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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions:

About the Product:

What is Frontida?

Frontida is an organization that builds custom, cloud-based health documentation tools for health providers and patients in low-resource, rural, and developing communities. Our systems are streamlined and customizable to meet these medical clinics’ highly specific

and often fluctuating needs, helping physicians provide critical care in some of the world’s most challenging medical environments.

Why choose Frontida?

Designed for you: Frontida is designed specifically for medical clinics working with limited resources. We have simplified and optimized our electronic health record to make it as quick and easy as possible to input data in minutes so you can focus on treating your patients. Frontida is not built around insurance or billing purposeswe are centered around the patient. We focus on improving patient outcomes and making providers’ lives easier, contributing to our seamless and user-friendly interfaces that cut out any unnecessary fields.

Priced for you: Our goal is to make health documentation accessible to all, which is why we keep our prices low. In some cases, we also offer scholarships you can apply to in order to cover your costs

Customized with you: Frontida is an agile system and is made up of a series of forms and modules. You can pick the forms you need to best run your clinic from our selection, or you can ask us to customize new features tailored to your needs. Because we utilize a low-code toolset, we can rapidly develop custom systems and incorporate your feedback at low costs. We can also translate Frontida into most other languages.

How will Frontida benefit its partner organizations?

As the world quickly progresses to data-driven operations, we want to ensure that organizations serving low-resource, rural, and developing communities are not left behind. Data-driven organizations are less prone to miscommunication and can provide more consistent care. On an infrastructural level, Frontida’s EHR frees up physical space from paper records, ensures security of records from natural disasters, and enables organizations to use administrative data to reallocate funding and resources. Digitizing processes gives you the opportunity to remotely make changes on the ground in real-time, while monitoring and assessing performance.

How will Frontida benefit its partners’ providers and clinicians?

A major reality of low-resource settings is that providers may be in short supply or pressed for time with patients. Paper-records are cumbersome, unreliable, and often redundant, especially when retrieving a patient’s history. In removing these difficulties, Frontida’s EHR allows providers and clinicians to streamline their care and do what they do best: care for their patients. Clinicians can organize data by patient, date, and form, enabling them to provide more accurate care both faster and more confidently.

How can data be extracted from Frontida to create a report?

Datasets can be extracted from Frontida at any time. For example, Frontida can set up weekly automatically-generated data reports or dashboards to visualize data in real time.

What is possible with the data I collect?

The data collected allows you and your providers to make evidence-based decisions about a patient’s care and ultimately improve patient outcomes, while improving overall clinic efficiency. Data allows an organization to analyze trends, assess clinic performance, allocate resources/funding, and build trust with donors and partners by providing data-driven proof of their work. Ask our team; we are committed to seeing that your needs are met.

What features currently exist in the system?

For providers, the core Frontida system is comprised of:

- Patient charts

- Patient visit forms

- Inventory management

- Pharmacy management

- Vaccine/immunization records

- Medical codes

- File attachments (labs/tests/exams)

- Scheduling appointments

- Calendar view

- Semi offline support

- Imports/exports

- Data deletion option

- We offer pre-built forms including but not limited to: primary care, dental, pregnancy, diabetes, mental health, cognitive, neonatal, developmental

milestones, maternal support, physical exam, nursing/feeding, prostate, rectal, mobility, and menopause/menstruation

- Custom Forms: Frontida is a modular and flexible system; together, we can quickly add or remove features to meet your exact needs. If your providers want additional forms or features to be added, we can customize forms for you.

For administrators, data analytics reports are available. See “What is possible with the data I collect?” and “How can data be extracted from Frontida to create a report?” for more information.

What can providers personalize in Frontida’s EHR?

Frontida can personalize all existing features, dropdown menus, and workflows. In many cases we can change the language of the application. We believe strongly in human centered design and designing with the people we are serving, ensuring that Frontida’s EHR works for local populations.

How can we customize the app?

If you are new to Frontida, the first step is to set up a meeting with us to discuss what your needs are. You can do so by emailing If you are an existing Frontida client, there are internal processes within the EHR to request changes.

Where is the data stored?

Frontida works with Google products such as Google Cloud to safely store and transmit data. We can usually store the data in a server located in the country of your choice.

About the Implementation:

How do I know if my organization is ready for Frontida?

The task of transitioning from paper-based to electronic records is a major transformational effort, which is why Frontida offers two structured approaches for testing an organizations’ readiness for electronic health record adoption.

First: We offer an EHR Readiness Assessment Tool to evaluate the readiness level of an organizationcontact us at and we can share this with you. Second: We offer pilot programs, which allow a safe and low-risk testing environment for you to test Frontida with your patients and providers at a small scale, usually with one or two forms, before committing to full implementation.

How can Frontida be accessed?

Frontida can be accessed and used from a smartphone, tablet, or computer either as a web or mobile application. The app can be opened on a web browser or downloaded as an app to iOS or Android devices.

Do I need the internet to use Frontida?

Frontida can be used offline or online. When offline, providers can add new patients and make changes to the data. Those changes will be saved locally on their device but will not sync with other devices until connected to the internet or cellular data once again. When working offline, all numeric and text data is automatically copied to the device, however images and documents may not be copied to the devices if they are large.

What equipment is required to run Frontida?

All you need is a device (smartphone, tablet, computer etc.) that can go online. If you plan to download the app locally to your device, iOS and Android operating systems may be the best options. Other optional equipment may include charging cords, portable batteries (for charging) or electrical outlets, and an internet/cellular data infrastructure.

Does Frontida offer training?

Yes, the full Frontida training package includes two online webinars, instructional videos, and a point of contact for customer support. In some cases, we conduct onsite training.

Can the EHR or the EHR training content be translated into other languages? The EHR and the training content can be translated into other languages in most cases. Language translation is considered a custom development add-on and we may require your support in translating.

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