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Sylvia Johnston

Visual Art

Creating digital stories through Scratch. Connections made to coding, sentence structure and visual arts.

1st Grade

Redefining Redefinition by Ms. Pana


Early Childhood

Reid Wilson

Minecraft in the Social Studies Curriculum

4th Grade

Tami Ruebush

Tami flipped her grade 1 math lesson as a way to engage parents and make her classroom more transparent. I especially like her reflections on the project and how she plans to enhance it going forward and is already looking to partner with other classes to expand the project.

Grade 1

Creating & Coding by Melanie

Coding & Scratch in Science (Unit on Electricity and Magnetism)

Grade 4

We’ve Only Just Begun by Nathan

Genius Hour


Sonya terBorg

Student Blogs in the Junior School

Kinder & 1st Grade

Colleen McCabe

TourBuilder in Literacy

4th Grade

Becca Allen

Making Thinking Visible

5th Grade

Kara Cole

Minecraft in the Classroom

5th Grade

Kristy Godbout

iStop Motion with the Who Am I? Unit of Inquiry


Angela Spitzman

Tour Builder for Literature Circles

4th Grade

Melanie Sylvester

Coding, Scratch, Makey Makey,

Primary School

Jay Prohaska

UOI (Unit of Inquiry) Technology Integration working with Year 1 teachers

Technology Integrator working with Year 1 teachers


My project began with me wondering about coding. Coding was then integrated into a Grade 4 Science Unit on Electricity and Magnetism. The Makey Makey invention kit was used to make their learning experience even more authentic.

4th Grade Electricity Unit


2nd Grade Mindcraft in Social Studies


Math: Fractions made easy


4th Grade Global Book Club

Jocelyn Sutherland

Identified a gap in learning and created a unit to authentically address that gap. Meaningful, purpose driven project that brought about authentic change - one that helped students own the learning. And done with KG-G2 students!!

CARP Jr - Design Principles Redefined for KG-G2

Christy Martin

Global and still ongoing - a living, breathing project. Variety of tools & skills interwoven in the project that ensure a successful project - demonstrates the need to explicitly teach specific skills to ensure students' final products are of high quality.

4th Grade: Sharing the Planet  Animal Reports

Amanda McCloskey

A Minecraft Inquiry


Angela Langlands

Farm to Table Minecraft Integration

Grade 2

Tara Barth

Environmental Student Projects

1st Grade

Tracy Blair

Global Book Clubs

4th Grade

Kelly Dao

Creating Digital Stories

1st Grade

Emily Roth

Quadblogging with 4th Grade students

4th Grade

Leah Bortolin

Badges for PYP Final Exhibition


Amy Mulvihill & Tara Ogle 

Maker Kids: DIY STEAM


Disha Gardhia

Digital Essays


Dema Dabat

Meeting Characters & Learning Lessons (Reading)


Alexis Snider

Alexis’s 4th Grade students re-did a writing unit on informational picture books. Students had lots of choice and freedom to explore. Alexis embraced the Coetail mentality of reaching out to her PLN to help with collaboration – another Coetailer, Tara Barth provided that connection.


Michelle Beard

Toymaker’s Challenge: teach a design thinking framework to my students and give them an opportunity to share their designs with the world.

My three main goals for this project were:

  1. Teach design thinking (purpose, process) to elementary students
  2. Collaborate with other teachers in our 3-5 team
  3. Collaborate with other classes outside of our school

Grades 3-5

Kim Lelek

Coding in the Curriculum: This year, as coding was my final project, I knew I had to take a different approach at integration.  Being an Ed Tech Coach, I don’t have the opportunity to consistently work with my own students.  To remedy this, I sought out two to three teachers who would be willing and able to consistency provide class time for coding integration. I knew I also had to find teachers who would be able and interested in meeting on a regular basis to discuss the curriculum connections.  Fortunately, I connected with three eager teachers from Grades 2, 4 and 5 EAL.


Middle School

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Course 5 E-Portfolio Commenting & Stem Project by Laura

E-Portfolios, Stem

Middle School (gr 6 & 8)

Bringing the Art Show to Life by Laura

Art Show

Middle School

Class Art: Collaborating in the Cloud by Nicki

MS Art

MS Art, Global

Mapping & Understanding Our Earth

Science (Google Maps Engine & Google Earth)

Gr8 Science

Peace One Day

Peace One Day

MS Values

Mariko part 1 & part 2

One of the main learning targets in grade 10 English for Academic Purposes (EAP 10) is to develop English language learners’ argumentation skills.



engage students in discussion around the concept that blogs are meant to be read by others, perhaps tied into the idea of digital footprints.

MS Art

Alastair Jackson

My aim was to have students learn some basic code so that could create a simple animation or game to share their learning.

I hoped my students could see how new theories grow from previous failures and the power of collaboration in developing new understandings. I saw coding as a way to practice effective skills like persistence and patience and hoped it would strengthen their resilience.

Grade 6 Coding in Math Class


During this unit, approximately 50% of the time in class was used for traditional instruction (direct instruction, whole-group speaking and listening activities, etc.) and the other 50% of class was devoted to students working on self-selected activities and projects to demonstrate mastery of the content objectives, and recording their progress in an online gamification system, Classcraft, by claiming points for their completed work and moving up to new levels in the game based upon their points earned.

Gamifying the learning in World Languages


With youngsters it is crucial to keep revisiting digital mindfulness as they can be lulled into a sense of familiarity the more they connect and communicate.

