Parent/Student Handbook


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Charleston, SC 29412

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     Table of Contents

Subject                                                        Page Number

Absences and Tardies                                                           6

Academic Calendar                                                           4

Accidents                                                                    12

Action Based Learning                                                          19

Arrival Procedures                                                            9

Birthdays                                                                    18

Bus Information                                                                  8-9

Class Preparation                                                            17

Clinic and Medicine                                                       11

Contact Numbers                                                            3

Curriculum                                                                    16

Daily Schedule                                                            7

Discipline                                                                    19

Dismissal Procedures                                                    10

Dress Code                                                                    12

Early Check-Out                                                            7

Emergency Early Dismissal                                         8

Field Trips                                                                   18

Food Practice                                                           20

Grading Scale                                                            16

Guidance                                                                    19

Homework                                                                       17

Items from Home                                                                     11

Instructional Fees                                                            16

Lost and Found                                                            14

Lunchroom Visits                                                           13-14

Make-Up Work Practice                                                    7

Meal Program                                                                   10-11

MTSS                                                                           19

Parent/Teacher Conferences                                        12

PTA                                                                           15

PBIS                                                                           19

Pets                                                                           14

Report Cards                                                        16

School Improvement Council                                        14

Special Area Information                                                   15

Speech Services                                                           18

Standardized Assessments                                        16

Strings/Orchestra                                                           18

Telephones                                                                  14

Textbooks                                                                   17

Threats, Bullying, & Intimidation                                14

Traffic Procedures                                                           9

Transfers and Withdrawals                                        18

Transportation                                                        8-9

Vision, Philosophy, and Mission Statements                        5

Visitors                                                                13

Water Practice                                                        20

Weapons                                                                    14

Welcome                                                                    2

Wellness Practice                                                           18


We welcome you to Stiles Point Elementary School!  The home of the “Dynamic Dolphins” is a proud school, rich in tradition.  It has always been known for its fine academic standards and outstanding students. The elementary school curriculum gives students the opportunity to explore many different areas of interest. The art, music, and physical education program have always been very competitive and successful. Many former Stiles Point Elementary students have already established themselves as outstanding citizens and life-long learners in high school, college, professional, and community life. Our faculty, staff, and PTA are eager to make this new year one of academic growth and personal success for each child.

About This Handbook:

The parent/student handbook serves as a quick reference for general information and procedures at Stiles Point Elementary School. Please note that procedures may occasionally need revision. In addition to the guidelines found in the handbook, your child’s teacher will provide specific classroom/grade level and school wide expectations. This year we are continuing the Dynamic Dolphin program with three Positive School Wide Expectations—Act Safely, Be Respectful, and Care for self, others, and property. These will be reviewed in detail by your child’s classroom teacher. This handbook and other helpful school information will be updated throughout the year at our school’s website:

Please ensure that both you and your child have read, discussed, and signed the Code of Conduct that is issued by the District.  Our handbook is designed to work in conjunction with the Code of Conduct. In fact, you will notice that many areas purposely overlap.

Finally, for an inclusive listing of Charleston County School Board Policies, visit the Charleston County School District’s website at:

Thank you in advance for your help explaining, modeling, and reinforcing Stiles Point  procedures with your children. We look forward to a fantastic year!

Michael Ard


Avenues for Parents with Questions and Concerns

                                First:                Your Child’s Teacher

                                Also:                Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Carol Sanders

                                And:                Principal, Mr. Michael Ard

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Shannon McAlister

School Bus Concerns

Durham Bus Services/Main Office         843-762-2778

Elementary Learning Community Office

Dr.  Jennifer Swearingen, Director of the Elementary Learning Community      843-937-6325

Charleston County District Offices

75 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Dr. Gerrita Postlewait, Superintendent

Office of Superintendent        843-937-6571

Charleston County School District

Main Switchboard                                843-937-6300

Office of Strategy and Communication        843-937-6303

Student Support Services                        843-937-7919


                 Stiles Point Elementary School Vision Statement

We envision a school where the highest standards of excellence are emphasized and developed through curriculum and instruction that meets every student’s fullest potential and needs.

