Chapter Building Guide

Where to start

  1. Set meeting schedule (Goal: once a month Chapter meetings)
  2. Pick time and location (ex. Volunteer’s home, coffee shop, library, etc.)
  3. Contact MPP Leadership by phone or on Slack for assistance or questions

How to promote

  1. Call your volunteers in the RD database
  2. Post to our Events Map
  3. Post on Facebook
  4. Post on Twitter
  5. Send emails
  6. Word of mouth
  7. Put up flyers around town or campus
  8. Have Ambassadors invite progressive groups they are working with. (ex. Green Party, DSA, etc.)
  9. Ask your National Field Leader to send a radius email to all of our supporters in the area

How to prepare

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Coalition Building Guide and Our Platform
  2. Get acquainted with our sign up forms
  1. Sign up form
  2. Volunteer form (Please indicate if anyone is interested in a campus leadership role in the designated area of the form)
  3. Academic supporters form
  4. Nominate organizations for the coalition form
  1. Organizing materials available on our webstore 
  2. Make sure people have signed up on our website
  3. Sign-in sheet and name tags are a must for every meeting

Host your event

  1. Prepare to have an enlightening conversation and a good time with great company! Lighthearted, fun, food, brainstorming,  guided discussion. The key is to meet regularly no matter how large or small the group. Pick a focus for your group based on our mission statement along with local issues such as climate change, social justice, voters rights, etc. You will find it easy to engage with other progressives when you share a common goal.
  2. Refer to the outline below for a chapter meeting.

Outline for a Chapter Meeting

  1. Take one good group photo at the beginning of event before people have had a chance to leave. Take photos throughout the gathering, especially a few group photos.

  1. Introductions - Introduce yourself and tell how you are currently involved in the progressive movement or why you are passionate about building a people’s party. If there are too many people to introduce (congratulations!) ask 3-5 volunteers to introduce themselves.


An alternate way to do introductions is to  “Interview” one person you don’t know for 5 minutes and vice versa. Ask why they think a people’s party is necessary. Moderator chooses 3 people who are willing to talk for 3 minutes each about the responses from the person they interviewed. This is a great icebreaker and fosters camaraderie.

  1. Presentation - Our mission, current events and recent developments for MPP. Mission Statement: Wealthy donors and big corporations have two major parties and the people have none. That’s why we’re building a coalition of working people, unions, social movements, community groups, students, academics, parties and progressive organizations for a nationally viable people’s party. Together, we can change everything!

  1. Goals for your chapter

  1. Team brainstorm on how you can build the movement and gain coalition partners in your area. A guided discussion

  1. Action Items - Assign tasks, for further details go to Organizing Action Items
  1. Ex. tasks:  facilitators, leaders, notetakers, photographer, assign Facebook lead, Twitter lead, Ambassador lead, etc.

  1. Plan and prepare for future events or action items

  1. Set next meeting date and place (Once a month)

  1. Reminder to join the Thursday night national calls

  1. Adjourn

  1. Post pictures in Slack #Graphics Channel or send them to us at

Sample Chapter Meeting Invitation

San Francisco Bay Area Potluck Barnstorm email invitation.