77.8 Chaplin
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77.8 Chaplin

347. I must be an addict.  I cannot resist stuff like donuts that someone else deposited in the house.  Stupid.  At least now the meds tend to drop my blood sugar when I pile on the processed carbs.  Time to go to my system.  Soup.  Roasted vegetables.  Fruit.  Whole plant based foods.  Nothing else until my numbers are good.  Will require exercise.  I need a minimum of 1 hour a day of walking.  2 hours would be better.

348. Beware of advertising appeals - especially for shiny objects - that appeal to greed, laziness, ignorance, desperation, and gullibility.  We have all been there.  A personal or family crisis hits, and we need money fast.

349. We need a clear vision for our lives and how a Walkabout Solopreneur business can help get you there. Other people have resources we don’t but that we need to succeed.  Help doesn’t have to be direct.  Books are our greatest mentors because the wisdom is boiled down and filtered.  People claim you can’t do it alone.  But you can if you extract knowledge from experts through their works.

350. I’m considering a fast of at least 2 days, probably 3 or more.  But I am making my damn good vegetable soup.  Maybe a soup fast.  Why?  I have let my diabetes get out of control lately by eating crappy food and not exercising.  I recently had my meds renewed, and I don’t want to show an out of control blood sugar number again.  But it’s more than that.  I have known about my diabetes for over a dozen years.  Sometimes I keep it under control.  Sometimes I don’t.I am too old to be giving in to my sweet tooth.  We all know this.  But we don’t do it.  I don’t know why smart human beings can’t absolutely know what to do to be healthy (barring disease) and completely ignore it.

351. Niche Websites.  Creating a ton of mini-sites is a strategy of a bygone Internet age.  Niche sites are fine, but you have to work smarter than in the past.  The old way:

  1. choose a good keyword
  2. build a site or WP blog
  3. write 5+ articles
  4. promote
  5. rinse and repeat

352. As much as I hate building lists (it was more fun when there weren’t millions of them), email subscribers are still the one area where you control the audience and the message.  Completely.  There are ways to go out and build a list with articles and posts and tons of content.  I will cover them in detail, and we may use MailChimp to build lists for free.

353. The big players in email marketing consider free methods a waste of time, and for them, it’s true.  What they don’t tell you is that after you sign up for their coaching programs, you still have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on advertising and promotion to make their systems work.

354. Relationships trail health and wealth.  Let’s be honest, if lack of fitness or disease hinders you game between the sheets, and you can’t spring for a nice dinner or a weekend getaway, you will be bottom feeding in the relationship department.  Men and women both pretend to be looking for “soul mates” who “complete them”.  Horseshit.  You are as complete as you can be at this point in time.  I hope I can share some of my ideas and experiences that will help you build a better man.  But no one from the outside can complete you.

355. For the average Introvert Boomer Male, I recommend MOBs - Mail Order Brides.  That’s a loaded term, I know.  To women in the U.S., a mail order brides is a poor, ignorant, gold-digging sex slave.  She will cook and clean and suck dick to get to the promised land then clean out her husband’s bank account to run off with a younger guy.  It happens.  To the stupid and gullible.  But it can happen.

356. Even with potential issues, in the right countries, you will absolutely find a bride who is younger, taller, prettier, sexier, smarter, and better-educated than you can find at home.  But you can’t be stupid.  I’m 65.  If I want to marry a teenager in Vietnam or the Philippines, I can do it.  Just think about all the bullshit you put up with when dating and marrying young women in your home country.  Women are women.

357. Many of the problems with MOBs can be seen on 90 Day Fiance.   I’m a former Foreign Service Officer and Vice-Consul.  I have seen these reality TV problems and many more.  Over the next 77 days, I will reveal them.  The problems on the show are typical but enhanced for TV.

358. Some guys can master the May-December romance.  I knew Trump would be elected President as soon as I saw his wife.  (I have visited Slovenia twice on business.  I saw nothing else even remotely as beautiful as her.)  Any man who can keep Melania happy has game.  And it’s not all about money.  She was a fashion model and owned a jewelry design business.

359. My favorite is what I call the Charlie Chaplin Rule.  He was 36 years older that Oona O’Neill.  They stayed together until his death in 1977 at age 88, and had 8 children together.  I will have some other suggestions. But if you want young flesh and a new family, it can be done.  For IBMs, I recommend looking for women between the ages of 39 and 54 in Eastern Europe or China.

360. In most countries, the prospects for women in their 40s for marriage and remarriage are bleak.  If you fish in the right pond, you will have your choice of some of the most beautiful, dynamic women in the world, with little or no competition.

