence Life. Students dismissed or expelled from housing and the program have 24 hours to leave the dormitory.

Students dismissed from housing due to any breach of dormitory rules or program conduct will NOT receive a housing refund.


Apartment check-in will take place on Sunday, September 15, 2019 between 11AM – 4PM. Upon entering the apartment, please check-in at the JBS Desk and submit your completed and signed Health Forms and Housing Agreement. If you will be arriving after the designated check-in time, please email the Head RA at ashlyn@joffreyballetschool.com to let us know.

After moving in, dancers will be free to settle in and/or explore the surrounding area until 7:00PM, at which point there will be a mandatory apartment meeting for all students in one of the Joffrey apartments. The specific apartment will be disclosed on check in day.

Keys: The Head RA will assist you in getting the key to your dancer’s apartment. There is a $50 charge for lost keys. Students will have 48 hours to search for any missing keys. Dancers are required to pay for lost keys after 48 hours. Even if the key is found after 48 hours, we will not refund the cost of the replacement.


Room Condition Report: A Room Condition Report will be filled out by the Head RA at check in.  Students are responsible for adding any other noticed damages before turning the RCR back in. After 24 hours, students cannot add any damages.  Any additional damages at checkout will be accredited to the student’s account. Our expectation is that you will return the room in the same (or better) condition than when you arrived. All rooms are subject to review by the Director of Residence Life and Building Owner after your walk through with an RA. Although the DRL will conduct the preliminary review; you may be billed for items found during check out or routine apartment inspections.

Discuss the room condition report and potential damages with your roommates. Document the person responsible and inform the RA who completes your checkout. In the case of disputed charges or in the absence of additional information, all residents will share in the damage cost. Do NOT attempt to repair any damages made during the year (using Spackle to repaint walls, fixing holes in walls, duct tapping holes, etc). You will accrue a greater damage fee for attempting to fix or hide damages.

Students are not permitted to paint, damage or make any changes to room walls, floors, bathroom or furniture. Do not place any nails, screws, hooks, thumb tacks, push pins, or any unapproved adhesive substances in or on the wall. Students violating this policy will be required to pay for the room to be restored. The only approved wall adhesives are command hooks, painters tape, and wall putty. Any damages these items do to walls are subject to fines. Please be cautious when removing.

No hanging lights of any kind are allowed on the beds. This includes, but is not limited to, Christmas lights, fairy lights, outdoor lights, etc. In addition, electric strips or cords are NOT allowed to be taped to bed posts or frames. No wires should be touching any metal objects or bed frames. Any unauthorized items found during routine room inspections will be confiscated and fined accordingly.  

Furniture may be moved within each bedroom, but no furniture may leave the room, building, or be stored somewhere else. Please do not take bunk beds beds apart (if applicable). This is against building policy and fines will be given to those who violate this policy.  

Students may not hang shelves in their bedrooms. No holes can be made in the walls. Command strips, masking tape, Scotch tape, or thumb tacks are NOT allowed on walls or furniture. Please only use PAINTERS TAPE to hang items. Please do not use masking or packing tape.

Sunday, September 15th Schedule:

11AM - 4PM        Check In        

5:00PM        Trip to Kroger

        7:00PM        Mandatory Meeting, apartment to be determined



In order for Joffrey staff to take your students to the doctor, we require a health waiver. This paperwork will be emailed to your prior to your arrival and there will be blank copies when you check-in. Even if you email the form or submit it electronically, housing requires a hard copy on file. If you do not bring a hard copy when you check-in to the dormitory, you will be required to fill one out.

If your student is a minor and requires an escort to the doctor, we request that non-emergency doctor’s appointments be scheduled and RAs notified with 48 hours notice (2 days in advance). Before confirming the appointment, you should talk with the RA on Duty to ensure someone is available to take you. If dancers do not tell the RA on Duty 48 hours in advance about a scheduled appointment, dancers may not have an RA available to escort them to the doctor.

For emergencies, the RAs will be available through the duty phone. In the event your dancer wakes up sick and would like to go to Urgent Care or a walk-in clinic, every effort will be made to accommodate your dancer, but it is possible the RAs may not be immediately available. We will coordinate with your student and do our best to schedule an RA for an Urgent Care trip on the same day.

We strongly encourage dancers to find a general practitioner while in Texas. If your dancer is sick often or requires more medical attention, we suggest finding a doctor they can see on a regular basis. Often times, Urgent Cares cannot track progress and require you to fill out medical history at every appointment. Urgent Cares are good for treating symptoms, but not for those with recurrent medical issues or concerns. A general practitioner will be able to monitor progress, get to know the dancer’s medical history, and be able to treat the dancer for longevity rather than symptoms.  


If a dancer medically withdraws from the program and lives in housing, the dancer is required to submit a letter officially withdrawing due to medical reasons and email it to Nancy Cole at ncole@joffreyballetschool.com. Please also send this letter to Artistic Director Bridget Moore, Director of Administrations Shannon Monticciolo, and Director of Residence Life Danielle Hecker. The dancer must also provide an official doctor’s note explaining why the dancer cannot continue the program. Dancers who medically withdraw have 48 hours to check out of housing unless otherwise stated by the Director of Residence Life.


Students will sign-up for a checkout time the week prior to their departure. This designates the time at which an RA will come to their room and perform a final room inspection, note any new damages, and collect their keys.

ALL 1st semester only housing students MUST MOVE OUT BY:


ALL students staying both semesters MUST MOVE OUT BY:


Those who checkout after 5PM will be charged a $100 late check out fee. Failure to check out with an RA will result in a $150 improper checkout fee. All students must be moved out of their rooms no later than 5PM on Saturday, May 23rd.

