Now Krishna will tell the difference between KK and KY. For example now Arjuna may say OK you said I should set example but if I get bound, if I get sinful reactions then what is the use of it all?

Bg 3.25

saktāḥ karmay avidvāṁso
ā kurvanti bhārata
ād vidvāṁs tathāsaktaś
īrur loka-sagraham

Word for word: 

saktāḥ — being attached; karmai — in prescribed duties; avidvāṁsa — the ignorant; yathā — as much as; kurvanti — they do; bhārata — O descendant of Bharata; kuryāt — must do; vidvān — the learned; tathā — thus; asakta — without attachment; cikīru — desiring to lead; loka-sagraham — the people in general.


As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, the learned may similarly act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.

saktāḥ karmay avidvāṁso, saktāḥ is attached, avidvāṁso is one who is not Vidvan,

There are two characters of these people they are ignorant and attached,

yathā kurvanti bhārata, as the ignorant and attached act

kuryād vidvāṁs tathāsaktaś, even the Vidvan those who are wise and learned and they are āsaktaś  detached, they should act like that why? cikīrur loka-sagraham, loka-sagraham means for the purpose of setting example for others.

So Ignorant and attached are referring to the Karma Kandis and detached and knowledgeable are referring to the Karma Yogis, externally Karma Kandis and Karma Yogis both act in the same way both of them are doing the prescribed duties. Karma Kandis are thinking about heaven and enjoyment and Karma Yogais are thinking after liberation and Supreme Personalities of God, so consciousness is different, one is ashakta (attached) and another is Anashkta. Both of them are acting for the same purpose to become liberated and go back to God head. So with that purpose when one acts then they will never get bound to material existences.

        Both of them elevating and moving forward eventually. So Krishna is saying live in the world and act detached, those who are attached how they will become detached they need an example to be accessible to them available to them, only then they will be able to practice spiritual life.

When we look at our movement we see that it has passed through phases in initial days joining Hare Krishna movement means leaving in temple even Grihastas were living in temple practically dropping out from society and joining temple full time…but at present we are congregation based, devotees are living in their world / their houses and following devotional life which is setting example for common man that they can be spiritual while living in society also these things are practical otherwise they think that it is only for Sadhus and not for general life. So that people can see that it is real it is not hypothetical teachings. So once there was conflict between Grihasta and Brahmachari and Sanyasi and when the matter was brought to Srila Prabhupada, He said that Jei Krishna Tattva Veta Seai Guru Haya, So all ashramas has values and examples to set. It is two brigade in the same army of Lord Chaitanya. Brahmachari are showing that vertical relation is a reality they get real happiness in life and they are able to continue. Grishasta has vertical and horzental they set example for worldly people who has only horizontal.

So if there is no Sanyasi and Brahmacharis then people will think that Bhakti is always a part time life but Bhakti is our life not part of life. Our Life (which spans in so many life times) is part of Bhakti. On the other hand Brhamchari and Sanyasi are required else people will feel that Bhakti is only part time activities. So Varansharam is an important part and everyone plays an irreplaceable role.