361. That said, you have to offer more than a paycheck.  These women have been married and had their children.  Many own businesses or have upper level jobs, especially in China.  And a 45 year old in China probably looks 35 or less.  Chinese women run their houses.  You can sip coffee and play chess with your friends as long as you treat her well in public and private.

362. The trouble with prepping and survivalists is that no one really wants to do it until it's too late.  What I did is start with vegan protein powders to help control my diabetes naturally, and to have what I consider a great bug out product on hand.

363. Nothing like being profoundly unhappy to drive you to the self-help section of the bookstore.  I call them pump-up books.  Temporary boost.  Maybe a good idea or two.  Forgotten by the end of the week.  I think big.  Action is the problem.  When you have a vision of the life theme you wish to install, and you repeatedly fail to make progress, anger and depression follow.

364. “Stupid is as stupid does.” - Forrest Gump

365. As you work, negative thoughts from all of the dumb ass things you did 30, 40, or even 50 years ago divert your focus.  How can such thoughts about long ago transgressions be a powerful block today?  Instead of concentrating on the life theme finish line off in the distance, we need to act like Stoics and look for small improvements daily.  Consistent improvement - kaizen - stands out.

366. Clever people, those Japanese.  Also think Samurai and Bushido.  In the West, we forget that ancient civilizations around the globe have wrestled with these issues for thousands of years.  Maybe it’s time we learned.  In my own situation, I have mapped out a long time for creating a recurring income online, publishing Kindle books, building lists, and perpetual travel.

367. My main problem is an addictive personality that will fall into bad habits if I violate my own rules.  I need rituals, not habits.  For the things I need to do every day to advance toward my life theme, I don’t want to think, just do.  I think I personally need to go beyond a life script or vision statement.  I have family obligations I have taken on which eat up time during the week helping take care of my 91 year old mother, taking care of her house, and ferrying her and other family members around town to take care of their obligations.  I resent it.  I’m getting angrier and angrier each day.  Controlling this anger should be easy, but it’s not.

368. We set up New Year’s Resolutions to fix past problems, instead of looking to enhance our future.  Weight loss.  Fitness at the gym.  Making more money.  The 3 big areas for personal improvement are health, wealth, and relationships.  In my case, 77 days is enough time to reverse my diabetes, create a full-time online income, and save money for travel.  At least it’s a good start.

369. Let’s take controlling and even reversing type ii diabetes.  There isn’t a diabetic alive who doesn’t know what to do.  Cut out sugar, grains, and processed carbs.  Eat fruits and vegetables and other real foods.  Exercise.  Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  So simple and so hard.  Pie is one of the 5 major food groups.  Donuts were invented by the gods.  And Ben & Jerry are my 2 favorite Yankees.  Lab rats with a choice between sugar and cocaine choose sugar.

370. Self-discipline begins with a four-letter word.  We need to create our own rituals that work within our real life (even if self-imposed) constraints.  For example, the basis of my own online business is text.  I make videos and audio tracks, but my blog posts, articles, and ebooks are central to my objective of creating a full-time income online and returning to the life of a perpetual traveler.  The only time I have to myself without interruption is the “night shift”.  Everyone else in the house is in bed, and I can work without interruption until daylight when it’s time for a walk - on the beach if the weather is fair, or to the gym if not.

371. This is where rituals can come in handy.  Go to bed at 9:00 p.m.  Wake up at 3:33 a.m. Check your blood sugar. Take a shower.  Brush your teeth.  Make a pot of coffee.  Have a protein shake.  Take your vitamins and diabetes meds.   Start writing.  I found out when studying for the Bar Exam many years ago that I work better when I set performance goals not based on time.  For example, I forced myself to read so many sections of review materials each day, and to answer so many practice questions.  Depending on how you felt and how focused you were, that could take 2 hours, or even 6 hours.  Time was not a good measure.

372,  “My, my, my.” - Joe Kendra

373. But that should be enough to create dozens of ebooks and to be repurposed into articles, posts, and video scripts.  It should also be enough to get everything I want to talk about out of my system.  Every day we experience a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative.  Rituals help us put the negatives aside and just work.  Anything is possible if you fully commit.

One Must Do - One Word

Multiple goals, even one each in the three main areas of life - health, wealth, and relationships - distract.

While I will be working on a number of habits to build my life, I have boiled it down to one daily word and must do achievement for 77 days.

Word:  solopreneur

Must Do:  write 3,000+ words per day

That’s 231,000 words over the course of this monster pain and agony event where I push myself to limits I not attempted in 30 years.


If I don’t do it now, when?  When I grow up?  When the moon is in the Seventh House?  When they find Jimmy Hoffa?

Why solopreneur?  It’s a term that has fallen in prestige over the years as millennials seek out safe spaces and meaningful jobs.


