Impact Report for PE and School Sport Premium Funding 2016/17


Monies allocated 2016/17 - £8565 ( + £1,189.48 carry over from previous year = £9754.48)


Money spent in last financial year (April ’16 – April ’17) - £9197.42


Money spent


Spent on…


Set Your Sights

Lunch Time Club (spring/summer term)


Create Development

REAL PE resources and training


Norwich School Sports Partnership




Cover for subject leader courses and training


Set Your Sights

Sports Instructor (autumn term)


Set Your Sights




Equipment and Resources


Set Your Sights – Lunch time clubs (£2640)


The idea of a lunchtime club came from thinking creatively about how we could use Set Your Sights to enhance PE and sport in school rather than to aid in delivering the curriculum. The lunchtime clubs were intended to help develop children’s fundamental skills, promote active play and assist in managing behavior during lunchtimes. Timetables were produced to ensure that all children had opportunity to access the lunchtime club once a fortnight. It initially proved successful and was well attended by the children during their allocated class time. When I have observed practice it has ranged from good to satisfactory. This has been dependent on the coach sent in to deliver the club with some being better and more confident than others. In consultation with MSAs, they have reported that they have not noticed any real improvement in the behavior of children during lunchtime play and have also commented that with extra staffing, they could perhaps deliver those games and activities themselves or perhaps even older children within the school. According to class teachers, some children are enthusiastic about attending the clubs.  


REAL PE resources and training (£1795)


REAL PE was brought into the school to help increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE. The training consisted of two twilight staff meetings in the autumn term and a set of resources for each year group. The training was received very positively and staff have responded well to this new approach of delivering PE. They have reported that they themselves feel more confident when teaching PE and have also noticed an increase in children’s enthusiasm for the subject. The approach is not confined to the PE lesson and it is clear that children are beginning to apply skills learnt and taught in these lessons elsewhere.


The cost above also covered an additional three days training course for myself and online support through the REAL PE portal.


2016/17 has given opportunity for staff to explore and experiment with REAL PE lessons and resources. Next year, REAL PE will become part of the curriculum mapping.


Norwich School Sports Partnership Membership (£1479)


In previous years, membership to the NSSP has not been as cost effective for infant schools such as Chapel Break due to the high number of KS2 events and the relatively low number of events suitable for KS1. At the end of each academic year, Jon Osborne of the NSSP sends out a questionnaire to gather feedback on the provision and service received for members. This year I made it clear in the feedback that we would require more events suitable for KS1 to make the renewal of our membership the following year, worth the money. During this academic year, there has been a significant improvement in the provision for our KS1 setting by the NSSP. To date we have attended ten events with each child in the school attending at least one, most children attending two, some children attending three and a small selection of children attending four.


Based on current year 1&2 pupils (reception and year 1 last year)

Children attending NSSP events 2015/16


Children attending (or due to attend) NSSP events 2016/17



N.B. Additionally, 60 Reception pupils have also attended Multi Skills Festival and potentially all of KS1 will attend GORunForFUN event in June so that number could rise to approximately 350


As well as having provided for every child in the school to have attended at least one of the events put on by the NSSP, attendance by staff has also created a positive impact. Staff have reported that attending these events has helped to improve their confidence in delivering certain sports. The recent Tri-Golf and Mini Tennis events have created a real buzz amongst children and staff alike.


Included in the cost of our NSSP membership was a three-day subject leader course, which was useful in terms of networking with colleagues form other schools in the partnership and also to be able to draw on the knowledge of Rob McCombe and Jon Osborne. There have been many good ideas that have implemented or are yet to implement based on what was learnt through this training.


Supply Cover (£1110)


This has been used to cover subject leader whilst attending training (NSSP Subject leader three day workshop) and courses (REAL PE) previously mentioned in report.


Set Yours Sights – Sports Instructor (£900)


As with previous years, Set Your Sights started this academic year as support for class teachers in helping them to deliver high quality PE. After consultation with staff it was apparent that this was not having the desired impact and was not helping to improve staff’s confidence, knowledge or understanding in delivering high quality PE. It was therefore decided that we would continue to work with the company but think of a more creative way to use their coaches i.e. lunchtime clubs.


Set Your Sights – Yoga (£900)


There was a group of children within the school identified has having particular needs regarding attention and concentration in class. It was decided that they may benefit from learning yoga techniques through weekly yoga sessions with a trained yoga teacher. Whilst the children who have attended have benefitted, unfortunately there is no legacy left for the school in regards to yoga. No staff were able to attend sessions and no resources have been acquired as part of the investment therefore it will not have a lasting impact. The money spent on this could have been better spent on training an existing member of staff. That member of staff could return and train other members of staff or alternatively deliver yoga in school and be covered by the class teacher whose class they are teaching.


Equipment/Resources (£372.43)


Not a great amount of money has been spent on updating or purchasing new equipment this year but the money spent on Tri-Golf equipment (£199) has had a positive impact across KS1. The cost included all the equipment required to play Tri-Golf but also resources such as lesson plans, to help deliver it with confidence.  Children have been very enthusiastic to try this new sport and it has been reported by all teachers that noticeable progression is being made each lesson. It has certainly helped to engage our less active pupils and the Tri-Golf  lessons created a significant interest for the Tri-Golf event put on by the NSSP.  At the time of booking the trip, I booked forty spaces and anticipated we may be able to fill all of those. We in fact got almost eighty children wanting to go based on their experiences during lessons.


The remaining £173.42 is the money spent on equipment and resources used to raise the profile of PE and sport across the school during the last academic year but within the 2016-17 financial year. It is estimated that a similar amount will be spent again this academic year to continue to raise the profile of PE and sport across the school.


What staff have said:


Norwich School Sports Partnership events –


“Going along to these days has also given me some more ideas as to I can build on skills.”

“Inspired to teach tennis.”

“I’m looking forward to teaching tennis next half term.”




“The children have found the challenge cards very motivational and it has allowed us to do critique.”

“REAL PE has boosted my confidence in delivering PE.”

“I feel more relaxed knowing that what I’m doing is fun but also developing appropriate skills.”


Tri-Golf resources –


“Have really enjoyed how easy the tri golf has been to use, and the children love it.”

“I’ve enjoyed teaching tri golf and have seen great progress from session to session with the children’s accuracy.”