Student Guide to IMPORTHTML


=IMPORTHTML(“URL”, “table”, 1)

=IMPORTHTML(“URL”, “list”, 1)


Locate a website that contains data on something you are looking up. Rather than copying and pasting the information from the website into a spreadsheet, use the formula IMPORTHTML to bring the information in for you.

Create a Spreadsheet

Use to create a new spreadsheet or if you are a Google Classroom user use the Create button within the assignment.

Import HTML data

In cell A1 start with an equals sign and type =IMPORTHTML(
You will need quotations around the website link you are importing.
Type a comma and type the word “table” or “list.” Be sure to use quotations.

Type a comma and type a number to refer to the table or list on the webpage you want to import.




Suggestion to find the tiny triangle on the tab at the bottom and choose “Duplicate.” Double click on cell A1 and change the 1 to a 2 to bring in the 2nd table or list


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