We envision a school where yearlong planning meets the developmental and educational needs of each student through a balanced curriculum that addresses the future.

We envision a school where adequate and essential materials and facilities are available to everyone in the school.

We envision a school where the parents, students, and community members are expected to be responsible, responsive, and actively involved in the learning process, allowing everyone to be treated with dignity and respect.

Stiles Point Elementary School Philosophy

The Stiles Point Elementary School Community believes that schools serve each child well only by serving all children well. We accept as a given fact that children come to school with different backgrounds, talents, and levels of preparation. We believe we must meet children where they are in order to help them develop their vast potential. We will strive to help our children develop a positive self-image and guide them in becoming functioning, contributing members of society.

Stiles Point Elementary School Mission Statement

The Stiles Point Community will provide an environment that facilitates maximum learning so that each child can function successfully and become a productive member of society. We adopt as a mission the promotion of Stiles Point Elementary School as a nurturing environment of excellence, where every child feels comfortable, recognized, and challenged.

Absences and Tardies

Regular, prompt school attendance is essential for student success. Parents/Guardians must ensure that all school-age children in their care are in school and on time every day. The complete Absence/Truancy policy for CCSD can be found in the Student Code of Conduct that you and your child have read and signed. We appreciate your support in emphasizing the importance of promptness and regular attendance.

Please note the following:

What Happens if My Child has Unlawful Absences?

  1. School personnel must communicate any attendance problems or concerns to parents/guardians in a timely manner. When a student accumulates three (3) unlawful absences, the school notifies the parent or guardian by telephone or mail.
  2. When a student accumulates three (3) consecutive or a total of five (5) unlawful absences the principal or designee will complete a truancy investigation.
  1. A conference is required with the student and parent or guardian to develop a truancy intervention plan designed to improve student’s attendance and eliminate unlawful absences.
  2. A written truancy intervention and attendance contract should be signed by all participants with a copy provided to the parent and student.
  1. When a student accumulates seven (7) unlawful absences, the school will update the truancy intervention plan, indicate why the plan was unsuccessful, and make amendments as needed.
  2. The student’s absences will be monitored. If a student continues to be unlawfully absent, a truancy referral is made to the Office of Student Placement, and a district level conference will be scheduled.
  3. In the event that unlawful absences continue following the district level conference, the case will be reviewed for additional interventions and/or further action. The case may be referred to the Department of Social Services, the Ninth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office for participation in Family Court, or other interventions.
  4. For students attending Stiles Point on a Voluntary Transfer, parents are responsible for daily transportation, ensuring regular attendance (including no tardiness or late pick up), and compliance with behavior expectations as noted in the CCSD Code of Conduct. Failure to meet any of these expectations will result in the transfer being revoked and the child returning to their home school.

Make-Up Work Practice

To ensure continual academic progress, students are expected to make up work missed due to absence. Due to the nature of instructional planning and pacing, work cannot be provided prior to a student’s absence.

Immediately upon returning to school, students and/or parents must contact teachers concerning arrangements for making up work. It is the student’s responsibility to collect, complete, and turn in assignments. The student will have up to one week, from the date of return, to complete missed work. Work not turned in will be reflected in the student’s grade.

The assignments and tests shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the assignments and tests missed during the absence, as determined by the teacher using best instructional practice.

Daily Schedule

Students may not be left unattended before 7:00AM

7:00 AM        Students may enter the building and report directly to their classroom.  If breakfast is needed,

students will report to the cafeteria.

7:20 AM        1st bell rings

7:25 AM         Tardy bell rings

2:15 PM        Bus Riders dismissed

2:20 PM        Walkers/Kaleidoscope dismissed

2:25 PM        Car Riders dismissed

Any children waiting to be picked up by car after 2:45PM will need to be signed out with the front office.

