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ICHS Clubs / Activities List
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Anime Club

Advisor:  Mr. Farley

  • We watch anime, animated movies, action movies, basically fun movies that we enjoy.  We talk, we eat popcorn, we have fun.  Join us in room 302 after school.

Art ClubAdvisor:   Ms. Dwileski

  • If you want to try fun, creative activities, Art Club is the place for you.  Anyone can join!  We are going to do a variety of things such as bookmaking, ceramics, printmaking, etc.  Meet new people, learn new skills and release some stress!

Blue Spool Sewing Club

Advisor: Ms. Dobkins

  • This is a sewing club for all levels.  
  • You will learn to work a sewing machine, hand sew, use a pattern and choose the best fabric for your project. If you already know how to do these things, join us anyway and polish your skills. We will sew a project from a pattern to the finishing touches. Bring your creativity and we will provide the materials and the social, fun environment.

Color Guard

Advisor: Alicia Cowan

  • We create and perform flag routines that synchronize with the music played by the band. Each year Mrs. Edwards chooses music that we perform to. This year we are doing “Ghostbusters”, “Thriller”, and “Hey Baby”. We perform at home football games, travel to different states to perform in parades, and attend UMass Band Day which allows us to perform with bands across the Northeast.
  • Color Guard is open to any student in grades 7-12.  We meet Wednesday nights 6-8pm through October 12 and then again in the Spring.  Join us tomorrow night at 6pm to try it out. 

Crane Acting Troupe

Advisor: Mrs. Helfer

  • Onstage or backstage The Crane Acting Troupe will immerse you in the magic of Theatre!
  • HS students can find out on 9/12/2023 , the opportunities available to students who join The Crane Acting Troupe. Workshops in Dance and Auditioning are available to all members. See you on 9/13 for sign ups in the HS auditorium immediately following dismissal. Or drop by any time between 6:30-8:30 that evening .  Auditions are only open to CAT members.
  • Advisor : Mrs. Helfer: See our flyer on Ichabod Crane TEMPO Facebook page.


Advisor: Mr.Megan & Mr.Miller

  • Envirothon is a club which stimulates students’ interests in environmental concerns and motivates them to further develop their skills and grow into environmentally-aware, action-oriented adults. Envirothon culminates in an annual competition in which students get to demonstrate their knowledge and creative problem solving skills at the regional, state, and national levels.
  • Check out this video to learn more


Advisor: Mr. Allard and Mr.  Megan

French Club

Advisor: No Advisor

  • French club provides opportunities to any student who has taken French in High School to practice French conversation, explore francophone related themes in culture, and play games to build their language skills. We also organize fundraising for trips to locations where french culture or history is represented (Montreal, New York city, Montpelier, etc.).  Meetings occur roughly monthly.

Freshman Class

Advisors: Mrs. VanTassel, Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Konkle

Friends of Rachel

Advisor: Ms. Hebert

  • Do you want to feel empowered and foster a welcoming school environment? Join the Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club! Our mission is to use kindness and compassion to transform our school culture into one of acceptance for all! We spread awareness through posters, painted Kindness Rocks, and group camaraderie. Bring your ideas, let's get started!

Garden Club

Advisor:  Mr. Farley

  • We grow plants!  We set up aquariums.  We make the school gardens beautiful.  We give away seedlings.  We make maple syrup.  We get dirty and nobody yells at us for it.  Stop in and see Mr. Farley in room 302 to find out when our next activity will be.

Girls' Athletic Council

Advisor: Ms. Nytransky McComb

  • The girls’ athletic council is a club for female athletes to come together to do fundraisers, help the community, support each other and form a bond with other female athletes.  Athletes have to apply for admission into the club close to the end of their freshmen year.  

Habitat for Humanity

Advisor: Mr. Goold and Ms. Bury

  • Habitat for Humanity at ICC works hand in hand with the Columbia County Habitat for Humanity chapter to help build and refurbish houses for people in our community. We also volunteer at the Restore in West Ghent next to Village Dodge. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month after school in room 221. Please see Mr. Goold if you are interested in joining.

