Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge

Teacher IT Prep Handbook


As part of the game-day event, we will be sending transactional (i.e. update, system status, login information, and other informational message) emails to students.

Student device application requirements

This year, the only software necessary on the student's devices will be a modern (i.e. one that supports NLA) RDP client to connect to a remote Windows instance. A list of common operating systems and acceptable RDP clients is included below:

Windows 7 (All versions), 8 (All versions), and 10 (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education)





Networking requirements

This section contains requirements that the game-day environment will make of the local IT infrastructure and networks. This section includes some details that should be passed along to the IT group that is managing the network the students will be connected to when they are engaging in the game-day event.