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5 Awesome Ways to Cheer Up Your Friend
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Food Ideas

Life's a journey of ebbs and flows and it is easier said than done. While counting the blessings helps us to get going to beat the downfalls, there are days when the will is all lost. At such times, we fall back on our friends and they get us back to our stronger selves. If you are expecting a heartbroken friend at your place and are making plans to make the conversation beautiful in every way then here's a small guide to the same. Keep reading…

Plan a delish meal

Conversations are incomplete without food. Whenever a person is sad, the body craves something sweet and crackly. It gives the signal to release serotonin (the happy hormone) which biologically starts processing the positive attitude towards the reason for sadness.

So, considering the science, we suggest you prepare Deep Fried Oreos for your friend before you give him or her the ted talk. It will make a beautiful setting to the taking and will mellow down his/her stress down to half and that's how you can get their wrecked souls back to life! Add their favorite scoop of ice cream to make it more pleasing! Similarly, prepare cuisine that they relish the most.

Take them on a forest walk

Nature has its way to heal humans, you can take your friend for a long walk in a forest park or any other nearby spot where silence and nature can help them to calm down and find a solution to the cause of their sadness. This can also be the perfect time for you to exchange views and discuss the cause of their sorrow.

Listen Empathetically! Advice Honestly!

You will have to balance empathy and honesty while giving fair advice to your friend. Sometimes, the source of the misery of our friends is they and despite the empathy and concern you have for them, you should always tell them the truth and guide them right, even if your words are going to break their heart for a moment, it will click to their minds later and can be an ultimate solution to their problems. So, mind your actions and conversations in such a way where they get all the love and support from you but at the same time, you should show them the facts as they are without being biased or blinded by your affection towards them.

Plan a convenient bedding

The day they come to speak out their heavy heart to you, make sure that you create a surrounding that makes them physically comfortable. Create bedding where they can lie comfortably and loosen up themselves to some peace of mind. If they're staying for a night, try to make their sleep as sound as possible. Happy and undisturbed sleep rejuvenates a person at a subconscious level.

Bring in the laughter

You and your friend must be having many moments that give way to laughter every time you recall it. Just try to bring those incidents into the conversations, this will also change their mood and will give them some hope of many more incidents coming up in near future.

Engage them in their hobby

Make up your mind and create a setting to indulge your buddy in what gives him or her solace. If they love yoga, create a space, arrange the mats, and involve themselves in the activity. If a sport energizes them then go for some play. Similarly, if you think that watching a movie together with some dessert or snacks that you both love to share will make your friend cheer up then plan a movie evening together. Deep Fried Oreos suit this setting as well.

Order Deep fried Oreo Mix! If you want an instant solution to prepare a sweet snack for your friend in despair, order the instant deep-fried Oreos mix from The above ideas will make them realize how beautiful life is and that their sorrowful feeling is evanescent. Hope this helps!