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Several universities may be unable to serve as host sites for NACLO 2021 if COVID-19 restrictions permitting visitors onto their campuses are in effect in January 2021.  Alternatively, some university sites may be able to host NACLO 2021 but may have to limit participation numbers to ensure social distancing requirements. Participants who register to participate in NACLO 2021 at a university site must, therefore, have one of the following alternative arrangements in place as a back-up plan.

Option 1: NACLO at your school

If a student attends a school that is open in January/March 2021, a student may participate in NACLO at their school. If their school is already a confirmed NACLO site, students must confirm with their teacher or school administrators that NACLO will indeed proceed in person. If the school is not yet a registered NACLO site, the school must become a site. The process for becoming a NACLO site is detailed in the NACLO 2021 Coordinator Handbook (section entitled “High School Sites”).

Option 2: NACLO at home

Students will have the option to participate in the open round of NACLO 2021 from home by registering for the AT-HOME site, one of the options available in the University Sites category. Participants registering for this site must have internet access for the duration of the competition in order to receive the puzzles directly from the NACLO organizing committee and print them at home,  communicate with the jury if needed, and enter their puzzle answers online using Google Forms.

University Sites

As NACLO receives information about the likelihood that a university site will be able to host NACLO 2021, we will update this page.  The information below is current as of January 20, 2021.

Brandeis University - Not open

Brigham Young University - Not open

Cal State University, Long Beach - Not open

Carnegie Mellon University - Not open

Columbia University - Not open

Cornell University - Not open

Emory University - Not open

Fort Hays State University - Open

Georgetown University - Not open

Indiana University - Not open

Johns Hopkins University - Not open

Long Island University Post - Not open

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Not open

Middle Tennessee State University - Not open

Montclair State University - Not open

Northeastern Illinois University - Not open

Northwestern University - Not open

Ohio State University - Not open

Princeton University - Not open

San Diego State University - Not open

Simon Fraser University - Not open

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale - Not open

Stanford University - Not open

Stony Brook University - Not open

Union College - Not open

University of British Columbia - Not open

University of California, Irvine - Not open

University of California, Los Angeles - Not open

University of California, San Diego - Not open

University of Colorado Boulder - Not open

University of Delaware - Not open

University of Florida - Not open

University of Houston - Not open

University of Illinois - Not open

University of Maryland, College Park - Not open

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Not open

University of Memphis - Open

University of Michigan - Not open

University of Notre Dame - Not open

University of Ottawa - Not open

University of Pennsylvania - Not open

University of South Carolina - Not open

University of Southern California - Not open

University of Texas at Dallas - Not open

University of Texas at San Antonio - Not open

University of Toronto - Not open

University of Utah - Not open

University of Washington - Not open

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Not open

William & Mary - Not open

Yale - Not open