If an extension is required, please email the DRL (dhecker@joffreyballetschool.com) for approval. Failure to check out with an RA will result in a $150 improper checkout fee. There is a $50 fee for lost keys. If the room is left excessively dirty/messy, additional cleaning fees may apply. Everything in student’s rooms must be thrown away or donated. Rooms must be left completely empty (other then the furniture provided) or a removal of items fee will be charged.

When cleaning your room and apartment, ALL trash should be bagged, tied, and thrown out. Nothing is allowed to remain in the apartments except the furniture provided by Joffrey.  

Joffrey Ballet School and its staff are not liable for items that are left behind after your dancer leaves and will not mail or keep any items left behind. Items left after moving out will be thrown away or donated.  

Joffrey does not provide storage space for trainee students during the summer or students that plan to return the following fall. We recommend looking into local storage facilities.


3700 Legacy Dr Frisco, TX 75034

Bed Style: Twin XL

Each apartment will be furnished with a bed, a desk and chair, closet, full kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, washer, dryer, full size fridge dining room table and chairs, and living room couch.

Air Conditioning: available in each apartment for temperature control (air conditioning included)

Amenities: TV, beverage vending machine, extra kitchen, work out area and practice room available in the main building.

No toiletries or bathroom essentials (including toilet paper) are provided. Purchase soap and toilet paper upon arrival.


Bathrooms: All bathrooms are shared between students in the apartment. Students are expected to clean up after themselves and to keep bathrooms clean at all times. RAs will do apartment inspections to see that bathrooms are kept to a high standard of cleanliness.  

Kitchens: Each apartment has a full size kitchen. Students are encouraged to bring / purchase their own pots, pans, utensils, cookware, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, etc. Students in the apartment will share the full size fridge in the kitchen. Mini fridges, toaster ovens, grills, panini makers, and hot plates are strictly PROHIBITED. These items will be confiscated if found in apartments and students will be fined. Joffrey is not responsible for food in any shared fridge or area. Students are expected to keep the kitchen clean at all times and cleaned immediately after each use. There is no meal plan during the year. Students are responsible for purchasing, preparing, and cooking their own meals.

Laundry: Washer and Dryer is provided in the unit free of charge. Dancers are responsible for taking care of their washer and dryer. Any damages not marked in the student’s RCR will be charged to their account upon move out or during the year.

Meal Plan: There is no meal plan during the year.

RA on Duty: RAs are on call 24 hours a day to manage daily operations and handle crises should they arise. The Head RA may be reached at ashlyn@joffreyballetschool.com or 646-342-7568 (call or text).

Security: The Legends at Legacy community has a gated entrance allowing only renters and those guests who are buzzed in to enter. Additionally, nightly checks will be done by our staff for curfew and check in times.

Winter Break: Apartments will stay open for Winter Break, but NO Joffrey staff will be present from December 21, 2019 - 9AM on Sunday, January 5, 2020. Students that stay during Winter Break must agree to adhere to all JBS policies and expectations and conduct themselves appropriately in the absence of staff. Students who do not follow these rules will receive consequences such as early curfew, suspension from classes, or dismissal from housing without a refund.

Wi-Fi: Students will receive basic Wi-Fi capabilities in their room and around the building. This basic Wi-Fi is enough to cover email and light web browsing. The WiFi password will be posted in each apartment.

Warning: WiFi may be slower during evening hours as many students reside in the building and use WiFi to complete homework, projects, watch Netflix, etc…

How To Report Incidents/Rule Violations/Roommate Conflicts/Maintenance: If students would like to report an incident (rule violation, roommate conflict, maintenance, etc.), they should contact the RA on Duty and describe the incident.

For a reported violation of the rules, the RA will open an investigation, which will result in an Incident Report.  Unless the student(s) is directly involved in the incident, they will not be informed of details or outcomes of the investigation.

For a roommate conflict, an RA will meet with the student to determine if roommate mediation is needed. See Protocol for Room Changes for the full procedures.  

For maintenance reports, students should call or text the RA on Duty who will file a report with apartment complex maintenance.  

Roommate Agreement

Learning to live with roommates successfully can be an adjustment! The housing staff is here to help in this process and we have created a Roommate Agreement form should one be needed. Within the first few days, start a conversation with your roommate to establish expectations about how you’ll use the room and common areas.  Talk about cleanliness, sleeping preferences, temperature control, guests, and most importantly, how you’ll address conflict if it arises. We recommend making a “chore chart” for taking out the trash, cleaning dishes, cleaning the sink, vacuuming the floor, wiping down appliances, etc…

*Please note, we will not relocate students if there are minor issues that can be resolved amongst the students or the issue is not severe. We will be at capacity during the year. Room switches may only be possible during the transition from the first to second semester. This is still not guaranteed.*

Protocol for Room Changes

We believe having a roommates and developing social skills is an integral part of the education offered by Joffrey. Therefore, it is very important that students talk to housing staff about any roommate conflicts. If students do not take the initiative to speak with an RA about any issues, the staff cannot aid in resolving the conflict. RAs must perform a Roommate Mediation as the first step in trying to resolve the conflict. During the mediation, the RA will listen to all parties and allow each student to speak to their view of the conflict. The RA will then guide students in resolving the conflict. At the end, the RA will  help the students create a Roommate Agreement or Contract. All students will sign this contract and live with the rules for 10 days. After 10 days, an RA will meet with the students again to see if the conflict has been resolved. If the conflict has not been resolved, the RA will speak with the DRL to see if there is anywhere to move students. Please note that apartments are almost always at capacity and moving students may not be possible.

To recap, for students to be considered for a roommate change, students must do the following:

  1. When there is a conflict with a roommate, students contact the RA on Duty and seek help.
  2. Students have a mediated conversation with their roommate(s) and an RA to reach a compromise.
  3. A Roommate Agreement/Contract is created and signed by all roommates involved.
  4. Students must try their best to live up to their end of the compromise for 10 days.
  5. At the end of the ten-day period, the RA checks-in individually with each student, and then hosts a discussion with all roommates to see how things are going.
  6. If a roommate change is needed as determined by the RA, the RA will work with the DRL to see if there is any bed availability to move students.

