WSCA Board Meeting Minutes:  October 8, 2018-1:00 PM

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Discussion Items


Treasury Report

The Board approved the purchase of an advanced QuickBooks program to assist in the management and distribution of WSCA assets. Jerry Perez will purchase and implement this software.

The Board discussed and approved a motion to change the WSCA tax status. A new tax ID will be received as a not for profit 501-(C)-(7) corporation.

2019 Schedule

The 2019 shoot schedule dominated the Board meeting. Per NSCA requirements the WSCA must submit this schedule and get the scheduled Clubs the correct NSCA Shoot Numbers prior to the end of the year. These numbers will be assigned with the completion and finalization of the 2019 Shoot Schedule.

All scheduled WSCA Board Meetings will be listed in the 2019 calendar. All members are invited to attend. WSCA is an all-volunteer organization and is always interested in new people and ideas.

WSCA State Tournament


The 2019 Washington Shoot is scheduled for SST on June 20 – 24th 2019.

A solicitation was sent to all WSCA Clubs for hosting the 2020 State Shoot.

All Clubs and WSCA Members are encouraged to consider hosting this event in the coming years.

WSCA is developing incentives for clubs that commit to hosting the state shoot. Many ideas are being considered including the use of perennial trophies and other financial incentives to make the hosting of this shoot more palatable to the Clubs and the mostly volunteer Club Members who organize and put on these shoots.

A variety of initiatives are being discussed and will be finalized by the end of the year. Please inquire with any Board Member if you have interest in discussing the State Tournament in detail.