Of Monsters and Men Rules

To start:

  1. Seperate the Purple perk cards, Gray character cards, Black monster cards, and White lair cards.  
  2. Decide who is going to be the Monster
  3. Picking Characters
  1. The Monster Player picks which monster card they're going to use
  1. These are the black colored Character Cards
  1. All Character Players must pick out which normal cards they're going to use
  1. These are the gray colored Character Cards
  1. Announce which monster the players will be facing first
  2. Announce which characters the monster will be facing
  1. Picking Perks
  1. Monsters already have pre assigned perks
  2. Each normal character player must draw at random one perk card
  1. Should there only be one character, they must take out the gold perk cards from the deck and pick one of them.
  1. Character players can trade perks with each other should they want to
  2. Character players can also make their own stat perk
  1.  Players can add +1  to any one stat or +5 to the Max Health
  2. Any more that that and they must take away stat points from other stats
  3. they can only do this once for one character, if that character dies then they must draw a random perk for the new character
  1. Setting Up
  1. All players must announce their perks and their effects
  2. Character players must then tally any stats that have changed due to their perks and write them
  3. All players must place their character and perk card in the clip as shown below
  4. With the perk card facing one end and the character card facing the other way

  1. Monsters already have their perk stapled to the back of their cards
  1. The play area can be no bigger than 2X2 feet
  2. Each side must place their lair cards at least 2 feet away from each other
  3. Players are encouraged to use real world objects as obstacles but are not required to do so

Playing the Game

Note: The method in which players keep track of stats, health, and lair integrity are up the discretion of the players. Paper and Pencil is suggested but not required

  1. The Character(s) go first, in order from oldest to youngest, then the Monster goes
  2. All players must start at their respective Lairs, with the Characters sharing one lair
  1. When a player is in their respective lair,  they get 5 health per turn and cannot be attack or attack themselves
  2. The character's lair can be attacked and destroyed in 3 hits total regardless of the attack stat of the monster.
  3. The monster’s lair can be attacked and destroyed in 5 hits total, regardless of a character’s attack stat.
  1. Speed: All players move according to real world inches, with the maximum inches a player can move determined by their Speed stat
  1. Players are suggested to move their character by sliding their stand along the provided ruler.
  2. Any physical object in the playfield is treated as an obstacle and cannot be gone through.
  3. Players can only make a straight lines but can use any combination of distances and rotations to curve around obstacles
  1. I.e Max Distance 5in; goes forward 2in; goes left 3in; totaling 5in.
  1. All players have the option to attack or block in addition to moving their character
  1. They can do this before or after they move
  1. Range: In order to attack, the target player must first be within a certain distance for the attack to be successful, this distance is determined by the characters Range stat
  1. Players can measure out this distance using the ruler provided by gliding the ruler from the base of the stand to the target; seeing if the ruler hits the target without going over the Range.
  1. Health/Attack: The amount of Health is lost determined by a character’s Attack stat
  2. Block: Characters have the ability to block an incoming attack instead of attacking themselves.
  1. Blocking lessens the amount of damage from an oncoming monster attack ; Determined by their Block stat
  1. I.e Damage taken 10, Block stat 5 ; Total health lost 5
  1. When a Character's health reaches 0 they are dead.
  1. When a normal character dies, they can choose a new character or stick with the same character; but must place their old perk at the bottom of the deck and draw a new perk.
  1. If there is one normal character, they can select another gold colored perk
  1. Characters must respawn at the their own lair
  2. A winner is determined when the monster dies  or when 3 characters die