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Carbon Pricing bills Comparison chart 2021
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Carbon Fee

Durbin/Newman S 685/HR 2451 America’s Clean Future Fund Act

Whitehouse/Schatz S. 2085 Save Our Future Act

Deutch HR 2307 

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Initial Carbon Price

(per ton of CO2e emitted)




Rate of Increase

$10/yr; above inflation

6%/y at rate of inflation

$10/y above inflation

If emissions target not met


Additional $5 following year

What GHGs Assessed

CO2e, fossil Methane, NOx

CO2e, F gasses, methane associated emissions (NOx, PM2.5,SO2 in frontline communities)

CO2e, fossil methane, NOx

Exemption from fee

Carbon Capture & Sequestration(CCS), CC & Utilization (CCU)

Ag fuels, Military uses, CCS, non combusted fuels

Border Carbon Adjustment


Yes, exports receive a refund

Yes, Exports receive a refund

Revenue Destination

75% quarterly dividends (80%)

15% CC Finance Corp. (%20)

10% Transition (0%)

Dividend, state assistance, Energy Veterans, EJ communities

100% net dividends


$75,000 single/$150,000 joint

Phased out by $170,00

$800/y plus inflation

$300/y per child

2 payments/y

To all adult~$100/month yr 6

Half to children; same income as Durbin

Revenue for Transition assistance/Coal


$10B/y to states for low income,rural and


$110B/10 yrs Energy Veterans benefits, Environmental Restoration (AML, orphaned wells)

Coal Community Assistance

Tax revenue replacement

Revenue for Environmental Justice


$255B over 10 yrs

Natural Carbon Sequestration

Ag and forestry carbon credits