If the conflict is unable to be resolved, the student(s) may be eligible for a room switch if there is available space in the apartments.

  1. RA speaks with the DRL to communicate the situation and recap the mediation.
  2. If there is available space in the building, DRL find a new room/apartment for the student.
  3. The roommate moving out must fully pack their belongings and completely clean their area.
  4. The RA reviews the room condition and notes any new damages/charges.
  5. The original room keys are collected. New keys issued. RAs follow up on new living arrangement.

Bullying and Harassment

Students at Joffrey are expected to treat one another with kindness, respect, and sensitivity. Harassment and bullying are NOT tolerated at JBS.

Harassment is defined as aggressive pressure and/or continued unwanted comments that have a psychologically damaging affect and create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile or offensive environment.

Bullying is defined as a person who uses strength or power, either verbal or physical, to intimidate others. Bullying is any word(s) (verbal or written), gesture, or action that makes people feel vulnerable, upset, humiliated, undermined, or threatened.

If you find yourself being harassed or bullied at JBS, the first step is to communicate clearly to the individual that you find it offensive and that you expect the behavior/words to cease immediately. If the individual does not stop, come to a staff member and alert them of what is happening.

Students found participating in bullying or harassment (including cyber bullying) are breaking Joffrey Code of Conduct. Thus, consequences could include but are not limited to class suspension, early curfew, dismissal from housing without a refund, etc. If students are dismissed from the program they are also dismissed from housing.

Legends at Landmark Building Policies

Compliance with Joffrey Personnel

Students are expected to fully comply with requests and directives given by Joffrey personnel, including instructors and all Residence Life staff. This includes requests for attendance at meetings, preferred behavior, and other community living etiquette. Failure to comply with Joffrey personnel is considered a display of disobedience or disrespect and may result in disciplinary action.

Students are expected to be cooperative and truthful during interactions with staff, particularly during an investigation of an incident. Dishonest or uncooperative student behavior during an investigation will result in consequences.


If a student breaks one of the rules noted in the listed Rules & Regulations, here is the policy:

Strike 1 — First warning and a phone call home.

Strike 2 — Second warning, call home, and possible class suspension

Strike 3 — Dismissal from housing without a refund. Students dismissed from the intensive will also be dismissed from housing with a refund.

For all strikes, the student will call home, in the presence of an RA and/or DRL. The Executive Director makes decisions for class suspension and dorm dismissals, though with input from The Director of Residence Life and RA.

Please note this strike system does not apply to all housing violations. The Director of Residence Life may suspend the strike system at any time at their discretion. Alternative consequences include, but are not limited to, early sign in, early room curfew, “work hours” (helping the RAs by hanging posters, making door decorations, etc.), and assistance with trash removal and/or cleaning rooms.

Please be advised certain actions can result in dismissal from housing. These include, but are not limited to, drug/alcohol violations, guest policy violations, unauthorized entry violations, and repeated code of conduct violations. All dormitory dismissals are made by the Director of Operations with input from the Director of Residence Life and Artistic Director. Students dismissed from the intensive will also be dismissed from housing.

*Housing staff are prohibited from discussing punishments or consequences of violations with parties not directly involved. When multiple students are involved in a violation, housing staff will disclose punishments/consequences to the parent/guardian of those under 18 and the account holder of those 18 and older ONLY. Housing staff will not disclose any information to the other parents/guardians/account holders of students involved in the violation.*

General Rules and Guidelines

Access: Staff will enter any room as necessary for routine health and safety inspections, and in the case of an emergency. Staff will randomly inspect the student’s premise without advance notice to ensure the student’s adherence to the rules and regulations of the building. During non-emergency situations, staff will acknowledge their presence by knocking.

Care and Cleanliness of Rooms: For health and safety reasons, students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. Charges will be assessed for noticeable damages or repeated unacceptable cleanliness levels.  Staff will inspect rooms regularly to maintain cleanliness standards.

Curfew: Curfew is the time at which students under 18 must sign-in and remain in the building for the duration of the evening.  By signing in for the night, students are promising to remain in the building until 6:00AM the following morning.

Curfew for students who are 13 & 14 years old:

  • Sunday – Thursday (week nights): 8 PM
  • Friday and Saturday night: 9:30 PM

Curfew for students 15 - 17 years old:

  • Sunday – Thursday (week nights): 9PM
  • Friday and Saturday night: 11PM

Once a student is signed in for the night, they will not be allowed out of the building except in the case of an emergency (health emergency, building fire, etc).

To sign in for curfew, students should go to their apartment, announce on the ringer, “NAME signing in for curfew.” Sign in is monitored through a motion activated camera attached to each Joffrey apartment front door. The Head RA will monitor who signs in and record their check in time daily. Students who need to enter through the front gate must call the Duty Phone and have the HRA open the gate for them. Students must then ring in to sign in for curfew at their own apartment door. Students are not permitted to sign in their friend or roommate – students must sign themselves in each night. There will be consequences and monetary fines for signing in other students and/or repeatedly missing curfew. Students must be at the R.A. apartment no later than the curfew times.

Curfew Extension & Out of Apartment Overnight: In the event that a student will be out of the apartment past curfew or overnight, the parent or guardian must send an email to ashlyn@joffreyballetschool.com OR call/text the Duty Phone (646-342-7568) at LEAST 24 hours in advance. Joffrey Ballet School is not responsible for the student once they sign out.

Community Center: Dancers are welcome to use the community center provided by the apartment complex. This center is enter at will.  All dancers MUST sign a waiver at check in day to use the fitness center in the apartment’s community center. Joffrey Ballet School will not be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps as the fitness center will not be monitored.

