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LARGE Group Camping
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LARGE Group Camping

Camping Rules

CHAPERONES/ADULTS: Children will need to be supervised at all times.  Chaperones/Adults are responsible for the behavior of the children.  All adults present on the ranch will need to be included on the liability waiver roster provided or sign their own individual liability waiver for the Ranch.  To help protect guests, since the Ranch is private property, persons that do not have a liability waiver will not be allowed to enter the Ranch.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In the event of inclement weather, programs may be modified.  Our staff will work with you to discuss rain accommodations or possible rescheduling. It is NOT uncommon for us to cancel camping events due to the weather.


ALLERGIES:  We are not responsible for guests’ allergies.  If allergies (mild or severe) are an issue, please consult with the guardian.  We cannot guarantee that anything on the ranch has not come into contact with allergens.

SITE ACCOMODATIONS: Our facilities are limited to a 10-stall, climate-controlled restroom trailer, there are NO SHOWERS.  Please leave the restroom trailer cleaner than you found it.  We encourage you to bring your own hand towel.  There is more toilet paper available in the middle mechanical closet of the trailer.  The restrooms will accommodate up to 200 people.  If you have more, please contact our staff to see if we can accommodate you.

There is potable, well-water in two locations, however, many campers bring a portable (RV-type) filter to attach to the spigots.  We do not provide hoses.  There is NO electricity available at the campsite.  For large group camping, we have a light that we will turn on at dusk and off at 9pm near the restroom trailer.

THE LAND: Long Acres Ranch has wonderful caretakers that maintain the property on a daily basis.  The large camping area is mowed regularly, however, we are out in nature where there are lots of feral hogs, and armadillos which like to dig.  We cannot control where these holes might pop up.  The Ranch is not responsible for injuries.  Feel free to bring a bag of dirt to fill them in if you find them near your camping area.

THE WATER: Although we are located on the river, and we have a lake, we do not allow guests to visit either unless LAR staff accompanies you. Most of the time, there is not any safe access down to the river and we want to avoid any accidents.

TRASH: We do not have a dumpster onsite for you to use.  You are responsible for removing any trash you might bring onto the property. 

CAMP FIRES:  Camp fires are only permitted in the provided rings and large stone ring.  You must bring your own wood.  Please use extreme caution around the fires.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: There will be signs that direct the flow of traffic.  Please adhere to these signs for the safety of all of the guests out here on the Ranch.  When you arrive, you will be directed to an area for unloading, and then shown where to park.  ONE-WAY signs are in place for a reason.  If a driver chooses to ignore the flow of traffic, they will be asked to leave without re-admittance.  DO NOT LEAVE THE GRAVEL PATH, except to park in the designated parking area.  PLEASE have someone directing traffic during drop off (parents often do not know it is one way).  The SPEED LIMIT is 10MPH or less throughout the entire ranch. We do not want you to hurt our deer or children, nor do we want the deer to hurt your vehicle.

PARKING: There is a large field designated for parking.  Park towards the back, where there is a walkway down to the camping area.  THERE IS NO VEHICLE PARKING IN THE CAMP AREA with the exception of the vehicles attached to trailers and designated medical emergency vehicles.  THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL OF THE GUESTS.  Because of the seriousness of this, we will not allow your group back if this cannot be enforced with ALL of the drivers in your group.  We encourage you to park the trailers towards the front of the area.

GATE:  The main gate will remain open for the majority of arrivals.  It will be closed at dark.  Except for arrival, the main gate and tube gate will be closed for the safety of our guests. The main contact for the event will have a gate code.  Please give to your guests as needed.  Anyone can exit at any time.  *The gate code will not work from 11pm-6am. There is no admittance during this time! (You can leave at any time, just not enter.) We will change the code after you leave.

HOURS: Most campers start arriving on Friday around 3pm. Please discuss with the staff if you need to arrive earlier. Everyone must be off of the property no later than noon on Sunday.

LIABILITY WAIVER/PHOTO RELEASE:  The liability waiver and photo release must be signed before visiting Long Acres Ranch.  A copy of the liability waiver is included in this packet.  Photos can and will be used for marketing purposes on social media.  Be sure to note any persons that cannot have their picture used.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: In the event of an emergency, please dial 911 first.

Ranch Rules

Chaperones are responsible for the supervision and conduct of the children at all times.

Visitors to the Ranch must remain on designated paths and in designated areas of the Ranch at all times.  Houses on the property are private homes. Visitors are not allowed to climb trees or fences.

For the benefit of other visitors and wildlife, please maintain respectful noise levels at all times. Amplified noise, music, or sound is not allowed. An exception may be granted for specific events. Disorderly conduct, including excessive noise, is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply can result in removal from the property.

We recommend that, for their safety, guests wear closed toe shoes. Sandals/flip flops are not recommended. Mosquito/bug repellent and sunscreen is recommended.

Stay hydrated! Visitors are encouraged to bring a water bottle. The water is potable in the camping area, but we suggest an RV filter on the spigots.

We are not responsible for visitors’ allergies. If allergies (mild or severe) are an issue, please consult with a specialist. We cannot guarantee that anything on the ranch has not come into contact with allergens.

Due to their sensitive ecology, pets, with the exception of service and working animals, are prohibited from the property. Pets can disturb wildlife, impede enjoyment of the Ranch by other visitors, spread diseases to wildlife, or leave stools that can create serious sanitation problems or contain seeds from non-native plants.  Visitors with service and working animals must collect and dispose of stools in proper receptacles.  Please notify Ranch staff if you plan on bringing out a service animal to your event.

Littering is strictly prohibited—help keep the Ranch clean! Please dispose of litter in proper receptacles. Except for water or sports bottles, food and drink are not permitted on trails. Glass containers are not allowed. Leave No Trace!

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on Ranch property.

Alcohol is not permitted on the property at any time.

Firearms and concealed weapons are not allowed on the property, except by certified peace officers and active duty personnel.

Pictures may be taken anywhere on the Ranch. Please turn off/silence cell phones and refrain from private conversation during programs and activities.  The Ranch is not responsible for broken phones.

In consideration for and upon entry to the Ranch, each student, chaperone and adult assumes all risks incidental to the Ranch and the school visit to the Ranch, including risk of lost, stolen or damaged property, premises defects at the Ranch, security problems, or personal injury, and releases the Long Acres Ranch, its Owner, and its employees, agents, or volunteers, from any and all claims related thereto and notwithstanding their sole, joint, or concurrent negligence, liability or fault.

Long Acres Ranch (“Owner”) is a charitable venue owned and operated by Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation, a Texas Non-Profit Corporation.

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