Early Check Out

Please make every effort to schedule appointments for your child outside of school hours. We cannot impress upon parents enough that calling into a classroom to request your child for dismissal interrupts not only your child’s learning, but also that of the entire class.  When you must request early dismissal, please write a note to your child’s teacher ahead of time so that your child and the teacher can be prepared. Upon arrival at the office, your driver’s license will be required and only parents/guardians or someone approved by the parent in writing ahead of time will be allowed to pick up a child. If the early release is for a doctor’s appointment, bring in a note from the doctor the next day. Parents will not be permitted to pick up students after 1:45PM.  At 1:45PM, our faculty and staff begin our dismissal procedures and interrupting those procedures to dismiss individual children becomes a significant safety issue.  If students are dismissed at recess, they will be delayed by having to first report to the office for an escort to the classroom. A handwritten note must be provided for anyone other than the parent or guardian to sign the student out. Listing someone as an emergency contact does not give them permission to sign the child out of school unless there is an emergency at the school where parents cannot be reached. Early check out, excused or unexcused WILL prevent a student from receiving 100% attendance for the year.  

Emergency Early Dismissal

When adverse weather conditions threaten, officials in the Charleston County School District monitor the situation closely.  Please remember the decision to close schools in Charleston County is made by the Superintendent and is based on safety conditions in our district.  It is very important that the “Student Information Card” completed at the beginning of the year remain up-to-date!

Students and parents are encouraged to watch Charleston area television news broadcasts, the Weather Channel, or listen to the Charleston area radio news reports for information on school closings.  Announcements of school closings in Charleston County are released to the Charleston area media as soon as a decision on closing has been made.

District officials also have the option of calling for a delayed opening.  A delayed opening is when all schools, area offices, and district offices operate on a two-hour delay.  The following will be the school schedule in the event of a delayed opening:


In order for our buses to run as safely and efficiently as possible, students must follow rules on the bus, just as they do in the school building.  A complete explanation of bus regulations can be found in the CCSD Code of Conduct that you and your child have read and signed.  Please note the following:

Bus Policy

Our children’s lives are precious. We must do our best to ensure that all students arrive at school and at home safely. Please help us to ensure that all students adhere to the following policies:

Traffic Procedures

Please note that only school buses and SPES faculty and staff may enter the bus parking lot during arrival and dismissal.  ALL parent drop off and pick up should use the main entrance to Stiles Point Elementary.  If you would like to walk your child up to the school, PLEASE PARK your car or golf cart in the gravel lot.  You can access this gravel lot by pulling into our main driveway off of Mikell Drive and then taking a left into the gravel lot.  The lot beside the tennis courts and bus loop IS NOT for parent drop off or pick up.  Please observe this rule, both at arrival and dismissal, as it is crucial to the safety of our students.  Parents need to cross the driveway and wait for students at the bike racks.  Students should not be crossing the driveway by themselves.  Please do not stand in the parking lot and motion your child over.  

Arrival Procedures:  

Dismissal Procedures:  

Change in Dismissal Plans:

Changes in a student’s dismissal plan can only be made in writing (sent in with the child) or in person by the child’s parent or legal guardian before 1:45pm.  Telephone calls, faxes, emails, or text messages to the child’s teacher or principal will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.  This procedure is in place solely for the safety of all children attending SPES.

Small Lot Near Bus Loop:

Meal Programs

Lunch rates are as follows:

        Students -    $2.25

        Adults      -   $3.75

        Breakfast -   $1.40

        Extra Milk - $0.50 per carton

Extra items are also available for purchase.  Ice cream is also available but is limited to one day per week. Your child’s teacher will inform you of which day is “ice cream day.” Parents need to inform the teacher and cafeteria staff if a student is not to purchase extras on their account.

Items from Home

Personal items will be the responsibility of the student and should be taken home each day. Children may not bring toys, electronic games, radios, trading cards, or other distracting materials to school, unless they have specific permission from their teacher to show and tell or for another activity. Students will not be permitted to call home for forgotten homework, books, or lunches. However, they will be allowed to call for glasses. Parents and their children need to have a general understanding, daily if necessary, as to what the child is to do after school in the event of bad weather or if a parent is not going to be home.  Please ask your teacher or contact Mr. Ard for any special exceptions.

Items dropped off at the Front Office

Please understand that with more than 700 students enrolled at Stiles Point Elementary our front office can become very busy and hectic most school days.  If you drop off an item for your child after the school day has begun our office staff will notify your child’s teacher as follows:

Clinic and Medicines


The school makes every effort to provide a safe environment for your child; however, in the event of an accident, the school nurse or a member of the faculty will render first aid and notify parents.  Parents must complete an emergency card for each child with a minimum of two (2) emergency telephone numbers.

