Registration and Payment Policy:

Illness Protocols:

Staff/Student General Illness Protocols:

Staff/Student Positive COVID-19 Test Protocol:

Staff/Student Exposure to COVID-19 Protocol:

COVID-19 Exposure Definition: An individual is considered a close contact when they have been within six feet of the COVID-19 positive individual for 15 minutes. If both the infectious individual and the close contact(s) are wearing face coverings consistently and correctly, it is NOT considered an exposure.

Instructor Illness Protocol:

Staff/Student Expectations:


Beginning July 5, 2022, all  individuals may choose to wear or not wear a mask while inside Nolte Academy.

We encourage anyone who is experiencing mild symptoms of illness (regardless of negative COVID test) to opt to mask, as this cuts down on the passing of influenza, strep, or other cold viruses and stomach bugs.  

Each person's choice is their own and will be respected by all members of the Nolte community. In other words, people will not be questioned, teased, micro-aggressed or otherwise harassed for their masking choices.



Cleaning Protocols:

Attire Considerations:

Please change into attire before entering the building, as dressing rooms will not be open. (If a student is in multiple classes, please dress for the most conservative class -- i.e. ballet -- and wear that attire to other classes). Students may layer their clothing for other classes. Students may keep a bag or backpack in the lobby. Attire may be purchased online at Discount Dance.

Creative Movement:

Children's Dance 1 and 2:

Kinder Combo:

1st Grade Combo:



Leotards, tights & shoes





White/ “Faustine”

Pink or skin-tone

 tights & shoes


Pink/ “Faustine”


Lilac/ “Faustine”


Purple/ “Faustine”


French Blue/ “Faustine


Burgundy/ “Faustine”


Navy Blue/any style


Black/any style

“Faustine” by Wear Moi (Ballet 1- Ballet 6)

youth sizes

adult sizes

Male dancers:

Fitted white t-shirt, black tights, white socks & shoes


        Neatly pulled back out of dancer’s face in a:



Theatre Arts:

Visual Arts:

Family Communication Policies

Parent communication within Nolte Companies programs

If you have questions or concerns about:

Professional Etiquette and Program Feedback:

We ask that all families communicate professionally with Nolte artist-teachers by sending them an email at their work address rather than texting or calling them personally.  They will then be able to address your needs, via email or, if your preference is to speak to them, they can set up a time to do a zoom or phone call.  The company manager may also be invited to attend if there is a meeting planned.

Misconduct Policy

Bullying Policy

Nolte Companies takes bullying very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy regarding a founded bullying incident.  

Bullying Definition

The definition of bullying, taken directly from is unwanted, aggressive behavior...that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

In order to be considered bullying, behavior must be aggressive and include:

Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Types of Bullying

There are three types of bullying:

Positive Practice

Nolte Companies believes that, in most cases, students who are engaged and active participants in their learning have very few discipline problems. When needed, we carry out discipline focusing on positive practice.  The staff is trained to give a verbal re-direct that contains positive guidance and an opportunity for the appropriate behavior to take place.  There are clear-cut limits set that assist the student in developing socially acceptable behavioral and emotional controls.  The goal of disciplining students is to help them develop self-discipline and skills for success, not to adhere to a rigid set of rules.  

Safety, Inclement Weather, and Emergency Protocols:


Injury or Incident

First Aid Kit

Nolte Academy has a clearly labeled first-aid kit available and easily accessible to staff at all times.  The kit contains sufficient supplies to address first aid related to minor injury or trauma.  


Emergency Plan for Fire

DESIGNATED MEETING AREA: The parking lot of the church just west of the Nolte Academy building.

SAFE PLACE OFF-SITE: The New Life Church

Emergency Plan for Tornado/Derecho

Emergency Plan for Severe Weather/Blizzard

Emergency Plan for Power Outage

Emergency Plan for Bomb Threat

Emergency Plan for Lost or Abducted Student

Emergency Plan for Intoxicated or Substance-impaired Caretakers

Emergency Plan for Intruder

An intruder or dangerous adult would include an adult exhibiting inappropriate behavior, bearing arms, and or showing signs of intoxication by either drugs or alcohol.  This also includes any person who is prohibited by court order to see or transport a student (this must be on file with Nolte Companies).  

If, at any time, there is a concern about a possible intruder or the safety of the children, the building will lock the doors (locked from the outside, not the inside) and anyone who wishes to enter will have to ring the doorbell.  In addition, in case of a life-threatening intruder, all staff will follow the ALICE procedure.  This procedure calls for immediate evacuation from the building.  The building will also begin a lock-down and follow the procedures as described above.