Headless Horseman Cinema

Advisor: Ms. Israel and Mrs. Hebert

IC Sports Network

Advisor: Mr. Bates

  • The Ichabod Crane Sports Network (ICSN) reports on JV and Varsity sporting events and broadcast them on our YouTube channel. We also started live streaming games last year. Come see Mr. Ames to discuss joining the club. We are looking for reporters, videographers, writers, and photographers. Check out our channel

Interact Club

Advisor: Mrs.Gonyea & Mr.Miller

  • The ICHS Interact Club, sponsored by the Tri-Village Rotary, is a student-run community service based organization that strives to do good things for people in our local community and around the world. Come join our community. Positive change starts with you.

Junior Class

Advisors:  Mr. Farley and Mrs. Konkle


Literary Magazine

Advisor:  Mr. Farley

  • If you like to write or like to draw and want to see your work, and that of your friends and fellow students published.  We also do a lot of snacking and have a lot of fun as we put together each issue.  Check in with Mr. Farley in room 302 to find out when we will be working on our next issue.

Marching Band

Advisor: Mrs. Edwards

  • The Ichabod Crane Riders Marching Band is open to students in grades 7-12 who play an instrument.  If you weren’t able to fit band in your schedule this year you are still able to participate in marching band.  We perform at local parades, community events and football games.   We meet Wednesday nights 6-8pm through October and then again in the Spring.  Join us tomorrow night at 6pm to try it out.

Military Modeling Club

Advisor:  Mr. Farley

  • We play Dungeons and Dragons.  We paint miniatures.  We do a lot of talking while we figure out the best way to keep other party members from doing things that will get their character eliminated from competition. 

Model Railroad Club

Advisor: Mr. Goold

Model UN Club

Advisor: Mr. Sanger, Mr. Wolfe & Mr. Allard

  • In Model UN, we engage in conferences that focus on worldwide issues and the collaborative approach of the UN to fix those issues.  We learn about international relations, public speaking, and public issues that face the world today.  Ultimately, we engage in conferences with students from around the country and the world to collaborate on ideas to tackle these issues.

National Honor Society

Advisor: Mr.Barford & Mr.Miller

  • The National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. Students with the required cumulative GPA are first eligible for NHS selection after the first quarter of their Sophomore year. Well-rounded candidates are active in their school and local communities.
  • For more information, please see the NHS Selection Criteria Handout.
  • Current Members - Our first meeting will be Monday, September 13th at 2:15pm (location to be confirmed). 

Newspaper Club- "The Blue & White"

Advisor: Mrs. Goold

  • The ICC Newspaper club gives students the opportunity to write, edit, and publish work that delineates news events, reviews events and materials, shares opinions, and overall allows students to write what they choose to share with the school community. We meet as needed, so please reach out to me via email if you are interested in writing --
  • Here is a link to our last issue:

No Place For Hate

Advisor: Mrs. Hebert & Mrs. Urbanski

  • The goal of No Place For Hate is to build a school environment that is safe and inclusive for all students. Come join us to discuss how to ensure that students from all backgrounds and diverse experiences are included and welcome in our school!

Peer Mediation

Advisor: Mrs. Hebert

  • Peer Mediation is a confidential process for resolving conflicts. Participants have the opportunity to talk through their disputes with the help of trained student mediators. Peer mediators do not take sides or place blame on anyone.

Photoshop Club

Advisor:  No Advisor

Pride Club

Advisor: Mr. Wolfe

  • Pride Club promotes tolerance and acceptance of all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or gender expression through acceptance, support, education and community events
  • Pride Club encourages all students to become active allies within the school community
  • Pride provides a safe and accepting space for students to interact and socialize
  • Pride Club creates a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to share what's on their mind, especially in regards to LGBTQ+ issues

Sala Latina/ISO

Advisor: Mrs. Dolan and Ms. Longhi

  • Sala Latina/International Student Organization welcomes all students who wish to celebrate and learn more about Latino and international cultures. We have bi-monthly meetings and our activities in the past have included guest speakers, field trips to New York City and Lake George, Huerta/Chavez/Itliong Day,  Alumni Panel and Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day.  Sala also awards scholarships to senior members in good standing.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  Bienvenido, Bienvenida and please contact Mrs. Dolan or Ms. Longhi for  more information! or 

School of Rock

Advisor: Mr. Werthner

  • Our club is open to all students who are interested in making music: songwriters, beat makers, guitar/bass/drums:keyboard players—or students who aspire to learn those instruments. 