Dress Code

All students are expected to wear appropriate clothing that complies with the Student Dress Code as stated in the CCSD Code of Conduct.  Additionally, students are expected to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety in the halls, playground, and at physical education class.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Timely, open communication is encouraged for your child’s academic success.  If you need to talk to your child’s teacher, please send an email directly to the teacher or leave a message with the front office.  It is important that parents do not interrupt classes to schedule a conference or speak to the teacher during instructional time. Please refrain from having impromptu conferences with teachers in the morning, during their planning times, or at dismissal.  Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled at least one time per year to review data and progress; however, additional conferences may be scheduled as needed throughout the year.  Personal contact information for teachers will not be given out.  If you leave a message on the teacher’s voicemail, please follow up with an email as teachers are not able to check their phone messages as frequently as email.  


Parents and other visitors are always welcome in the school, but please remember that student learning and safety are our top priorities.  It is mandatory that all visitors, including ALL parents, stop at the front office, present a valid driver’s license (if you have not been entered into our system) and receive a “VISITOR” pass which will indicate your destination.  It is unlawful to enter the school without signing in and receiving a pass.  All school personnel and volunteers will wear identification badges to help students and parents identify them. Please make sure your visitor’s pass is clearly visible and adhered to your shirt or lapel.  Again, refrain from interrupting class and please give the teacher advance notice.   If you would like to observe a class, simply schedule with your child’s teacher. For large activities/performances, a form will be sent to allow visitors the opportunity to RSVP and have a preprinted badge upon arrival. We would love to have you see what your children are learning!


Lunchroom Visits

Many parents value the opportunity to have lunch with their child during the school day. A parent, guardian, or grandparent may visit their child in the cafeteria during his/her lunch period provided the following procedures are followed. These guidelines are intended to provide a safe and positive lunch experience for all children in the school. Visitors are required to report to the main office to sign-in. State issued photo identification is required.

Lunch Guest Procedures: 

  1. Adults visiting for lunch must be listed on the student emergency card and it must be indicated that contact is allowed at school. If parents choose to invite relatives or adults over the age of 18 to have lunch with their child and did not list them on the emergency card, parents must provide a signed and dated consent letter at each visit stating the full name of each visitor.
  2. Visitors may purchase a school lunch or bring one from home. Children may not share food or purchase food for another child. Parents/Guardians cannot provide food to any other children besides their own.
  3. The visitor’s badge given to you by the office staff when you check-in must be worn on your shirt and must be easily visible by all staff.
  4. The lunchroom visit must take place during the child’s regularly scheduled lunch time.
  5. The student is required to follow all cafeteria procedures including: sitting in their own seat (not on a parent’s lap) and remaining seated during the visit.
  6. Visitors will not be allowed to remain in the cafeteria for an extended lunch time. Children being visited need to return to the classroom when the teacher lines up the class.
  7. Visitors will not be allowed to walk students back to class after lunch.
  8. The visitor is not allowed to take pictures, video, or make audio recordings during the visit.
  9. Any questions or concerns must be directed to the principal or assistant principal. The visitor must not direct concerns to the staff or monitors, as these employees are focused on student safety and monitoring.
  10. Lunchroom visitors may not visit other areas of the campus without prior approval from the main office. A new badge may need to be issued stating another location other than the cafeteria. .
  11. There will be no lunch visitors for the first week of school. This will allow our faculty/staff to ensure lunchroom procedures are understood and consistently practiced by our students.
  12. The building principal has the authority to exclude from the school premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the educational program. Any such individual shall be directed to leave the school premises immediately and law enforcement authorities shall be called if necessary.
  13. All school visitors must comply at all times with Board of Education policies, administrative rules, and school regulations.

Weapons, Toy Weapons, Pocket Knives

Charleston County School Board policy dictates that any student found with a weapon will be referred to the District Board with a recommendation for expulsion.  This policy pertains to any student regardless of age, race, or sex.  Please note that weapon replicas, toy weapons, or pocket knives are not permitted.