Sorry people, but that’s what we all are under the surface.  A job is a means to an end.  You take it on to make money or solve a problem, but we are not our job.  Nothing wrong with taking a job to take care of your family and pay the bills, but it’s not you.

A solopreneur is an old school chief cook and bottle washer.  (Reminds me of Boy Scouts.)  You have to take on all the aspects of owning and operating a business from accounting to HR to actually doing the work of your business.

Why now?

It has never been easier at any time in human history to learn all of the tasks related to going it alone.  The Internet and related technology has changed everything.  You have app after app that can handle about any business task, or you can find cheap outsourcers around the world to take care of any task for you.

Before I discuss the downside of doing it alone, let me cover the upside:

  1. In the big scheme of life, you are only responsible for yourself.  You may take action to benefit your friends and family, your church, or even your country, but that is just to make yourself feel better.  You die alone.
  2. You can’t solve the world’s problems, but you can take a shot at solving your own.
  3. Work your own schedule.  I tend to work in bursts of two to four hours when I can scratch them out of a busy life.  Eight hours a day is the Industrial Revolution exploiting workers for a maximum amount of time to keep them alive and prevent revolution.  Work 16 hours today and take tomorrow off if you want.
  4. Until you are able to hire, automate, or outsource, you get to do all the grunt work.  Pro and con.  I believe you should know every aspect of your online business so you can know what to stop doing and give to someone else.
  5. The money you make is the money you keep.  Set up your business to legally write off virtually everything.  See my Beneficiary Controlled Trust Fact Sheet from 2006.  (You can also see where some Colorado attorneys stole it word for word and illegally put their own copyright notice on it in 2010/2011.  No shame.  No integrity.  Makes me want to call the Colorado Bar Association, but I don’t need to waste my life trying to make others do what’s right.)
  6. You begin to realize that employees are a burden, and that you can take care of 99% of the tasks you can’t or don’t want to do with automation and outsourcing.
  7. You get to do work worth doing and in harmony with your nature.
  8. If you have made a mistake, and are traveling down a wrong or unprofitable path, pivot.  You are only accountable to you.  Not shareholders, stakeholders, board members, employees, or investors.
  9. Your schedule is your own.  I do most of my writing before 7 a.m.  I have obligated to help my 91 year old mother when the health care workers are not here, so I grab early morning hours when no one is making demands.
  10. When you need a break, you take one.  No one “gives” you 30 minutes for lunch or a 15 minute break when they say you should take it.  If you are like me, you may put your head down for 2 - 4 hours at a pop when concentrating on a problem or writing.  Why be constrained by someone else’s artificial schedule?
  11. When work is a struggle, you have to option to take a walk, visit the gym, or seek out nap time.  We all need more exercise and sleep.  Why not put them to use?
  12. Not only is your schedule your own, your workplace is your own.  My office is at home, at the public library, at Barnes and Noble, or at Starbucks.  In fact, my 30 liter daypack contains my entire office.  All I need is a wifi connection.  There is no need in this 2017 world to rent office space to run your anytime, anywhere business.
  13. Having your own business allows you to take advantage of those stupid downtimes in life, like visiting the DMV or waiting for a doctor.  You can now put that time to use on your mobile devices promoting your blog or website.
  14. I find working in a public setting to be less distracting than to be at home.  It’s easier to focus on the task that needs to be done next.
  15. You are responsible for your own success.  This is a big pro and con.  It’s a con because if you fall short and get discouraged, you have no one to blame but yourself.  But then again, if you shine, no boss or co-worker can seize credit for your work.
  16. I believe all work should contribute to your life theme.  You envision where you want to go and how you want to live.  As an employee, you are depleting your life energy serving the vision of others.
  17. For better or worse, every day is a new adventure.  High risk.  High rewards.  Become a Walkabout Solopreneur.


  1. Isolation.  If you are an IBM (Introvert Boomer Male), this could be a plus for you.  I hate committees.  I hate having to meet someone else’s metrics for a job when you know some corporate hack made this shit up to make his job look important.
  2. If you want, you can join Facebook or LinkedIn groups for some human contact, but I find them distracting from my main work.   Save them for late at night when you’re watching TV or multitasking.
  3. If you receive joy from titles like CEO or supervisor, and need to be praised by others for doing a job, solopreneurship may not be right for you.  Do you crave prestige or want to live off the beaten path?
  4. You are responsible for all of your mistakes.  No hiding your deficiencies inside the team or company.
  5. You could be a target of litigation from creditors and others.  If you structure your business and life carefully, this is not likely to happen.  Don’t be a sole practitioner.  Use a corporation or LLC to shield yourself from legal vultures.

Let the side hustle begin.