Furniture: No furniture may be moved from one room to another, and no furniture may be removed from the building.

Guest Policy: NO none Joffrey housing students are allowed in student’s apartments, including family. Joffrey housing students may be in each other’s apartments until 10PM Sunday - Thursday and 11PM Friday and Saturday. The HRA will do Quiet Hour checks at 10PM Sunday - Thursday and 11PM Friday and Saturday nightly to ensure students are in their OWN apartments.  

Overnight Guests

No overnight guests are allowed. There will be an automatic $250 guest fee automatically charged to your account if discovered a guest stayed overnight. The student is also subject to dismissal from housing. Students are NOT allowed to sleep in other student’s rooms or apartments. 

Apartment Etiquette: Rehearsing, running, and/or playing sports are not allowed in the apartment. Students are encouraged to stretch and practice in the studios before class begins.


If a student is found with lice, they are not permitted to attend class until they have been checked and cleared by a professional. This is to help contain the lice and prevent the spread of lice. Staff will help students bag their items and instruct them to wash clothing and fabric on high heat. Bedding must be washed daily until the students have been cleared – otherwise, if their hair is lice free but lice are on their pillowcase from the previous evening, they could give themselves lice again. Students do not need to pay a professional for treatment, but they must be cleared by a lice professional in order to continue dance.

Quiet Hours: To accommodate a variety of sleeping schedules, quiet hours are in effect from 10PM to 7AM (weeknights) and 11PM - 8AM (weekends).  This means voices should be kept at a low volume, headphones should be worn to listen to music, etc. Courtesy hours exist 24 hours a day. Volume from any individual room should not extend beyond the walls of that room.

After curfew (10PM weeknights and 11PM weekends), students may NOT have friends in their apartment. If students wish to socialize after Quiet Hours, they MUST do so quietly in the common area.

Reported Missing Items in a Dorm Room

If a student reports a missing item in their dorm room (wallet, backpack, purse, etc), the following procedures will be followed:

  1. The student will retrace steps and exhaust all possibilities BEFORE reporting the item missing.
  2. If missing items is still not found after all possibilities have been exhausted, the student must tell the RA on Duty they wish to file a report for a missing item.
  3. The RA on Duty will create a report and ask the students the following questions:
  1. When did your item go missing?
  2. Where was the last place you saw your item?
  3. Did you take the item to class?
  4. Where else did you go/what did you do that day?
  1. Once the report has been filed, the RA on Duty will review with the student all the places they looked and where they think it was last seen. If the item was last seen in the student’s room, the RA on Duty will:
  1. Wait until all roommates are home
  2. RA will watch all roommates search through their belongings.
  1. If the item is still not found, the RA on Duty will help student file a police report if they wish and the student is 17 years old or younger.
  2. The RA on Duty will then file an Incident Report and alert the HRA and DRL.

The Joffrey Ballet School is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Staff will attempt to help students find reported missing items, but are ultimately not responsible for missing items.

Room Inspections

RAs will perform weekly room inspections. Joffrey Ballet School holds students to a high standard of cleanliness and we expect students to keep their living space livable and clean for everyone. RAs will check for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room cleanliness. Fines will be issued for violations such as stoves/oven left on, dirty fridges, overload of dishes in sinks, dirty showers and toilets, etc… Please see Charge, Penalties, and Fines chart for all possible fines. We understand students are running on tight schedules so we recommend each apartment make “chore charts” for washing dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

Room Visitation Policy: Joffrey students are permitted to enter apartments and rooms of the same gender BEFORE CURFEW each night. Students found in other apartments aside from their own after curfew and Quiet Hours will receive a $100 fine and possible class suspension, early curfew, loss of guest privileges, etc. If a group of students wish to hang out with the opposite gender, they MUST text the Duty Phone for approval. The RA on Duty will pop in randomly and unannounced to check-in on the students participating in a mixed gender visitation. Opposite genders are NOT allowed in each other’s bedrooms. They will only be allowed in the common room of the apartment. Notice of violation will constitute an immediate check, notification to parents with disciplinary actions. In the form of a fine, suspension or volunteer/community work. The mixed gender visitation is a privilege and may be revoked if not followed appropriately.

In order to be respectful of roommates, there should be no visitors in bedrooms after curfew. Please be respectful to the other dancers who are in the apartments and those below you.

Theft: Theft, willful destruction, or damage/misuse of any property owned by any member of the community is prohibited. Anyone in violation of this rule will be subject to consequences. If items are reported missing from an apartment room, the standard procedure is to have an RA observe both/all roommates look through their belongings for the missing items. There are no exceptions. RAs, at their discretion, may search rooms for items reported missing, whether the missing item(s) is from that room or not, without notice.

Trash: Students are responsible to take out their own trash and put it in the appropriate shoot or bin. There will be a fine for trash left out.

Vandalism: Any student who vandalizes public property in or out of the residence will face consequences.

Weapons Policy: Firearms and other dangerous weapons are prohibited in Joffrey housing. Any device that has the appearance and/or function of a serviceable weapon is prohibited in Residence Halls.

Substance Use/Abuse Policy

Joffrey Ballet School reserves the right to conduct room searches if there is suspicion of substance use or abuse. The discovery of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, will be grounds for immediate dismissal from housing.

Tobacco/Cigarettes: State law in New York states that those under 21 are not able to purchase or possess tobacco. Purchase, possession, transfer or use of tobacco (all forms) is strictly prohibited. Smoking any substance is forbidden. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes or similar devices. Evidence of tobacco use or any smoked substances, associating with others while they are using tobacco, or having smells of tobacco in the residence hall room will result in a tobacco violation. Students will be dismissed from housing if any form of tobacco is found or if they are seen smoking.

