Minutes, School Council Meeting

June 7, 2018

In Attendance:

Carla Roberts, Christine Rideout, Verna Hancock, Lynette Samuelson, Janet Bartlett, Lauren Tschaja, Owen Bartlett, Sheri Hopkins, Tanya Sala, Roger butler

1. Minutes from last school council meeting are not currently available and will be sent via email to members for acceptance.

2. Standing Business:

a) Principal’s Update:

- Focus for end of year is on final exams and getting students ready for those, and there is lots to do in a short amount of time. Exam period is often very hectic due to public exams in the exam schedule.

- An Awards ceremony is currently being prepared for the last day of school, and will take place on June 28 before students receive final report cards. Last day of school for teachers is June 29.

- A committee is currently in the process of designing Principal, Honours, and Distinction Awards for our students for June report cards. The process will be reviewed and tweaked if necessary for next year’s mid-term report cards for February, 2019.

- PWC Girls Rugby won their tournament against Roncalli.

- The school musical has been chosen for next year. It will be Mary Poppins.

- The Senior Prom was a great success this year. There has been excellent feedback from students and parents about the venue, and the food. The student awards were also very well-received by all.

- Safe Grad was held at the Paul Reynolds Centre. Choosing this venue entailed far less work for parents and was a more economical choice than in previous years when Safe Grad was held here at the school. The students had a wonderful time.

b) Student Council Update:

- Owen Bartlett was the successful candidate for President next year.

- Interviews are currently being held to rebuild student council for next year.

- The Student Council Constitution was updated to redefine roles and to add a new role of Group Liaison. The Extra President position was removed and extra duties were added to the Vice President role. The Sales policy was also updated. Level Reps, President, and Vice President positions have now been determined.

c) Fund Development Committee Update:

- During last meeting held, the focus was on building a Legacy Website, and doing an event fundraiser next school year.

3. New Business:

a) School Council members need to let Hugo know if they intend to stay on council for the 2018-2019 year. Verna Hancock has indicated that her term is up, and Sheri Hopkins has decided to step away from council as well as she has been a long-term member, and will be taking on new challenges.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10.