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Final Copy of 2023 Impact Stats - What We Did In 2023
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2023 saw TEP continue the growth we’ve seen over the last few years. Our staff of 10+ amazing folks, all of them a part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, have grown more confident and comfortable with their roles, and have made a collective impact that would shock the folks who aren’t already following the work of our small-but-mighty team.

We’ve made a few updates to the language we use at TEP, to better reflect our community. We’ll share those below.

Language Updates:

Allow us to give you a general update on the progress of our programs and projects, and break down some of what these folks have accomplished during their time with us.  

InTRANSitions: our direct aid program which provides food, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities to Trans folks in need. (Client Success Manager - Jacquii Cooke, she/her; Food Securities Coordinator - Kes Cuevas, she/they)


Trans Employment Project: a program designed to work with job seekers and employers to ensure that 2TIGE folks are finding work that is affirming and inclusive. (Manager: Mo Viviane, they/them)

TEP Organizing Program: our organizing team works to educate and mobilize our community and our allies, so that we can all be effective leaders in the movement for equity and justice. (Manager - Jameson Tuwe, he/they)

Take Back the Narrative: a storytelling program that works to uplift and share the stories and experiences of 2TIGE folks and our allies in order to create positive cultural change that reclaims the narrative of who Trans people are. (Manager - Mandana Ighani, she/her)

Communications/Fundraising: (updates from our comms and fundraising team)

In the last 12 months, our Comms and Fundraising channels have seen the following growth:

New Programs that we Added to Our Roster in 2023:

Lead Me to Safety Grant

In 2023, TEP created a grant for volunteer or staff members of the organization who were living in unsupportive states and needed to flee to safety. The grant provided $5,000 worth of funding to 2 volunteer members of our team. With this funding, our folks were able to relocate, safely to more affirming environments where they are more likely to thrive.

One of those recipients has since joined our team, full time and has been doing a terrific job of supporting our clients in crisis.