Alcohol: Texas state law states that for those under the age of 21, it is illegal to purchase or possess alcohol. Joffrey Ballet School has dry residence halls, even for those individuals 21 and over. Students who are 21 or over will also be subject to housing dismissal if they bring alcohol into the apartment. Purchase, possession, transfer, use or evidence of use of alcohol will result in immediate dismissal from housing. Possession of empty alcohol bottles and cans is not allowed and will be considered an Alcohol Violation. Smelling of alcohol or associating with others while they are using alcohol will also be considered an Alcohol Violation.

If you are found in possession of alcohol, the following will occur:

  • The substance(s) will be confiscated by Joffrey Staff
  • The students responsible will be thoroughly questioned, resulting in a written incident report/statement.
  • The students responsible will be fined $100 to their Joffrey account.
  • If the student is not the Joffrey account holder, they must call the account holder in the presence of the R.A. to give a report of what has occurred and inform them of the $100 charge. After this phone call, the details from the incident report are available to the account holder.
  • Students under the age of 18 must call their parents, regardless of whose name is on the account.
  • After all information is collected, the Director of Residence Life, Director of Operations and the Artistic Director will also be informed of the incident.
  • Any consequences related to programming (class suspension, production casting, etc.) will be determined by the Artistic Director; dismissal from housing will be determined by the Executive Director.

Illegal Drugs and Substances: Purchase, possession, use, evidence of use, transfer or sale of drugs, or any drug related paraphernalia, including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, narcotics, LSD, amphetamines or other illegal, un-prescribed drugs or controlled substances will result in dismissal from housing. Associating with others while they are involved with illegal drugs or substances will also be cause for dismissal. Drugs that are not listed will fall under this policy.

Prescription Drugs: Students keep their prescribed medication in their rooms and are responsible for administering their own medication. Prescription medications should be consumed solely by the individual for whom the prescription was written, and the individual should follow the provider’s instructions. Abuse of prescription drugs (letting friends take them, etc) is a violation of the drug policy and will result in consequences.

Charges, Penalties, and Fines

Dallas Housing


Infraction Type

Monetary Fine

Additional Consequences

Possession of Alcohol or illegal substances

Individual – Progressive fine increases over time




Dismissal from housing; referral to police; referral to Artistic Director for violation of program conduct policy.

Physical Altercation between students

All participants are fined. Fine is per participant and non-progressive.


Dismissal from housing at the Executive Director’s discretion; referral to police; referral to Artistic Director for violation of program conduct policy.


Individual; non progressive


Dismissal from housing at the Executive Director’s discretion; referral to police; referral to Artistic Director for violation of program conduct policy.

Giving someone else a key or gate code

Per tenant


Class suspension, community service, meeting with DRL.

Failure to sign in for curfew

Per tenant – progressive

$5, increasing by $5 each time

Communication with Artistic and Executive Director. Early curfew or suspended curfew.

Sneaking out after curfew or not being in your own apartment after curfew

Per tenant – non progressive


Meeting with the DRL, Communication with Artistic and Executive Director, possible dismissal from housing for repeated offenses.

Disabling, tampering, or removing smoke detector, bagging the smoke detector, etc.

Per tenant – progressive




Community service, making signs about fire safety, communication with artistic staff.

Improper use of electrical equipment (hanging wires, daisy-chain power strips)

Per occupants of room where the infraction is discovered; non progressive



Leaving stove or oven on and unattended

Per tenant – progressive






Damages to apartment, fixtures, furniture, etc.

Divided among tenants or individual



Improper trash or recycling removal

Per tenant – progressive

$25, increasing by $5 with each infraction

RA may assign extra cleaning duties.

Failed Room inspection / Kitchen or bathroom does not meet basic sanitary requirements

Per tenant – non progressive


RA may assign extra cleaning duties.

Cleaning Fees/ Improper Dormitory Check Out

Per tenant, non-progressive



Moving or tampering with modems

Per tenant, non-progressive

$50 plus fees to repair the damage

Call to parents, communication with artistic directors, community service

Purposeful misrepresentation of the truth via vocal or written communication (including but not limited to false signage, lying to staff, etc), bullying and/or harassment

Per tenant – progressive


Communication with Artistic and Executive Director. Early curfew, community service, suspension from class, dismissal from housing without a refund.

Smoking (includes Juuls, eCigarettes, bongs, hookah, etc) or possessing drug/alcohol paraphernalia

Per tenant - progressive

$100 per offense

Consequences and/or Executive Director involvement may increase with each infraction. Possible dismissal from housing without a refund. Removal from performances.

Overnight Guests

Per tenant

$250 per night

Dismissal from housing

Lost keys

Per key


None. Key must be found within 48 hours or student will have to pay for lost key(s).

Open flame (burning candles, incense, etc.)

Per tenant, non-progressive


Confiscation of prohibited items, community service, meeting with DRL

Unapproved wall adhesive (nails, thumb tacks, etc) or lights / wires hung on beds

Per-tenant, non-progressive

$50 per item

Fines may vary if walls need to be repainted or holes fixed

Unapproved items will be confiscated and held until move out, meeting with DRL.

Possession and/or use of contraband items (including but not limited to fireworks, weapons, space heaters, pets including fish, halogen lights, etc)

Per tenant, progressive

$100, increasing by $50 each infraction

Possible dismissal from housing; communication with Artistic/Executive director. Community service, suspended curfew privileges.

Lockout Fee

Per tenant, non-progressive

$5 per occurrence

Community service, meeting with DRL

Maintenance Procedures

If maintenance is required in a room, students should text the problem to the Duty Phone or email.  Housing Maintenance staff will respond to the request as soon as possible. General maintenance and routine repairs (leaky faucet, water leak, clogged toilet, furniture/appliance maintenance) are performed without charge. Students will be held responsible for any deterioration of the room or its contents beyond normal wear and tear, and the cost of repairs/replacement will be charged to their account. Joffrey Ballet School cannot service or repair any furnishings or equipment provided by students.