Threats, Bullying, Intimidation

Just as students are not permitted to bring weapons to school, they are not permitted to threaten staff members or classmates.  Threatening statements with language such as “kill” are unacceptable and may result in suspension or referral to the Office of Student Placement.  Bullying will not be tolerated either.  Our Guidance Counselor delivers an anti-bullying program to all students which explains what constitutes bullying and how it is handled within the school.


The school requests that your child be given all necessary instructions and notes before leaving home in the morning.  Students will not be permitted to call home for homework or lunch.  Lunch is always provided by the cafeteria if forgotten.

Lost and Found

Students are encouraged to be responsible.  Unclaimed items are donated to charity at winter break, spring break, and again at the end of the school year.  The labeling of clothing and material is strongly recommended to ensure the return of lost items.  Let’s work together to reduce the number of items in Lost and Found this year! Lost and found is located outside of the cafeteria and consists of a clothing rack and a basket.


Pets are not allowed at school unless a parent has received special permission from the classroom teacher.  Dogs are not allowed on campus.  This includes walker pick-up areas.  Do note that many students have allergies or are afraid of dogs.

School Improvement Council

The School Improvement Council is a group of elected and appointed parents, teachers, and community members who make decisions to improve educational quality and student achievement.  Every public school in the nation is required to have a School Improvement Council.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is an integral part of the programs and services that are offered at Stiles Point Elementary School.  We are dedicated to furthering the goals of South Carolina and the National PTA.  Your membership and active participation is vitally important to the education of our children.  This year’s president is Mandy Myers.

Special Area Information

Physical Education

This year, your child will be participating in an elementary physical education program at Stiles Point Elementary School.  Tennis shoes are required in order to participate and loose fitting clothing is recommended as proper attire for the class.  On the day they attend physical education class, it is suggested that girls wear shorts or slacks under their dresses. Teachers will provide special area schedules for their class at the beginning of the school year.


All students attend music class once per week.  They dance, learn to read music, play various musical instruments, and study different musical styles as well as famous composers.  


Students attend instructional technology class once per week.  The South Carolina Standards for each grade level and subject area are carefully woven into the various activities. Additionally, national technology criteria are followed.  Students have access to technology daily in the classroom and/or library as well.  All students have a Gmail Account for assignment communication between students and teachers.  These accounts are heavily monitored by the district and can be canceled at any time for inappropriate use. Students also have access to a variety of digital educational resources. Parents will be provided with login information as needed.

Visual Arts

Students attend art class once per week where they use a wide variety of media and study many art techniques including pottery, textiles, painting, etching, pastels, etc.  The program also explores arts across cultures as well as the lives and works of well-known artists.  


The Media Center is available to all students.  Books are checked out on a weekly basis and, although overdue fines are not charged, books must be returned on time.  If a book is lost or severely damaged, it must be paid for before the student can check out another book.  If the book is later found, a refund will be issued. At the end of the school year, a student’s report card will be held if there are any unreturned books.  We look forward to providing a rewarding library experience for each and every Stiles Point Elementary student and encouraging lifelong reading.

Standardized Tests

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is a series of computerized tests that measure student growth throughout the year in reading and math skills.  Students take MAP in the fall, winter, and spring.  MAP scores allow teachers to monitor student progress beyond grade level boundaries and set differentiated goals for each student throughout the year.  MAP is given in grades 2-5.

The Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FASTBridge), is given in kindergarten and first grade. This is the first year SPES will be using this assessment. More information regarding FASTBridge will be provided throughout the school year.  

The SC College and Career Ready Assessments (SC READY) are the state assessments for ELA and Math for students in grades 3 through 5. The testing window for these assessments will be in the Spring. SC READY assessments are not timed.

