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Date of arrival



Unringed osprey


Unringed male


Unringed male & Blue ringed female




Blue ringed male (???)


Unringed male (???)














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April 19   

05:51 - Day cam

06:33 - Report of an osprey on the nest. (Thank you, JaneV)

           It has a BTO ring on its right leg.

06:58 - Report a visitor off cam

MaryGK’s vid - Metal ring lands on LG nest

09:53 - Osprey in the camera tree

10:39 - Osprey on the nest with a fish & Flying off with the fish

11:53 - Osprey flypast and then in the camera tree with a fish in talon

Scylla’s catch-up and vid - 06:30 Osprey lands, no Darvic ring, defends, stays 10 minutes

14:25 - Osprey flies to the nest, it has a BTO ring on its right leg. Flies back to the camera tree

Still in the camera tree with fish - last updated 15:47


RSPB LG Facebook - .. a female osprey (not EJ) is eating a fish on our camera tree!


Osprey at 06:30  (scylla)                     Osprey with a fish at 10:39 (Moffer)    In the camera tree (BNN)


Gorgeous (Limpy)                  Closeup (BNN)

April 18   

07:01 - Scylla’s vid - Unseen osprey visited campost for under 2 minutes

BLOG by Fergus C - First impressions are important ...if you can find them. / ...A small update on the osprey front.

April 17   

13:57 - Scylla’s snapshots & vid -  Unringed male lands on the nest 

BNN’s vid - Unringed male osprey on the nest


Unringed male at 13:57 (BNN)

April 16   

07:28 - Scylla’s vid - Male osprey lands on nest

More snapshots here

RSPB LG Facebook - ...we had a visitor at 730 this morning - an osprey with a blue ring on its left leg.


Blue ringed osprey on the nest at 07:28 (BNN)

April 14    

16:05 - BNN’s vid - Male Crossbill LG

RSPB LG Facebook - Fab views of a male crossbill


Male Crossbill (BNN)


Male and Female Crossbill on EJ’s nest (BNN)

April 13 

09:00 - Report of male and female on the nest and attempted mating (thank you Michael S & Alison C)

          Scylla’s vid & snapshots - Osprey lands, leaves, female lands, mating attempt, both leave

RSPB LG Facebook - We had more osprey action on the LG nest this morning!


Mating attempt (Alison C)              Blue ringed female    (Sandra)          Blue ring left leg (BNN)

April 12

08:22 - Report and snapshots of osprey on the nest (Thank you, Mary)

           Mary’s vid - Osprey lands on Loch Garten nest 12 April

           Scylla’s vid - Unringed male osprey on the nest for a few seconds

           More snapshots (BNN)

RSPB LG Facebook - Happy Friday everyone! We had an osprey (male? George??) land on the nest at about 8.25am this morning.


Unringed osprey at 08:22 (MaryGK)                                  (Sandra)                                             (Scylla)

April 10

Aviemore Ospreys - Sun up and a Male osprey above me at 10am (video)

Rothiemurchus Twitter - Osprey spotted flying over the Fishery

April 09

BBC News - Osprey EJ still has to appear at Loch Garten in Cairngorms 

RSPB LG Facebook - Hey folks, as time ticks on we know you're all asking the same question, but the truth is we’ve not given up on EJ yet...

April 08

Neil McIntyre Twitter - Blue AU6 fishing at Rothiemurchus...sadly no sign of everyone’s favourite EJ

April 07  

Aviemore Ospreys - 3 ospreys high above

April 05  

10:01 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey touches down on nest for a millisecond

RSPB LG Facebook - Is it beginning?? We’ve had an osprey on the nest!

RSPB LG Facebook - We can confirm it definitely wasn't EJ. No rings were visible at all. But who was it??


Osprey touches down at 10:01 (BNN)

April 04

Aviemore Ospreys -  6:20pm, two ospreys over the pond

Rothiemurchus Instagram - Two ospreys swooping over the Fishery (video)

April 01

BLOG - Fresh faces, same places...and so it begins

March 27

Aviemore Ospreys - Fish delivered to the lochan in preparation for the early part of the season

March 26

RSPB LG Facebook - Loch Garten visitor


Lovely tawny owl visits the LG nest (BNN)

March 22

RSPB LG Facebook - The osprey Centre opens on April 1 at 10am

RSPB LG Facebook - We can spy the beginning

March 16

Loch Garten - March 16 … - Loch Garten Forum Thread

RSPB LG Facebook - And here it is! A chilly start to the weekend here at Loch Garten…

RSPB LG Twitter - The @RSPBLochGarten osprey nest this morning...waiting for who? 🤔 We're crossing everything for safe return of #EJ for her 16th breeding season here 🤞She'll be 22 this year!


Wide view and snowy nest  (BNN)

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