1. Meeting Minimum Team Requirements: “2-Point Special Request”
  2. New Season Preparation and Current Season Roster

I. Meeting Minimum Team Requirements: “2-Point Special Request”

Some clubs are having significant problems meeting minimum team requirements.  Traditional team size waivers may not always solve the problem, especially when there is a significant gender imbalance at a level in a club.  EVSTL feels it necessary to develop some flexibility in assisting clubs that are having difficulty establishing minimum team size requirements.  

The purpose of the following option is to establish or maintain the only team at a level (7 men and 5 ladies), or to meet the minimum number of players for additional teams, if there is a significant gender imbalance.  It is not intended to add players to a team already meeting minimum numbers.

When a club cannot meet the minimum requirements to establish at least one team at a level, as set out in the bylaws, consideration will be given to allow a player who is within 2 points of the level, which is having the problem meeting minimum team numbers, to move to that level to satisfy team minimum requirements.

A club may request EVSTL board approval to move a player up or down under the following conditions:

  1. First, the team meets the requirement for the minimum number of players of one gender at the level but not for the other gender;
  2. Second, the requesting club has given consideration to making a borrowing agreement with another club (Sec. VIII.J.3.b.);
  3. Third, the club has requested and been denied an exception to minimum team numbers (Section VII. I), or the request for a team size waiver does not solve the problem;
  4. Fourth, with the agreement of the players recommended to move, the club may submit a written “2-Point Special Request” to move a player to meet minimum team requirements.  This request should be sent to the president, EVSTL board (email to:  tomarn49@yahoo.com); and
  5. Lastly, any approval associated with moving a player using this 2-Point Special Request expires at season-end and the player will be designated to the level associated with his/her tencap at season-end.

Example 1:

Club X has 3 women players available in November to play 2.5.  The 2.5 men have 9.   A total of 5 players are required for women’s team.  There are 2 - 63 tencap player available on the 2.0 women’s team and are willing to play at the 2.5 level for the season.  OR there are 2 – 53 tencap players available on the 3.0 women’s team willing to play down at the 2.5 level for the season.  Using either players from above or below the 2.5 level, a minimum team may be established. In this example only 2 players could move.

Example 2:

Club Y has 10 women players available in November to play 2.5.  The men have 20 players available to play.  The men would like to form 2 teams.  There are 2 – 63 tencap players available on the 2.0 women’s team and willing to play at the 2.5 level for the season.  This would bring Club Y’s 2.5 women’s numbers within the minimum of 12 players, to form 2 teams, thereby enabling the men to form 2 teams.  The same principle applies to players, playing down, within 2 points of a range, in order to meet minimum team requirements. In this example only 2 players could move.

TA 03/22/17

II. New Season Preparation & Current Season Roster

Preparations for the next season will begin soon after the end of a season.  This includes the MCI information for Club Leadership, and TenCap Rosters.

All information should be completed by April 1st and updated during the summer if any changes are necessary.

  1. Club MCI information on evstl.net website.  All the information will be used by the EVSTL Scheduler on August 1st to prepare the League Play Schedule and create the matches in TenCap.
  1. Club information that needs to be updated as soon as possible at the end of the season:
  1. President, Vice-President, EVSTL Rep, and TenCap Coordinators.
  2.  Include summer phone# and email address.
  1. This includes number of teams at each level for Fall and Winter seasons.
  2. The TenCap administrator grants access to persons at each club to allow them to update their clubs information on the MCI
  1. TenCap Roster
  1. End of Season prior to April 1st:
  1. The TenCap administrator will build the new season and make it available to TenCap Coordinators.  TenCap Coordinators will add the Captains for each team for their club.
  2. Team Captains will update their rosters with all the players on their teams.  There are 2 rosters at each level that a player can be added to.
  1. Active Roster - Like VP1, MR2, VDO1, etc.  Players on this roster are ones who will arrive at your club prior to Dec 1st and be ready for league play.
  2. Inactive Roster - Each club/level will have one inactive roster name like ‘z XX 3.0 inactive’.  XX being the clubs abbreviation like VP, MR, VDO, etc.  Players will be added to this roster if they will be arriving at their club on or after Dec 1st or players who will arrive prior to Dec 1st but will not be playing for whatever reason.
  3. No player should be on both an Active and Inactive roster at any time.
  4. All EVSTL players at a club will be on either an Active or Inactive roster.  Never exclude them from both.
  1. The EVSTL Scheduler will generate reports that use the number of teams on the MCI and compare it with the number of Male and Female players on the Active and Inactive rosters, to determine if there are enough players available to form the requested number of teams.
  2. If not enough players are available, then clubs may use borrowing agreements or combine with other clubs at level.  If this cannot be accomplished, then an exemption for the club/level can be applied for via the EVSTL President, if the team minimum is met for 1 gender and a deficit of 1.5 players/requested team for the other gender.
  1. August 1st, the EVSTL Scheduler will use the number of teams on the MCI for each level and generate the League play schedule.
  2. During the new season:
  1. Once the new season starts, the 2 types of rosters will be used in the following manner.
  1. Active Roster: All people on the Active roster should be at your club and ready to play a league match.  
  2. Inactive Roster: Any people who are not at the club or are not ready to play due to medical reasons, will be added to the Inactive roster.
  1. Active Roster player Roles. All players should be assigned one of the following Roles:
  1. Player: A person may only be designated as a “Player” on only 1(one) roster.
  2. Substitute: Is A player from a sister team, a call up or call down, or a team assigned from OM. These players should have a role of “Substitute”.  Once the match has been verified, then the substitute should be removed from the roster unless they will be used the following week.  Keep the Active roster as clean as possible.
  3. NO person should ever have the combined roles of “Player” & “Substitute”
  4. Captain:  This is usually either a TenCap coordinator or a Captain from another level who is not a player for that team.
  5. Captain & Player: This is a person who is both the Captain of the team and a player on the team.