Each cadet will receive a United States Air Force JROTC uniform. The AFJROTC instructors and Logistic Staff will ensure the uniform fits according to Air Force standards.

 As we get our cadets ready to wear the Air Force uniform we want to pass on a few key suggestions in order to avoid damaging the new uniforms and to ensure it is respected.

The uniforms issued to the Cadets are property of the United States Air Force and must be accounted for. All cadets will be required to sign a receipt accepting responsibility for the uniform.


 • DO NOT’s: The uniform pants, jackets and hats CAN NOT be washed at home. They must be professionally dry-cleaned. Washing the items will damage the material, shrink the uniform and cause the uniform to be unserviceable. If a uniform become unserviceable the cadet/parent will be responsible for its replacement. The approximate replacement cost for the uniform is $270.00.

• Cadets are advised not to horseplay or do anything which could result in the uniform becoming damaged or otherwise unserviceable.

 • Tobacco smoke can damage the uniform. Keep the uniform away from smoke filled rooms.

 • Be careful with markers, pens and pencils to avoid marks on the uniform.

 • Minor uniform repairs are the responsibility of the Cadet.

 • The short sleeve blue shirt CAN be washed at home. However, it must be pressed and wrinkle free when the cadets wear it.

DIRTY NECKS: “Ring around the collar” is a result of dirty skin which transfers to the uniform shirt. Cadets should wash the uniform shirt regularly to avoid the shirt collar becoming stained. Although the dry cleaners have powerful chemicals used to take out stains; they usually will result in the shirt becoming faded, thus making the uniform unserviceable.

DRY CLEANING: Uniforms should be dry cleaned regularly. Regularly is defined as every other week. If the uniform is dirty it should be cleaned immediately.

Dry cleaning cost can vary depending on the cleaning company you choose. Some cleaners offers the AFJROTC a discount, however, you can use a professional cleaner of your choice. Note that any damage resulting from improper cleaning or damage caused by the cleaners is the responsibility of the parents/guardian. Always inspect the uniform prior to accepting it from the cleaners. Parents/Guardians are advised to address issues concerning suspected damages caused by the cleaners with them directly.