Emergency Drills Report Form

2017 to 2018

Fire Prevention Act 207 Section 29.19 (as amended effective July 1, 2014) outlines the requirements for schools operating any of grades kindergarten to 12.  The specific sections for Fire Drills, Tornado Drills and Lockdowns are listed below.

In addition, the following pertains to ALL DRILLS in Section 19 of the Act:

Sec. 19 (6) A school that operates any of grades kindergarten to 12 shall conduct at least one (1) of the drills required by this section during a LUNCH or RECESS period, or at another time when a significant number of the students are gathered but not in the classroom.

Fire Drills

Sec. 19 (3)  A minimum of five (5) fire drills is required for each school year for a school that operates any of grades kindergarten to 12.  Three (3) of the fire drills shall be held by December 1 of the school year, and two (2) shall be held during the remaining part of the school year, with a reasonable spacing interval between each drill.


Time Drill(s) Conducted

# of Participants

Evacuation Time





3 mins 20 seconds

Students were orderly in their dismissal, but noisey leaving out of the building. Everyone had their emergency bags.


9:00 am


2 mins 38 seconds

Students dismissed in an  orderly fashion.  Some teachers reported missing students. We will discuss the emergency plan with teachers to make sure that everyone is clear on stations and posts.


10:45 am


1 min 36 seconds

Evacuation was quick but students could exit out more quiet and orderly.


8:30 am


4 mins 7 seconds

The exit of the building was not orderly; a student stayed in the building would not leave. Four classroom doors were left unlocked.


1:30 p.m.


2mins 33 seconds

All staff had emergency bags; Students exited orderly; All doors were closed and locked

Tornado Drills

Sec. 19 (4)  A minimum of two (2) tornado safety drills is required for each school year.  At least one (1) of the tornado safety drills shall be conducted during March of the school year.


Time Drill(s) Conducted

# of Participants

Response Time





1 min 56 seconds

Some teachers did not have their emergency bags. Students could’ve been more orderly and quiet in the hallways as well as classrooms


10:00 am


5 mins 50 seconds

Some doors were unlocked or propped open. All teachers brought emergency bags. Students took long to get settled in their spots and to quiet down.

Lock Down Drills

Sec. 19 (5) A minimum of three (3) drills in which the occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the building secured is required for each school year at a school that operates any of grades kindergarten to 12.  At least one (1) of these drills shall be conducted by December 1 of the school year, and at least one (1) shall be conducted after January 1 of the school year, with a reasonable spacing interval between each drill (please refer to the Act for more info regarding these drills)


Time Drill(s) Conducted

Response Time

Drill Conducted By: (Initial/Identify)



9:30 am

2 mins

  1. W. Assistant principal

Some doors were not locked, classrooms had subs.


2:30 p.m.

2 mins

  1. A. Principal        


1:55 p.m.

2mins 30sec

A.W. Assistant Principal

2 Classrooms were not quiet; gym doors were left unlocked;

Hope of Detroit Academy


                                                Administrator’s Signature/Date

Please post this log on the Academy’s website within 30 school days after the drill is completed and is maintained for at least three years.

Not later than September 15 of each school year, the chief administrator of a school shall provide a list of the scheduled drill days for the school buildings operated by the school to the county emergency management coordinator.   Revised Sept 2014