The SC-Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SC-PASS) is the mandated state test that is given to all students in grades 4 through 8.  It assesses students in either Science or Social Studies.  For more information, visit  

Report Cards and Grading Scale

Report Cards will be sent home at the end of each nine weeks.  Interim reports will be sent home to parents at the middle of each nine weeks.  Report cards and interim reports are to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to school the next day.  An explanation of the grading system is given below:

        Grades CD, K, 1, and 2                                        Grades 3, 4, and 5                

        C        Consistent                                                A        90-100

        E        Emerging                                                B        80-89

        NM        Not Met                                                C        70-79

        NA        Not Assessed                                                D        60-69

                                                                        F        59 or below        


Stiles Point Elementary serves 4 year old students in our Child Development classes and students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  As a proud member of the Charleston County School District, we support academic rigor through the implementation of the South Carolina College and Career Readiness Standards, which are based on best educational practices.  View the state standards at  Remember that textbooks are only supplements to the curriculum.

Instructional Fees

The $35 instructional fee helps to cover the cost of student agendas, field trip t-shirts, supplemental assistance for field trips as needed, headphones, consumable workbooks, student incentives, RICOH copy machine support, and any miscellaneous cost that might arise throughout the school year.


All non-consumable textbooks are issued to students free of charge.  However, each student is responsible for the care of his/her textbooks and will be charged for lost or damaged books.  Children may not share textbooks.


Charleston County School District recommends the following guidelines regarding the maximum amount of time required to complete all nightly homework assignments (this does not include reading):  


Kindergarten                        10 minutes

        Grades 1-2                        20 minutes

        Grade 3                        30 minutes

        Grades 4-5                        45 minutes

Students’ differing rates of task completion should be taken into account as appropriate.  These guidelines are not to be interpreted to mean that students MUST have this amount of homework every night or in any way to imply a minimum amount of time for nightly homework.  If homework is taking longer than this or if your child is experiencing difficulty, please contact your child’s teacher.  Please note that it is not appropriate for a parent to complete a child’s homework for them.  If the work is too difficult, consult with the teacher the very next day. Remember, homework is a joint activity between home and school. Together, we can make homework a very positive aspect of elementary school.  

Class Preparation

In order for significant educational progress to take place in the school, all students need to be prepared to learn when they enter the building. Being prepared includes, but is not limited to, having the necessary materials: pencils, paper, textbooks, and homework assignments. 

Top Ten Parental Responsibilities

  1. Insist on your child’s prompt and regular attendance at school.
  2. Encourage and help your child with proper attention to health, personal cleanliness, neatness, and dress.
  3. Provide a place for study and homework.  Be available for help.
  4. Encourage your child to take part in school activities.
  5. Insist that your child bring home any communications from school.
  6. Speak well of teachers, principals, the school, and the education being provided.
  7. If you don’t like something that is taking place, communicate those concerns with your child’s teacher.
  8. Take an active part in parent-teacher/ home-school activities and opportunities.
  9. If your child is involved in a rule infraction, help him/her to face the problem.
  10. With parental support and a team approach, we will create a positive and successful learning environment.  

Transfers and Withdrawals

The following procedure will be used when transferring or withdrawing students:

  1. The parents must notify the school at least five (5) days in advance of transferring or withdrawing a student.  Parents must come to the main office or send a written request stating the withdrawal date, new address, and name of the new school.
  2. Parents must complete a transfer card with the school attendance clerk.
  3. The student must return all textbooks, library books, and other school property.
  4. Lunchroom fees, library fees, and other school fees must be paid.

Field Trips 

Field trips are a part of the curriculum and attendance is encouraged.  Parents who do not wish their child to attend a field trip due to lack of funds are encouraged to contact the office. Confidential assistance is available.  Parents who prefer their child not attend a field trip for another reason must state the reason in writing.  The child must attend school on the field trip day even if they are not participating as other work related to the field trip objectives will be provided.  Students may be denied participation in field trips due to continuing behavioral problems in the classroom or a parent may be required to attend the field trip to accompany their child.  All students must ride the bus to and from field trips. All chaperones must be a CCSD registered volunteer.  In the event, a parent shows up to chaperone/volunteer, and they are not a registered CCSD volunteer, the parent will not be allowed to attend the field trip.


String instruction on the violin, viola, cello, and bass is offered free of charge by a certified strings instructor beginning in the 5th grade. Demonstration lessons are offered to all 5th grade students and brochures are provided.  The child decides which instrument he/she would prefer, students may rent instruments, and classes meet weekly at the school. For more information, please contact the instructor.

