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Monday, August 1st, 2022

                                  2:00 At the Library


Present:  Jean Joslin, Trish Read, Carol Hosford, David Babic , Anna Church, Jason Butler;  Shevonne Travers (via ZOOM), Charlie Hosford (guest)


Absent:  Sally Reisner


The purpose of this special meeting is to discuss issues regarding the park and to hold an executive meeting to discuss staff contracts.  No reports will be offered.


Jean called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.


Jean has talked with Kathy Haskell, park steward, and Tom Spenser.  There was a suggestion that we get various groups together to make a plan and present it to the Select Board.


Charlie noted that since we can ‘t damage the tree roots in the park, we should take out the upheaved asphalt around the roots and cover the path with 3 inches of compacted StayMat.  This should be wheelchair accessible.  Cribbing around the central garden needs to be replaced.


Carol added that she would like to see stairs leading down the banking into the park as well as a handicap ramp leading from the church sidewalk into the park.


Trish expressed concerns about doing anything until we have written word from the Select Board that the town owns the park and if we move ahead on improvements the town would absolve us of all liability relating to the park.


Jean and Trish offered to attend the next Select Board meeting and ask for the letter described in the paragraph above or ask that the town sell the park to the library for a minimal fee.


Carol moved and David seconded a motion to have Jean and Trish go to the Select Board to resolve issues of management and safety of the park adjacent to the library. All approved.


At 3: 20 Jean moved and Trish seconded a motion to go into executive session to discuss contracts.


Trish offered a motion and David seconded it to come out of session. The Board came out of executive session at 3:43.


Further discussion on evaluation revealed that the due date for staff input on evaluations for this past year and next is August 19.  Carol and Sally have circulated a template to the staff to be used as a guideline.  This template will be sent to other Board members.  Meetings with staff relating to their goals will take place before September 1st, at which time the Board plans to offer contracts.


The Board asks that Jason send members a revised policy on vacation days to include Juneteenth.


Trish moved and Carol seconded a motion to end the meeting at 3:55.  Approved.



Next regular meeting is September 21, 2022 at 5:30 at the library.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Hosford, Secretary