Emergency Maintenance: Emergency repairs include major leaks and flooding, inoperative door locks, and any problem that endangers property or safety. In case of an emergency, contact the RA on Duty immediately. Joffrey staff maintains the right to enter a student's room without notice in the event of a problem involving plumbing, electrical, safety equipment or any other structural issue. Joffrey personnel may enter a students premises at any time should personnel suspect a dangerous situation including smoking, which is prohibited in the building. Joffrey staff may conduct health and safety inspections of a room in order to determine compliance with the rules or with federal or state laws.

Escort Information

During the first two days of classes, RAs depart the apartment once a morning for the studios at a scheduled time to provide an escorted trip for students. There is also one scheduled return trip at the end of the day. It is the student’s responsibility to present themselves on time for the scheduled departure. If the student misses the escorted trip and wants an RA to escort them to the studios or back again, then they must wait until an RA leaves for the studios or the apartment on school business – a special trip will not be made for students who missed the escorted trip. If students do not show up for the scheduled departure the trip will be cancelled.

Students can sign up for an escort at Housing Orientation. If students have signed up in advance, the RA will wait up to 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time. If students have not shown up five minutes after the scheduled departure time, the RA will cancel the trip. If no students sign up by 10PM the night before, the escort trip will be cancelled.

After two days (Monday and Tuesday), students will not be escorted to class. Escorts are provided on a sign-up basis only.


Attendance at all classes, rehearsals, and performances is mandatory. Students with injuries should attend classes/rehearsals to observe. In the event a student is sick, students may be excused from class by emailing the housing email AND submitting a form at

http://joffreyballetschool.wufoo.com/forms/joffrey-ballet-school-absence-form-texas-20192020/. Students must email in the morning before classes begin, and a doctor’s note may be required for extended/numerous absences. After 5 unexcused absences in one class, students fail the class. After 10 unexcused absences, students may be expelled from the program with no refunds.

Medical Instances

If you feel sick or ill in any way, contact the RA on Duty.

If you do not feel well but do not need immediate care, you may choose to stay home from class. This is your choice and you must still call / text the duty phone to let the RAs know (646-554-8305) and submit an absence form at

  http://joffreyballetschool.wufoo.com/forms/joffrey-ballet-school-absence-form-texas-20192020/. Appropriate documentation must be submitted. Please stay in your room and away from other students in case you are contagious. Please make sure you are familiar with the Attendance Policy. Let the RAs know if you would like to go to an Urgent Care. For all non-emergency, pre-scheduled doctor’s / medical appointments, you must notify the RA on Duty at least 48 hours in advance.  

In case of a true medical emergency (seizures, cardiac episodes, asthma attack or instance where breathing is impaired, etc.), call 911 and alert an RA.

If you feel sick or ill in any way, contact the RA on duty.

The nearest hospital location to 3700 Legacy Dr. is below:

Medical City Frisco

5500 Frisco Square Blvd .

Frisco, TX


Texas Health Neighborhood Care & Wellness Prosper

Open 24/7

1970 W University Dr.

Prosper TX


Haven Behavioral Hospital of Frisco

5680 Frisco Sq. Blvd #3000

Frisco TX


The nearest Urgent Cares to 3700 Legacy Drive is:

CareNow Urgent Care  - Frisco

5644 Preston Road

Frisco, TX 75034

Legacy ER & Urgent Care

9205 Legacy Drive

Frisco, TX 75033

Safety & Emergency Procedures

Joffrey Ballet School is committed to maintaining the safety of our community. All threats against the safety of the students and staff will be taken seriously. In the horrible event that an emergency situation occurs in or around a Joffrey facility, these procedures are in place to keep our students and staff members safe.


  • Stay alert for the unexpected, suspicious persons, or dangerous situations, especially when walking alone.
  • Try to walk with someone or in groups whenever possible.
  • Use shadows or reflections from store windows to stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not carry more cash than necessary.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while outside, go into a populated store and find/call a police officer.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while in the apartment, alert the RA on duty.
  • If you find yourself the victim of a crime when not on JBS premises, contact a police officer. In case of an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, contact 311 and an officer will help you file a report.
  • Look confident in where you are going, how you walk, and what you are doing.

GO BAG: Every student should have a backpack ready in their room in case they need to evacuate for a variety of situations. It should be a canvas bag or backpack that includes items such as a granola bar or other snack, a bottle of water, comfortable walking shoes, and a printed set of walking directions to get home

FIRE: Students should learn the location of the pull stations in case of fire emergency. In case of fire, pull the fire alarm and leave the building by the closest exist. Students should assemble at the pre-designated area  in the main lobby of the apartment complex until Joffrey personnel or DRL/HRA give instructions.

The adult in charge will give the “all clear’ when the situation has been determined to be safe by the Fire Department. Once the Fire Department declares the scene to be safe, or an adult has checked the building completely, the adult will direct the students to return to the building. Because of the seriousness of this situation, orderly conduct is necessary.

TORNADO/SEVERE WEATHER: In the event of a tornado, Legends at Legacy personnel will make an announcement. All students should go to the interior most room of the apartment.  – staying clear of windows.  The R.A.s and/or Legends at Legacy personnel will give the all-clear signal when the area is safe.

GUNMAN: In the horrible event that an active shooter makes his or her way into a Joffrey dormitory, these procedures are in place to keep our students and staff members safe.

RUN: Evacuate If Possible

  • If there is considerable distance between you and the gunfire/armed person, quickly move away from the sound of the gunfire/armed person. If the gunfire/armed person is in your building and it is safe to do so, run out of the building and move far away until you are in a secure place to hide.
  • Leave your belongings behind.
  • Keep your hands visible to law enforcement.
  • Take others with you, but do not stay behind because others will not go.
  • Call 911 when it is safe to do so. Do not assume that someone else has reported the incident. The information that you are able to provide law enforcement may be critical, e.g. number of shooters, physical description and identification, number and type(s) of weapons, and location of the shooter.

