Season 10 Announcement 5/23

Welcome back to the tenth season of the X-Wing vassal league.

FAQ / Overview

You’ll be placed in a division with roughly 8-10 other players from roughly the same time zone. Over the course of ten weeks, you’ll have to schedule and play eight games of X-Wing through Vassal, a free online board game platform. We use the Vassal League Slack to coordinate games and provide announcements.

Everyone starts in tier 4 and if you finish in the top 2 spots in your division, you’ll be guaranteed a promotion to the next highest tier. The bottom 2 players in each Tier 2 and 3 division (bottom 6 in Tier 1) will be demoted downwards. However, depending on the number of participants, extra people will be promoted and avoid demotion to fill out higher tier divisions.

About halfway through the season, you’ll be allowed to play with people from the same tier but a different division, so that everyone has the chance to play the full eight games.


The league will continue to play primarily Hyperspace format. If both you and your opponent agree, you can play extended games but this is entirely optional.

Check out #leaguehelp for a discussion on the game length requirements, I want to try and find a middle ground between 60+2 and 15 rounds, our previous formats. I’ll edit this space and post in #general with the final requirements on or before the start of the season.


How do you sign up?

Season 9 Announcement 12/9

Format Changes

You’ll play 8 games of second edition X-Wing in the extended format online via vassal.

New for this season, we’ll be trying a timed format called 60+2 that aims for ninety minute games times.

  1. You and your opponent set up as normal.
  2. Once both players are set, one or both players should start a 60 minute timer and say in chat when the time will be up. Then both players should start the first planning phase.
  3. When the timer ends, finish the current round and play two additional full rounds.
  4. The game is over, calculate a winner.

 This new vassal format aims to prevent really long games and minimize any advantage to slow playing. I’m open to feedback and may adjust the format in response.

60+2 FAQ:

At the end of the 60 minutes, if you are in the planning phase and one player has a dial down, you should finish that round and play two additional rounds. If the time ends before a player has a dial down, then you should just play two rounds.

Additional questions/feedback should be posted in #leaguehelp channel in slack.

You and your opponent can agree to play 15 rounds instead of 60+2.


How do you sign up?

Season 8 Announcement 6/24


You’ll play 8 games of second edition x-wing in the extended format.

Maximum number of rounds will now be 15.

Inactive players will be dropped from the league. You must play at least two games in the first four weeks.


Signups Open: June 24th

Signups Close: July 9th

Season Starts: July 11th

Late Signups End: July 18th

Interdivisional and kicking of inactive players: Aug 5th

Scheduled Season End: Sept 9nd


The real rewards are the friends you make along the way.

We’re also planning on shipping prizes to the division champions from this season and last season.

How do you sign up?

League Timeline Update 4/3

Hey guys, I think the season as originally scheduled is on the short side. I’ve decided to extend the season until April 30th at Midnight Pacific Time.

Additionally, I think I’ll think the league will take a couple weeks off after the season ends. Look for news about Season 8 towards the end of May, if not before.  

Interdivisional Games 3/15

The goal of the league is to play everyone* in your division. For any number of reasons (drops, schedules, time zones etc), it can become impossible to reach the maximum number of games. To keep everyone on a level playing field, the league is opening interdivisional (ID) play. You can challenge opponents in your same tier for an ID game to make up for a missing match or just for your own enjoyment.

To schedule a game, please join your tier’s channel in slack (find it be searching for your tier number followed by an underscore e.g. #4_outerrim) and post your request or find an active player in your tier and send them a dm.

While you can play more than 8 games, only the first 8 games played will count* for your end of season ranking. You can always play fewer games, but seeding is based on your number of wins and MoV so every game played will help your rank.

*Ideally, divisions would have 9 players and everyone would play 8 matches. Some divisions are too large and others too small, largely due to timezones. The 11 players in 1A_Coruscant have to play 10 games due to the league structure but everyone else is capped at 8.

To record an ID game click on the link on the league home page. You should get a view that looks like this:

Select your opponent and submit the form. You’ll be redirected to your profile page where you can edit the match and fill in the game results.

The scheduled end of the season is about a month away but don’t be surprised if it gets extended by a week or two.

Start of Season Announcement 1/24

Hello pilots, and welcome to season 7 of the X Wing Vassal League!

Important Dates:

How Do I Sign Up?

How will 2E league work?

After some community discussion, Vassal League will be using the Hyperspace format. You can still play extended if both you and your opponent agree to do so.

League format and basic rules like the 19 round limit, escrowing lists, basic vassal etiquette will remain the same, you can refer back to the old rules doc for right now and I’ll try to have an updated version with your questions once the season starts.

New waves will be legal one week after the points pdf are posted to allow squad builders time to update.

For this season, we won’t be doing prizes or condition cards but look for those to return in the future.