Endangered Whales

                                    By Mollie Berk


I have a dream that one day people wouldn’t kill animals just because people want to do it for sport, that we can think about how we are pollution, that the harmless little creatures wouldn’t be killed just because people want to do it for fun or because we are polluting. One reason, animals are dying is because of  our pollution, when we throw thing on the ground it carries to oceans, trees, anywhere. Another reason is, people killing them, some people just kill animals for sport they don’t even eat it. That is ridiculous!  To many animals are killed, to many are dying please make a difference! These animals deserve to live! Make a difference today! I have a dream that one day people wouldn’t kill animals just because they want to do for sport, that we can think about how we are polluting.

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                  How are Whales  being Killed?   

You decide you want to go to the beach for the summer and see dolphins and whales, when you get there you see no dolphins, no whales. How has this happened? Do you think this is ok? This could be you in the future. If you do not start thinking about what you are throwing out, and how you are polluting. Whales and dolphins could become extinct because of our careless actions! Did you know that 360,000 blue whales were killed in the 20th century?! This should not be happening.


 Did you know a pilot whale  in  Thailand, died after eating more than 80 plastic bags! How does this happen?! Why does this happen?! When we throw our plastic bags out, since they are so light they fly out of garbage dumps and garbage cans. And get to oceans. To help solve this problem, instead of using plastic bags we could use paper bags or reusable bags. That is one of the ways whales are dying.



Since 1986, more than 25,000 whales were killed for “Scientific research.”  Give petitions and speeches and talk about what bothers you, make a difference today.


Another way whales have been harmed is by oil and gas leaks from cars, getting into creaks, rivers, and oceans, and eventually reaching sea life. You might not know this is happening, but if your car has a leak and drips onto the road, the rain will wash into our waterways. As a solution to this problem you could to get an electric car because there isn’t as much gas and oil releasing into the environment. As a result  maybe the amount of whales that die or are killed each year will decrease. That is another way whales are dying.



 Did you know that whaling is the most common way of whales dying? So people are killing whales on whales. We have different ways to get both of those things. Why this? This is another major cause of whales dying.


  This is crazy, but more than 100,000 dolphins, whales and porpoises are killed each year!!! Now that is only one year, what about 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, at least 1,000,000 whales, dolphins, and porpoises die every ten years! And you wonder why whales are endangered?!! This is ridiculous! We need to make a change now!!!  Conservation needs to start at home right now, to save endangered whales from extinction!


Different Animals Being Killed

      There are many different endangered animal species in the world, such as the sea otter, snow leopard, tiger, gorilla, or the Asian elephant.  I could go on and on, but do you think any of this should be happening to any animal? More than 1,000 sea otters are killed each year for their fur. Did you know only 7,000 snow leopards are left in the world?! But not enough people are doing anything about this!  Who knows what else could become endangered just because of their fur, or their skin, or for meat. Do you want dolphins to become extinct? Do you want whales to become extinct? I think not. Animals are just as important as you, they deserve to live too. I don’t think  you want someone to kill you for your hair? Because that is what is happening  to, sea otters, snow leopards, fox, rabbits, beavers, and etcetera . I don’t think you want rabbits to become endangered, or foxes, or anything for that matter!! If you don’t do something now all these animals could become endangered or maybe even extinct!

sea otter

  snow leopard


     These are some of the animals that are being killed! What did they ever do to you?! They are helpless little animals!!! 

                           Different Types of Whales

Did you know there are 78 different types of whales? Two different whales are, the blue whale and the killer whale. The killer whale and the blue whale are very different in life span, weight and what they eat.

       First of all the killer whale weighs 8,000-12,000 lbs, and the blue whale weighs 300,000 lbs! The difference is ridiculous! You would think that the killer whale is a goldfish compared to the blue whale! Also, the life span between them is also a big difference! The killer whales life span is 17-29 years you might think that is old but listen to this, a blue whales life span is 80-90 years!

      You would think the smaller whale would live longer, but nope!  This also very interesting, blue whales eat  krill  and shrimp. but killer whales eat sharks! I thought it would be the other way around because blue whales are so much bigger, why would they eat such tiny stuff?

 but killer whales eat sharks! I thought it would be the other way around because blue whales are so much bigger why would they eat such tiny stuff? Well, the answer to that question is blue whale has bristles in there mouth instead of teeth, so they can’t eat such big and thick food.  Those are two different types of whales.



                 Whale found dead with plastic in its stomach

“A world without dolphins and whales isn’t much of a world at. all” -Ric O'Barry

Pollution                    The Blue Whale

I’m going to tell you something very bad in our world, it is called pollution.  There are many types of pollution, one type is plastic pollution. This is where we take trash and just throw it on the ground without thinking about what that does to our world or when trash blows out of the garbage can. Did you know that over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by trash pollution every year.

  Another common type of pollution is waste dumped into waterways. Some communities  use the ocean for waste removal without considering the negative impacts..                           Help bring our world back! With a non polluted world!

 Let me tell you about one of my favorite animals in the world,     the blue whale.  The blue whale is a beautiful animal, it weighs over 300,000 pounds. The blue whale's tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant. The life span of the blue whale is 80-90 years. The blue whale is the biggest animal to live on earth.  Despite its size, the blue whale eats one of the smallest sea life, shrimp and krill. The reason it eats such small food is because the blue whale has  bristles in there mouth instead of teeth, so it is hard for them to eat big thick food.  But, it eats 8,000 pounds of it each day! The estimated amount of blue whales that are left is 10,000-25,000 blue whales. That might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. Before people started whaling it was 202,000-311,000 blue whales left in the world. There was tons of whaling in the 1900s because they wanted whale oil to use for oil lamps, soap and in margarine. This drove the blue whale to the brink of extinction. Blue whales are beautiful animals, and you will find a lot of cool things about this species! Save the blue whale!!


                          About the Author

     Mollie Berk resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and goes to Maple Dale Elementary school in the 4th grade. When she is not writing she likes to dance, draw, and hang out with her friends. She has a brother named Ryan who is twelve and two step sisters who are 4 and 7.  Another book she wrote is called The Secret of the Missing Dancer  Her favorite subject in school  is Math and Language arts. She really enjoyed writing these articles! She couldn’t have done it without her teacher Mrs. Daley!





  1. What does the blue whale eat?

A.  sharks                                 C.   other whales        

B  krill and shrimp                   B.     cod                            

 2.  How much does the killer whale weigh?

A. 8,000-12,000                       C. 3,000-6,000

B. 15,000-18,000                D. 20,000-24,000

3. What is the most common cause of whales dying?

A. Whaling                               C. Oil and gas

B. Pollution                               D. Fishing

4. How many blue whales were killed in the 20th century.

A. 200,000                                 C. 360,000

B. 300,000                                 D. 400,000


 Answer Key

    1.-B                                      2.-A

    3.-A                                      4.-C




Whaling- the hunting or killing of whales for meat, oil, and whalestone

Bristles-make one's hair or fur stand on end.  

 Credits...  http://time.com/5299868/whale-dies-eating-plastic-bags/