HIDE: Hide silently in as safe a place as possible

  • If the shooter is in close proximity and you cannot evacuate safely, hide in an area out of the armed person’s view.
  • Choose a hiding place with thicker walls and fewer windows, if possible.
  • Lock doors and barricade with furniture, if possible.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Silence phones and turn off other electronics.
  • Close windows, shades and blinds, and avoid being seen from outside the room, if possible.
  • If you are outdoors and cannot RUN safely, find a place to hide that will provide protection from gunfire such as a brick wall, large trees or buildings.
  • Remain in place until you receive an “all clear” signal from law enforcement.

FIGHT: Take action to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter

  • As a last resort, fight. If you cannot evacuate or hide safely and only when your life is in imminent danger, take action.
  • Attempt to incapacitate or disrupt the actions of the shooter.
  • Act with physical aggression toward the shooter.
  • Use items in your area such as fire extinguishers or chairs.
  • Throw items at the shooter if possible.
  • Call 911 when it is safe to do so.

Immediately after an incident:

  • Wait for Local Law Enforcement officers to assist you out of the building, if inside.
  • When law enforcement arrives, students and staff must display empty hands with open palms.


  • Understand that gunfire may sound artificial. Assume that any popping sound is gunfire.
  • If there are two or more persons in the same place when a violent incident begins, you should spread out in the room to avoid offering the aggressor an easy target.
  • Be mindful that violent attacks can involve any type of weapon, not just a gun. Knives, blunt objects, physical force or explosives can be just as deadly as a gun. The suggested actions provided here are applicable in any violent encounter.

Plan ahead: Visualize possible escape routes, including physically accessible routes for students and staff with disabilities and others with limited mobility.  


Joffrey Ballet School shares the concerns that our apartment remains safe and secure. Please be alert and report any suspicious situations and promptly report any threatening, violent or criminal behavior to the duty phone. When reporting an incident, please include the nature and location of the incident, along with descriptions of the people that were involved.


If a terrorist event happens in Frisco, TX while you are in class, follow the directives from Joffrey faculty and staff. If you are not in class when the event occurs, return to the apartment as soon as it is safe to do so and observe lockdown procedures until further notice. The RAs will conduct a head-count and try to contact those who are not in the apartment. The RAs will go door to door for updates and to issue the “all clear.”  

  • If things are falling, get under a sturdy table or desk. When they stop falling, leave quickly, watching for obviously weakened floors and stairways. Be especially watchful of falling debris.
  • Leave the building as quickly as possible. Crawl low to the floor if there is smoke. Do not stop to retrieve personal possessions or make phone calls. Do not use elevators.
  • Check for fire, smoke, and other hazards.
  • Once you are outside, do not stand in front of windows, glass doors or potentially hazardous areas.
  • Move away from sidewalks or streets to be used by emergency officials.
  • If you are trapped in debris: Use a flashlight, if possible, to signal your location to rescuers.
  • Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can hear where you are.
  • If possible, use a whistle to signal rescuers. Shout as a last resort. Shouting can cause you to inhale dangerous amounts of dust.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with anything you have on hand. (Dense‐weave cotton material can act as a good filter. Try to breathe through the material.)


When you are not at school or in the apartment, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident or find yourself the victim of a crime, you should ALWAYS call 911 first, and the RA second. An RA will come meet you as soon as possible. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Getting hit by a car / riding in a car that crashes: Call 911.
  • If you see or suspect a suspicious person – Call 911.
  • Being assaulted or mugged – Call 911
  • Witnessing a crime or possible crime – Call 911
  • Medical emergencies that occur off school premises (difficulty breathing, fainting or loss of consciousness, unresponsiveness, seizures, trauma injury, etc.) – Call 911

Building Safety & Lockouts

For safety reasons, students should not lean, climb on the ledge or fire escape. Students must not tamper with their room’s cable hookup, smoke detector, sprinkler systems, appliances, window treatment, or heating/air conditioning unit. They must not put anything on top of radiators, personal air conditioning units, or window sills. Students and staff are also not allowed to clean the outside of windows.


  • Always lock the door behind you. Do NOT leave your door unlocked at any point.
  • Always have your keys on you.
  • Do not give out keys to anyone, including your roommate
  • Recognize who belongs on your floor v. strangers
  • Immediately report to the RA on Duty/DRL if you are uncomfortable with a guest
  • Always make sure you are familiar with whom you invite to the building - don’t sign in a guest who may prove to be a potential safety risk


  • When cooking on the hot plate, never leave items unattended.
  • Keep a close eye on the food when cooking.
  • Keep cooking areas, hot plates, and microwaves clean.
  • If you have an electrical outlet near your sink BE CAREFUL when using the sink. Keep the cords out of the sink.
  • Keep curtains, towels, and potholders away from hot surfaces.
  • Store flammable items/ cleaning products away from heat sources.
  • If you burn food in your microwave, the fire alarm will sound. Open the windows and turn on your fans to clear the smoke. Use a broom handle to push the middle button on your smoke alarm to reset the alarm.
  • When not in use, always unplug your kitchen appliances, including coffee makers, microwaves, etc.
  • ALWAYS turn off the hot plate as soon as you have finished cooking. Wait until the plate  is completely cool before you begin cleaning.


Room keys cannot be lent to anyone, including authorized guests or roommates.  Installing additional locks or changing locks on room doors is prohibited.

If students are locked out of their room, the first lockout is free of charge. Thereafter, there is a cost of $5.00 for each lockout.  

Call or text the RA on Duty if you are locked out. In the event the RA is not in the building (if they are with another student at the doctor, etc.) the front desk will be able to let you in.

There is a $50 fine for losing your apartment key. If you have lost any of your keys, you have 48 hours to find the key(s) or you will have to pay for the replacement. Even if your key(s) are found after 48 hours, we will not refund you. Having your building keys are a mandatory requirement when living in housing.