Wellness Practice

Stiles Point Elementary School and their Wellness Team strive to teach, encourage, and support healthy eating habits and physical activity for all students, their families, faculty, and staff.  We encourage stress reduction for optimal performance and good mental health.  We work with the community to promote a healthy environment in which generations of people must live.  We will accomplish these goals in a variety of ways through education, modeling behaviors consistent with health and wellness, and by exposure to community resources concerned with human health and wellness as well as the health of our environment.


Birthdays are considered important days at SPES. Students will be featured on the Morning News Show and receive a birthday pencil. As part of celebrating your child’s birthday, you may bring a lunch for your child.  Food and treats for the entire class are prohibited as we instead ask parents to keep birthday celebrations a “family affair” at home. Please do not send balloons, food, treats, or flowers. Although we appreciate you wanting to recognize teachers’ birthdays, please do not plan birthday parties for your child’s teacher. Teachers will appreciate your thinking of simple ways to say thank you for all that they do for their students.

*Please note: Birthday party invitations may be passed out at school ONLY if every child in the class is invited.  No exceptions.

Speech Services

A certified speech clinician, Denise Leasure, provides speech therapy to students who exhibit speech and language disorders.  Contact our school psychologist, Kate Foster at 843-762-2767 for more information.

MTSS Team Process

Our MTSS Team meets weekly to assess student academic and behavioral needs including special interventions.  Please contact our guidance counselor, Carol Sanders, for more information.


Guidance in the elementary school is concerned with the mental, emotional, social, physical, and educational development needs of students.  The following services are provided and available as needed:

Our Guidance Counselor, Carol Sanders, may be reached at 843-762-2767.

Positive School Wide Behavior Plan (PBIS)

Our guidance counselor also heads up a comprehensive program that we have developed targeting positive, high expectations.  Our focus is on “A-B-C”: Act Safely, Be Respectful, and Care for Self, Others, and Property.  Our entire faculty and staff work hard to explain school expectations and reward students for good manners, integrity, and helpfulness.  


The administration and staff believe that most discipline should be handled between teacher, child, and parent in a calm, reasonable manner. Effective discipline usually leads to increased maturity and desirable behavior on the part of the student. Students are required to conduct themselves, at all times and in all places, in a manner which will not be contrary to his/her best interest and the goals of the school. Conduct in any manner which materially disrupts classwork, involves substantial disorder, or is an invasion of the right to learn of other students will not be tolerated. Reasonable standards of application and behavior are expected, with no student being permitted to infringe in any way on the right of his/her classmates to learn.  Students and parents are strongly encouraged to read the Charleston County Code of Conduct. If you feel that there is a problem we request that you first talk with the teacher, then the school guidance counselor or an administrator. If no resolution can be reached, please contact the Director of the Elementary Learning Community.  If there is still no resolution, please contact the Superintendent of Charleston County Schools. However, we feel that 99.9% of all problems can be resolved at the school-level.

Action Based Learning

All teachers at SPES have the opportunity to take their students to the Action Based Learning (ABL) lab! Students can visit the lab to further develop skills learned in the classroom while incorporating movement.  Research has shown that when students move they are more likely to retain information. Several teachers also have ABL resources in their classrooms to incorporate movement into learning activities throughout the day.

Water Practice

When schools increase access to free drinking water, they help promote children’s readiness to learn and their overall health. We at Stiles Point Elementary School are devoted to making drinking water the easy choice. We are dedicated to making clean water more readily available across campus and unlimited for children and teachers throughout the day. Students are allowed to have a water bottle with them in class as long as it does not become a distraction.  Students should only have water with them in the classrooms.  This helps limit pests in the event of a spill.  We will also have two filtered water bottle filling stations in the school where students can refill their bottles as needed.

Food Practice

The high number of life-threatening food allergies coupled with the extreme increase in childhood obesity has caused us to make a few changes to our food practices as we are committed to providing a safe school setting for all of our students. Food is not to be used as a reward or consequence on a daily basis. If there are special circumstances, please see the principal. Working together, we can help our children learn to choose healthier lifestyles and ensure that all children are safe at school. Thank you in advance for your support of the following practices: