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05   Unringed osprey           12   Unringed male           13   Unringed male & Blue ringed female         16   Blue ringed male (???)        17   Unringed male (???)          19   Osprey  BTO ring right leg          24   Unringed osprey           25   Osprey flyover


08  Pine marten          21  Pine marten


09   Osprey (ring clip) with fish              14  Two ospreys on nest              17 Pair of ospreys visit             18  Female osprey comes to nest, male hovers by              19   Osprey on nest 1h15m, sample behaviours

                     20  Osprey brings a stick to the nest, doesn’t stay long       23  Osprey on perch and nest / Osprey on nest 13min         24 Osprey on perch then nest        28  PH2, Lowes 2017 female, on nest 25+ min        30    Osprey on nest nearly half an hour


03  Unringed osprey with trout          05  Osprey on distant branch          07   Three ospreys        11    An osprey flies from far trees to nest, doesn’t stay        12     Ringed osprey flies by with fish

15    Osprey with fish on tree perch    21   Osprey on nest     22    Osprey early morning


03     Osprey with metal clip ring     05     Five ospreys visited the nest     15    Three ospreys

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Remembering EJ

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September 03 - New thread

LOCH GARTEN - OFF-SEASON OBS - September 2019 - February 2020

BLOG by Fergus and team - The sun setting on a season

September 01

RSPB LG Facebook - Well that’s all folks. We have closed are doors and are preparing for the winter months to come. Thank you to everyone who made this season so special. We hope to see you all return next year.

August 31

Scylla’s vid - 14:23 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey lands on wet afternoon August 31, stays 2m30s

RSPB LG Facebook - A soggy day at Loch Garten, but that hasn’t deterred these two! A male visitor Osprey to our camera tree. A final goodbye before our last day of the 2019 season tomorrow?

August 30

Scylla’s vid - Gosh we had a 6am Osprey visitor for nearly 20min

BLOG by Fergus and Blair - Season review

August 19

13:34 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey on perch tree, one flies over

August 18

RSPB LG Facebook - Busy day at Loch Garten! We even had an osprey Sky Dancing over Loch Garten car park!

August 15

RSPB LG Facebook - (posted on Saturday -  August 17) Here is a wonderful photo taken on Thursday when we had three ospreys checking out the Loch Garten nest. This beautiful shot was taken by Jeremy Lay who obliged us with the photo!

August 10

RSPB LG Facebook - We had a nice start to our morning in the presence of a male sparrowhawk. Think he was getting some quality time at the centre while the ospreys are away! Hope your weekend is as good as ours.

 © RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

August 05

RSPB LG Facebook - We've had a busy day here at Loch Garten with a total of 5 ospreys visiting the nest site at the same time! One bird even brought in a stick to the nest, trying to rearrange the furniture.

Let's see what tomorrow will bring…

 © RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

August 03

RSPB LG Facebook - We have just had an male osprey that has been checking out the nest quite a bit recently who appears to sporting a European style leg ring. This metal clip-ring is trés chic and is not used in the UK!

July 28 - LIVE STREAM offline

July 20 & 21 - 60th Birthday Bash weekend

Thread by MaryGK - Loch Garten 60th Birthday Bash (photos and reports by MaryGK & BNN)

RSPB LG Facebook - (on July 26) Hard to believe it was a week ago! Our 60th Birthday Bash weekend was a big success and lots of fun was had by all, including the team! It was a great opportunity to meet up with volunteers and staff from the past 60 years and we were privileged to greet several local folk who were involved in the 1950s and 1960s. A real treat ☺️

If you came along, thank you for coming and if you didn't, what are you waiting for?

With many thanks to our volunteer, Daniel Long, for helping out and taking photos on both days 😊

July 22 

04:37 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey on perch tree 6 minutes early morning

13:00 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey flew thru just before 13:00hr

July 21   

17:20 - Osprey briefly / Shifted sticks

19:30 - Osprey on the nest

Scylla’s vid - Osprey and Wood Pigeon pair, each visit 7 minutes &  2nd Osprey spent 50 minutes on the nest

July 15   

08:10 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey with fish on the tree perch for one minute

July 12   

11:09 - Scylla’s vid - Tantalising! Ringed osprey flies by with fish?

RSPB LG Facebook - Look who has popped in to visit us at Loch Garten?

Unfortunately a lightning strike has taken out our camera, so we can only see the nest using telescopes and binoculars for now. A throw back to our 60th anniversary!


RSPB Facebook (cropped)     Possibly ringed osprey with fish (Scylla)

July 11   

18:30 - Scylla’s vid - An osprey flies from far trees to nest, doesn’t stay

Osprey at 18:30 (BNN)

July 07   

19:03 - Three osprey at LG

Scylla’s vid - Three ospreys at the nest on this sunny evening

RSPB LG Facebook - (July 08) Three ospreys on and around the nest yesterday evening. Two looking very defensive over it. Could we possibly have a new pair? Only time will tell.

Thank you to Scylla for recording the action

July 05

12:32 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey on distant branch briefly

July 03   

15:35 - Unringed osprey lands on the tree perch with a trout

Scylla’s vid - Osprey eating fish, was this this afternoon’s visitor?

Julie Q’s post - Just to let you know Peter is working on the webcam problem, he thinks it maybe the satellite link. The male osprey landed on the tree behind the nest at 15.35 with a very large brown trout. He's still here, with a full crop and still a lot of fish to eat, so hopefully he'll be around for a while and that Peter can get the webcam up and running!

RSPB LG Facebook - 🐟 This male osprey arrived with a large fish this afternoon! We think it may be a brown trout, which was alive when it arrived so likely from the river. Either way, a huge meal for our visitor. The bird isn't ringed so we can't be sure of its identity.

Osprey with trout (Scylla)

July 01  Discussion thread for July - Opening Post by Scylla

June 30   

04:31 - Osprey on the nest for 28 minutes

Scylla’s vid - Osprey on nest nearly half an hour


Osprey on the nest at 04:31 (Karen)

June 28

14:39 - Scottish Female Blue/White  PH2 lands on the nest and stays for over 25 minutes / She is a 2-year-old that fledged from Loch of the Lowes (2017)  

Scylla’s vid - PH2, Lowes 2017 female, on the nest 25+ minutes

RSPB LG Facebook - Just had a 2 year-old female that fledged from Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserveland on our nest! Lets hope she sticks around and we can make an osprey spin-off series!


Credit: RSPB Loch Garten                    Blue Darvic PH2 left leg (BNN)        PH2 at home on the LG nest (BNN)

June 24   

04:20 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey on perch then nest, flies off


Osprey lands on the perch then on the nest (04:20) (BNN)

June 23 

04:50 - Scylla’s vid -  Osprey to perch then to nest, moves stick, flies off

21:23 - Osprey on the nest (Thank you, Sandra)

Scylla’s vid - Osprey arrived on nest, stayed 13 minutes

June 20   

07:45 - Osprey brings a stick to the nest, doesn’t stay long

Blog by Blair J - Osprey Update 20/06/2019

  Osprey brings a stick to the nest (BNN)

June 19   

19:43 to 21:07 - Osprey lands on the nest / It moves sticks, preens and even does some nestcupping / It looks quite relaxed on the nest / It seems a large bird

Scylla’s vid - Osprey on nest 1h15m, sample behaviours


Osprey on the nest for 1h15m (BNN)

June 18   

14:32 - Osprey on the nest

Scylla’s vid - Female osprey comes to nest, male hovers by

June 17   

c04:54 - BNN’s vid - Slow mo, is this an osprey flying past

09:25 - Two ospreys on and around the nest

Alan’s vid - LG pair

13:00 - Osprey on nest and a flyover

Alan’s vid - LG 13:00

Scylla’s vid - Pair of ospreys visit at 09:23, don’t stay long & Second visit of an unbonded osprey couple today

June 14   

06:25 tp 07:48 - Osprey on the perch behind the nest

09:10 - Fly past and landing on the nest / On the nest mantling

09:34 - Two ospreys back again

09:41 - Both flown

11:00 - Osprey lands on nest / Another flew over

Alan’s videos - Visitor after nest clear up & two visitors second visit

Scylla’s vid - At last a courting couple on the LG nest

SheilaFE’s observations on the campost (June 16)

RSPB LG Facebook - Not a bad start to the morning, just the 2 ospreys (one potentially with a metal ring)

On facebook

June 13

Live Stream from the nest camera finished for this season

Live stream from THE CAMERA MAST on the Carnyx website here / on Youtube here (No InfraRed vision or microphone)

BLOG by Jess T - Housekeeping

View of the nest from the camera mast, tall grass trimmed (BNN) / Live stream view, no microphone

June 09   

07:39 - Scylla’s vid - Jackdaws on the nest early morning

14:37 - Scylla’s vid - Male osprey on nest with fish, then to campost

17:34 - Scylla’s vid & snapshots - Male osprey on nest again

BNN’s snapshots here

Alison’s amazing photos taken at the Visitors Centre here (Thank you Sheila and Alison)

RSPB LG Facebook - Exciting hour we've just had at Loch Garten. Firstly a Jay turns up, followed by a male Bullfinch seconds later. Minutes later a red squirrel turns up, and then out of the blue a Osprey lands on the nest.


Osprey with fish at 14:37 and again at 17:34 (BNN)

June 01  Discussion thread for June - Opening Post by Scylla

May 30

BLOG by Blair J - You’re pollen my leg

May 29

RSPB LG Facebook - Lights! Camera! Action! Iolo broadcasting live from Abernethy (Springwatch)

May 28

BBC News - Famous Cairngorms osprey may have died of old age

May 26

BLOG by Fergus, Alison and Valerie - Ode to EJ. WE will miss you.

May 22

RSPB LG Facebook - Sixty years and Celebrating the Original and Best! Step back in time with our 60th Birthday exhibition

May 21 

01:49 - Scylla’s vid - Pine Marten makes an appearance despite rain

RSPB LG Facebook - (May 19) We finally managed to get the whole herd together for a photo. Welcome to the new Osprey Centre team! Oh deer...oh very deer.


Pine marten at 01:49 (Scylla)

May 17 - Update from Fergus

Hey guys, just a little update from LG team.

We have had an osprey fly over early mornings but it has not been landing on the nest. There was one that perched in the camera tree yesterday but again, did not look like it was staying around. As most ospreys should be nesting right now it should be expected that we would be quiet on the osprey front. Maybe this good weather will push more ospreys into Scotland and maybe some ospreys that have not successfully disrupted other nests will come and settle at Garten. I'm sorry your dedication to our nest has not been rewarded this year but we are all very glad that you are keeping your eyes peeled for us when we are not here. Will let you know if there are any more osprey sightings in the next coming days!  Fergus

BLOG by Liz - Volunteer’s View - Liz tells us her story of the Highlands

RSPB LG Facebook - An osprey has been seen this lunchtime over the car park! (Video)

May 08   

02:36 - Scylla’s vid & snapshots - The first time we’ve seen the Pine Marten this season


Pine Marten at 02:36 (Scylla)

May 02 to 07 - No ospreys

Carnyx Wild facebook on May 03

Snow in May in Loch Garten 

Loch Garten particularly cold

At the Osprey Centre, the new StumpCam is attracting visitors already

May 01 - Discussion thread for May - OP (Opening Post)  by Scylla

April 29 & 30 - No osprey on nest

April 28 -  No osprey on nest

BLOG by Blair J - My recent wildlife experience

April 26 & 27 - No osprey on nest

April 25   

19:35 - Scylla’s vid & snapshots - Osprey flyover (no sound on cam)



April 24 

09:01 - Scylla’s vid & snapshots - Osprey on the nest

RSPB LG Facebook - We had this visit at around 9am this morning


Unringed osprey at 09:01 (Scylla)                                                                                                          (JaneV)

April 22 & 23

No osprey on the nest

April 21 - OP (Opening Post) by Korky (Discussion thread from April 21 to 30)

05:39 - Day cam

Great storytelling - Henry’s return to LG in 2005  by Henry / Great photos here

More great storytelling here by CRinger

No osprey on the nest today - last updated 20:50

BLOG by Chris - It’s a grand thing, to get leave to live

April 20 - First 2019 Daily Update thread - Opening Post by CRinger

No osprey on the nest today. Sound of wingbeats on the campost at 05:58 and osprey calls at 12:50

Scylla’s vid - Little bird, then sound of larger bird on campost heard by CRinger

Update from the centre today by Fergus C (Thank you, Fergus)

April 19   

05:51 - Day cam

06:33 - Report of an osprey on the nest. (Thank you, JaneV)

           It has a BTO ring on its right leg.

06:58 - Report a visitor off cam

MaryGK’s vid - Metal ring lands on LG nest

09:53 - Osprey in the camera tree

10:39 - Osprey on the nest with a fish & Flying off with the fish

BNN’s vid - BTO ringed female lands on the nest with fish

11:53 - Osprey flypast and then in the camera tree with a fish in talon

Scylla’s catch-up and vid - 06:30 Osprey lands, no Darvic ring, defends, stays 10 minutes

14:25 - Osprey flies to the nest, it has a BTO ring on its right leg. Flies back to the camera tree

16:01 - Osprey flies to the nest and stays there briefly. It flies back to the tree.

17:14 - Osprey flies off taking fish tail with her

Discussion in the forum suggests the bird in the tree  is the same bird that landed at 06:30

Suggestion that Daily Update (DU) threads would be better from now on

21:02 - Night cam

Scylla’s wonderful video - BTO ringed female osprey spent hours with us today


RSPB LG Facebook - .. a female osprey (not EJ) is eating a fish on our camera tree!

A9 Birds FB - Changing of the Guard - again (a tribute to EJ)


Osprey at 06:30  (Scylla)                     Osprey with a fish at 10:39 (Moffer)    In the camera tree (BNN)


Gorgeous (Limpy)                  Closeup (BNN)                             Tucking into the fish just before leaving (Moffer)

April 18   

07:01 - Scylla’s vid - Unseen osprey visited campost for under 2 minutes

BLOG by Fergus C - First impressions are important ...if you can find them. / ...A small update on the osprey front.

April 17   

13:57 - Scylla’s snapshots & vid -  Unringed male lands on the nest 

BNN’s vid - Unringed male osprey on the nest


Unringed male at 13:57 (BNN)

April 16   

07:28 - Scylla’s vid - Male osprey lands on nest

More snapshots here

RSPB LG Facebook - ...we had a visitor at 730 this morning - an osprey with a blue ring on its left leg.


Blue ringed osprey on the nest at 07:28 (BNN)

April 14    

16:05 - BNN’s vid - Male Crossbill LG

RSPB LG Facebook - Fab views of a male crossbill


Male Crossbill (BNN)


Male and Female Crossbill on EJ’s nest (BNN)

April 13 

09:00 - Report of male and female on the nest and attempted mating (thank you Michael S & Alison C)

          Scylla’s vid & snapshots - Osprey lands, leaves, female lands, mating attempt, both leave

RSPB LG Facebook - We had more osprey action on the LG nest this morning!


Mating attempt (Alison C)              Blue ringed female    (Sandra)          Blue ring left leg (BNN)

April 12

08:22 - Report and snapshots of osprey on the nest (Thank you, Mary)

           Mary’s vid - Osprey lands on Loch Garten nest 12 April

           Scylla’s vid - Unringed male osprey on the nest for a few seconds

           More snapshots (BNN)

RSPB LG Facebook - Happy Friday everyone! We had an osprey (male? George??) land on the nest at about 8.25am this morning.


Unringed osprey at 08:22 (MaryGK)                                  (Sandra)                                             (Scylla)

April 10

Aviemore Ospreys - Sun up and a Male osprey above me at 10am (video)

Rothiemurchus Twitter - Osprey spotted flying over the Fishery

April 09

BBC News - Osprey EJ still has to appear at Loch Garten in Cairngorms 

RSPB LG Facebook - Hey folks, as time ticks on we know you're all asking the same question, but the truth is we’ve not given up on EJ yet...

April 08

Neil McIntyre Twitter - Blue AU6 fishing at Rothiemurchus...sadly no sign of everyone’s favourite EJ

April 07  

Aviemore Ospreys - 3 ospreys high above

April 05  

10:01 - Scylla’s vid - Osprey touches down on nest for a millisecond

RSPB LG Facebook - Is it beginning?? We’ve had an osprey on the nest!

RSPB LG Facebook - We can confirm it definitely wasn't EJ. No rings were visible at all. But who was it??


Osprey touches down at 10:01 (BNN)

April 04

Aviemore Ospreys -  6:20pm, two ospreys over the pond

Rothiemurchus Instagram - Two ospreys swooping over the Fishery (video)

April 01

BLOG - Fresh faces, same places...and so it begins

March 27

Aviemore Ospreys - Fish delivered to the lochan in preparation for the early part of the season

March 26

RSPB LG Facebook - Loch Garten visitor


Lovely tawny owl visits the LG nest (BNN)

March 22

RSPB LG Facebook - The osprey Centre opens on April 1 at 10am

RSPB LG Facebook - We can spy the beginning

March 16

Loch Garten - March 16 … - Loch Garten Forum Thread - Opening Post by Scylla

RSPB LG Facebook - And here it is! A chilly start to the weekend here at Loch Garten…

RSPB LG Twitter - The @RSPBLochGarten osprey nest this morning...waiting for who? 🤔 We're crossing everything for safe return of #EJ for her 16th breeding season here 🤞She'll be 22 this year!


Wide view and snowy nest  (BNN)

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