Public Transit and Navigating the City

General Information and Tips for Success:

  • Always travel with a friend or fellow student, particularly in the evening.
  • Do not carry too much cash on you while traveling. Only bring with you what you think you will spend.
  • If you have a smartphone, download Google Maps.

Uber/Lyft/Gett: Uber, Lyft, and Gett are car services that let you request a car from your smartphone. You create an account and enter your credit card information, which is stored securely within the app so you do not need to worry about payment. To call a car, simply launch the app, enter your destination and request a car. Within 2-5 minutes, your car will arrive.


Directions to the Studios: Legacy Dance Center- 8 minutes walking

  1. Walk out to complex to Legacy Dr.
  2. Cross the street to head to Lakehill Blvd.- 400 ft
  3. Turn Left onto Alta Loma Dr. / Treeline Dr.- 300 ft
  4. Turn Left. 0 .1 mile. Destination on Left


Mail and Packages

You will be given your room number when you check in. To receive mail, use the mailing address below. Outgoing mail that already has stamps may be left at the front desk.


Joffrey Ballet School

3700 Legacy Dr. Apt #

Frisco, TX 75034

Due to limited storage space, please do not send mail/packages prior to September 15th.

The Neighborhood

Supermarkets near 3700 Legacy Dr. Frisco , TX 75034


4851 Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX 75034

Market Street

11999 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034

Hotels near 3700 Legacy Dr. Frisco , TX

Omni Frisco Hotel

11 Cowboys Way, Frisco, TX, 75034 United States‬, 800-617-3053‬

Drury Inn & Suites Dallas Frisco

2880 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX, 75034 United States‬, 800-646-9340‬

Holiday Inn Express Frisco

3400 Parkwood Blvd, Frisco, TX, 75034 United States‬, 800-660-8922‬

Pharmacies near 3700 Legacy Dr. Frisco, TX

Market Street Pharmacy


11999 Dallas Pkwy · (214) 872-1515

CVS Pharmacy

Pharmacy · Target

4885 Eldorado Pkwy · (972) 464-5746

CVS Pharmacy


9075 Legacy Dr · (214) 387-3094

Airport Transportation

JBS offers Airport Transportation to and from the airport during the Trainee Year Round Program. These services include:


Domestic Airport pick-up

Domestic Airport drop-off


What is it?

  • A GroundLink driver is arranged to pick up the student from the airport and take them to the dorm.
  • Please note that this service only provides transportation one-way from the airport to the dorm.

What is the cost?


Domestic arrival Airport pick-up = $150.00 per student

How does Domestic Airport pick-up work?

  • After arrival the student will go to Baggage Claim where they will meet a GroundLink driver who will have a sign with their name on it.
  • GroundLink tracks the flight directly and will arrive accordingly.
  • The student will also receive mobile text updates from GroundLink (if they provided a working US number).
  • If a student can’t find the GroundLink driver they should contact GroundLink: 1-877-227-7260.
  • If a student can’t connect with GroundLink they should contact the Duty Phone: 1-646-342-7568.
  • If the student does not have phone service, they should ask to call from an information desk.
  • The driver has an allotted amount of time in which they will wait for free. After this grace period has ended, the car service begins accruing a wait-time fee. If the student exceeds the grace period, they will be held accountable to pay the additional fee and their account will be charged accordingly.
  • Please note that a Joffrey staff member will not be receiving or accompanying anyone to or from the airport.  


What is it?

  • A GroundLink driver is arranged to pick up the student from the dorm and take them to the airport.
  • Please note that this service only provides transportation one-way from the dorm to the airport.

What is the price?


Domestic departure Airport drop-off = $150.00 per student

How does Domestic Airport drop-off work?

  • The student will meet the driver in front of the dorm.
  • The driver will text the student when they have arrived.
  • If a student can’t find the GroundLink driver they should contact GroundLink: 1-877-227-7260.
  • If a student can’t connect with GroundLink they should contact the Duty Phone: 1-646-342-7568.
  • Please note that a Joffrey staff member will not be escorting anyone to or from the airport.  
  • The GroundLink driver will take the student from the dorm to the airport and drop them off at their gate.


Domestic Airport pick-up


Domestic Airport drop-off


Domestic Airport pick-up & drop-off


All fees are charged per student.

If a student requests Airport pick-up and drop-off, where one flight is Domestic and the other is International, the charges will be processed accordingly.


How to request Airport Transportation?

  • To request airport transportation services the guardian/student must send an email to transportation@joffreyballetschool.com
  • Guardians/students must provide all requested information when submitting transportation requests. The Airport Transportation Coordinator will not make any arrangements for incomplete requests.

Request deadline?

  • Airport transportation requests must be submitted no later than 48 before the departure/arrival time.

How does payment work?

  • The charges will automatically be added to the student’s account according to the services requested.
  • The Airport Transportation Coordinator will not make any arrangements for incomplete requests or students with outstanding balances.

How to cancel?

  • If a student wishes to cancel their Airport Transportation arrangements due to any circumstances, they must send an email to the Airport Transportation Coordinator.
  • As all sales are final, JBS will not be liable to process any refunds for cancelled requests. 

Unaccompanied Minor?

  • Joffrey Ballet School does not offer the Unaccompanied Minor service for the Trainee Program. Joffrey will not provide a Joffrey staff member to accompany students to and from the airport.

Can students/family request transportation together?

  • Many students arrive/depart on the same flight. Students are welcome to request to travel with another student in the same car. Students will be charged per person.  
  • Students who arrive with family members are also welcome to request transportation together.
  • It is very important to note the names of all patrons during the initial request. It would also be beneficial to send an email to the Airport Transportation Coordinator after completing the request to confirm the information.
  • All fees are calculated per person.