October 25, 2019 – 11:30 @ Stockmen’s Cafe

Members Present:   Karen Langmo, Ken Hess,  Kevin Farnum, Jim Elseth, Susan Schaefer, Riley Flanders, Dan Zeigler,, Ronda Arnold and Jen Meagher


Members Absent: Alex Naujokas, Jeff Erdmann

Secretary’s Report:  Jen Meagher made a motion to pass the August, 2019 minutes. Ronda Arnold seconded it.  The motion passed.          

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report for January - October 25th, 2019 was reviewed. A motion to approve the report was made by  Dan Zeigler.  It was seconded by Kevin Farnum.  The motion passed.          

Old Business

WPP Update:  Karen along with the board members of the WPP committee updated the board as to the status of the project.  The NFCRWD board approved to move the project to the next phase at their October 14th meeting with KLA presenting more than the requirement of 25% of property owner signatures needed to keep the project alive.  KLA presented 47%.  Over the winter the watershed will hire an engineering firm - Wenck - to put together engineering reports and the appraisers.  Karen asked the KLA board for a formal motion to move $20,000 from the Weedharvester fundraising account to the regular operating account to cover the bond that was given to the watershed on October 14th.  Although the approval was done with email’s she asked that we do a formal approval at the meeting.  Ken Hess made a motion to move the monies, Dan Zeigler seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  The state statute requires that a minimum bond of $2,500 be deposited but Cris Skonard, watershed administrator was very comfortable and suggested the $20,000 amount.  Karen did pursue other avenues for a bond but this was the best route to take.  If the project passes the bond money will be returned to KLA.

Tax Return: Karen reported that the annual federal tax filing and MN attorney general’s filing have been completed for the year.

Committee Reports


Community Involvement/Awareness: Discussion was held regarding the fireworks for next year.  The committee decided that they would like to have them held on that Saturday, which is July 4th.  Karen will check into availability with the fireworks company.

Lake Quality Improvement:  1) Landowner near Elrosa has agreed to install 28 rock inlets on his property.  Work was planned for this fall but the wet season may delay installation until next spring. 2) Delta Project:  two signatures needed for final okay to proceed.  3) winter meeting planned with landowners near the junction of county roads 20 & 25 to review a potential project to decrease/eliminate run-off going under Co. Rd 20 and into the lake.  This is an old (10+ years) project that still needs landowner approval to move forward.  4) checked holding ponds South of Co Rd. 20 and although they could be cleaned, it is not the cause of the problem with water rushing into the lake East of the Regional Park.  Landowners on both sides of the creek were contacted to discuss this issue.  It appears that the heavy rains this year is the only issue and not the inability of the holding ponds to hold back water.

AIS: Kevin reported that all AIS activities on the lake, inspection program and Starry Stonewort project, have been completed for the year.  Final survey results looked good with some areas not even having any vegetative mass of SS.  At this time Kevin has been working on grants for next year and final reports that are all due at the end of Oct. or mid Nov.  Kevin also attended a DNR meeting on CBSM (Community Based Social Marketing).  The counties are being trained to use this technique to move some of the programs that DNR has developed that are failing.

Membership/Dues: Regular memberships are currently at 292 and business memberships are at 21.  The regular memberships are up about 10% from last year.  Business memberships are about the same as last year.  However our revenue for regular memberships was up 30% and 7.5% for business memberships.  Overall KLA had a good year in this area.

New Business

CD3- Kevin discussed the idea of filing for a grant with both Stearns and Meeker counties to put a CD3 unit at the Hwy 55 access.  After some discussion the board decided that at this time they did not want to contribute any funds to this effort.  CD3 personal has been notified.

Future Meetings:     The next meeting will be in February 2020.  


Signed, Executive Secretary,


Alex Naujokas