MS Art class

Kate Hall

Indepth, reflective and detailed steps shared should fellow educators wish to embark upon student-led conference with Online Portfolios. Student ownership of learning is evident. Excellent reflection of ideas for improving the process next year.

Student Led Conferences with Online Portfolios - Middle School

Craig Polzen

Flipped Classroom Math

Grade 7

Brad Evans

My final project, titled Playing Politics, attempted to utilize a combination of information and visual literacy, social media and blogging.

Grade 8

Allison Jefferson

Infographics in Social Studies

Grade 7

Sitwat Khan

Weather and Climate:

She noted: My Goals for this project were :

  • to have a unit on Digital Citizenship;
  • use of seesaw to develop a digital portfolio;
  • to create a Flipped classroom culture using Edpuzzle so the classroom time can be used to facilitate learning;
  • to have a Project-based learning;
  • to do a Global collaborative project
  • to create students Blogging culture;
  • to have a Skype or google session with an expert; and
  • enable students to redefine task according to SAMR


High School

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Alex Bunting

An amazing digital learning platform designed to create a personal, flexible, engaging learning experience filled with student choice.

HS Science

Course 5 Final Project Reflection by Sean

Student Led Inquiry in Math

IB Math

Becky Curry

Finally Becky Currey’s AP Psychology unit. She wasn’t having much luck finding a community for her students to engage in so she and her students created their own AP Psychology Student Community on Google + 

AP Psychology


Blogging with students

HS English


Developing Global awareness

HS Spanish


The students of Year 12, Lang B were encouraged to use technology to enhance their oral and communication skills. They would identify a global issue in the country they were living in and offer solutions as teenagers.

Lang B Year 12


After I had gone through the process of the flipped classroom I gave the students a formative assessment and cleared their doubts. I then got them to do a small assessment of their learning in the form of short structured questions. On marking these, I was very satisfied. The feedback given by my students was very encouraging.



I wanted a tool that I could use to share resources with my students but I wanted them to have a place that they could also add to these, comment on them and discuss problems and issues.  I wanted a forum that could involve students from outside our school and increase our learning environment beyond the bounds of my classroom walls.

IB Chemistry


My mission, as explained to me by the Middle School Principal, was simple: give the MS students a chance to be creative. How, exactly, I was to do that was left entirely up to me.

AP History

Ange Maloney

Blended Learning - highlights the SAMR model

HL Math Students

Mark Mouck

Mark has captured his students talking about collaborative notetaking in class warts and all. I really enjoyed and appreciated the variety of their reasonings for doing (or not doing) notetaking in this way.  His project is both student-centred and student-driven.

Collaborative Notetaking in 9th Grade English

Ann Lautrette

Ann has done something “different” with the presentation of her Course 5 project (I don’t want to give too much away – but just so you know, I really enjoyed watching it!!).  If you’re interested in a redesign of the core of IB – using blogs instead of an exercise book for TOK, then you really need to watch this one!  What I really like about this project is that it is an awesome example of a student-centred, student-driven project that shows that the sharing of student work really reflects the power of blogging and how you can make it work for IB.

The End but really the Beginning - IB TOK 11-12th grade

Daena Greig

I have to admit, I can’t stop talking about this project. It’s such a simple idea technologically speaking, but one that has such a far reaching impact, not just for PE but for so many other subject areas. Daena and David have worked together to use animated .gifs in PE (and David has worked with other subject area teachers along the same lines as well, so it’s not just great for PE, it’s great for lots of subjects), so that students are able to record very short, repeating, animated images of themselves demonstrating PE skills. The addition of an animated rubric for them to evaluate themselves takes this project to another level. I know this idea is going to spread!

Animated .gifs in High School PE

Carly Thomas

I am so appreciative of the fact that Carly took a risk and created a globally collaborative project for Course 5! I think we can all appreciate how hard it is to create a global project – and she did it from China with tons of restrictions on what kinds of tools she could use, in a very content heavy subject area as well. It’s great to see the value her students have placed on having that global interaction, as well as her ideas to continue to further the collaboration.

Global Collaboration with Ning in AP Environmental Science

Tricia Friedman

Final project revolving around authentic and student choice driven blogging in the HS! Inspiring project that demonstrates how exciting it can be when students blog authentically and by their own choice. Features students & teachers reflecting on the process and the essential foundations for successful and authentic blogging.  Variety of tools present - each one purposeful and authentic in it's use. Very important message about "time" shared.

Grade 9: Blogging in HS

Ann Durham

Major transitions for HS students (to College, etc)

G 11-12

Matt Fron

Flipped Learning and Visual Readings


Paul Browne

Can creating a Playposit video bulb improve students conceptual understanding in the grade 10 electricity unit?

HS (G10)

Rob Langlands

Flipped Programming


Ryan Lenz

Physics - Science

HS G10-11

Pamela Rampley

Integrated Science


Lindsay Lyon & Miriam Morningstar

HS English: Collaborative Google Site: Persepolis


Andrew White & Mavis Wellington
(Tech Coach + Counsellor)

ePortfolios in the HS


Whole School/Administrative

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Dave Beaty

Dave Beaty took on the task of creating a running a social media education program for the entire community at his school... Parents, teachers, and student! I like the proactive nature of this project and the fact he uses voice dictation on his Mac to interview himself.

whole school


Redefining the PD within a school

Curriculum & PD

Sean Walmsley


Whole School

One+ Year(s) On

Course 5 Project Reflections Post Graduation

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Subject Area

Grade level

Jeff Lewis

Student Created Video Dictionary - Language Arts

Grade 4

Jeff’s YouTube playlist of final project videos