Science Club

Advisor: Ms. Porter and Mr. McErlean

Senior Class

Advisors:  Mr. Miller and Ms. Porter

Ski Club

Advisor: Mr. DiGrigoli

  • The Ski & Snowboard Club is a terrific winter time activity. All levels are welcome, from never having been to expert !!
  • 1 hour lessons are available for a small fee for every level.
  •  The club  takes 6 night skiing trips to Jiminy Peak starting the second week in January with transportation via coach buses.
  •  We also plan a bonus day trip to Mount Snow. Information on how to sign up will be coming out in mid to late October.

Socrates Cafe

Advisor: Mr. Stafiej

  • In Socrates cafe, students practice civil conversation skills by exploring philosophical, social, and moral prompts. The conversation training is mindfulness-based. One should attend with the goal of understanding others’ perspectives rather than the goal of debating (though debate does sometimes occur).  Meetings occur roughly monthly.

Sophomore Class

Advisors:  Mrs. Warner and Mr. Megan


Spanish Club

Advisor: Ms. Johnson

  • Spanish Club is  a group comprised of students who are currently enrolled in a  Spanish class or who have taken Spanish in High School.  The club holds a series of cultural fundraisers with the goal of taking a trip to NYC each year to participate in activities related to the latin and spanish cultures.


Advisor: Ms. Eberhardt

  • Spectrum is the select vocal jazz ensemble in the high school, and is open to students in grades 9-12. An audition is required. Auditions will be held at the beginning of the school year. Feel free to reach out to Ms. Eberhardt in the music suite or by email with any questions! 

Stage Crew

Advisor: Mrs. Edwards

  • Stage Crew is responsible for setting up the stage and sound equipment for events in the auditorium throughout the school year.  Stage Crew members will also be given an opportunity to work behind the scenes with Crane Acting Troupe. Please email if you are interested.  Only a few spots are available.

Student Council

Advisors: Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Grizzaffi

  • Are you interested in participating in fun class and school activities? Do you want to help plan school wide Pep-rallies, Dances and Spirit Weeks??  If so, then become a part of STUDENT COUNCIL. In addition to class reps, the student council is made up of students who want to plan events and activities that promote school

Spirit. It is important for every class to have representation so that your opinions can be heard!

Our first meeting will be:

  • Monday 9/11: 2:15-3:00
  • Room 213
  • All are welcome!!

Student School Store

Advisor: No Advisor

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Advisor: Ms. Hebert

  • Come join us to plan fun school and community activities! Students Against Destructive Decisions hopes to empower all students to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives.  We are all about kindness, compassion, positivity and FUN! Our first activities will be centered around suicide awareness and prevention. Listen to the announcements and join us for our first meeting next week!

Students Against Violating the Earth (SAVE)

Advisor: Mrs. Drummond and Mrs. Holmes

  • The SAVE club is a club focused on protecting the environment.  Our primary task is to maintain a recycling program for paper and plastic/tin cans at the school.  However, we are always open to new ideas about what can be done to help our school become more environmentally friendly.  

Summer Band Camp

Advisor: Mrs. Edwards

Technology Club

Advisor: Mr. Moon and Mr. Coffey

Varsity Club

Advisor: Mr. Ames

  • The Varsity Club is open to male Junior and Senior athletes. Make sure you come back Junior year to join us!

Video Game Design Club

Advisor:  No Advisor


  • Please consider joining  the yearbook if you enjoy taking pictures, enjoy being creative or just love the idea of capturing memories of our school year!  Please see Mrs. Kilcer  for more information.  Please feel free to forward any pictures you take throughout the year.