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Mr. Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

121 Ling Road, Suite #305, Toronto Ontario, Canada M1E-4Y2.

Local: +1-(437) 889-4130, USA: +1-(646) 980-5895,

Email: anhtu@iimtoday.ca, URL: iimtoday.ca

Harvard educated Vietnamese-born Canadian-citizen Web Marketing Manager and certified data-analyst professional, seeking a Master's degree to advance my career, as H1B-Visa candidate for working and living in the USA where I have close family ties with the intent on becoming a dual-citizen with the personal means to buy a second home in the USA. As of July 2020, credit score was 674.

American Education & Connections

Internet Copyright Law Certified. The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society -- Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.. Copyright-X Law. Completed June 11,  2019. Authenticated certificate here.

IoT Analyst Professional for Microsoft. Completed May 2019. Data Analytics and Storage, Business Intelligence ,Predictive Analytics for IoT Solutions.

Data Science Professional. John Hopkins University -- Coursera. Presently.

Member. National Map Corps USGS. 2017- Present.

Helping to verify and update the USGS’ infrastructure data.

Canadian Formal Education

MBA Certified Manager. Rotman School of Management---University of Toronto (AAU), Toronto, Ontario -- Canada. Completed November 2014.

BA. in Economics. University University of Toronto (AAU), Toronto, Ontario -- Canada. Completed December 1999. Toronto, Ontario,Canada. Along with 2 additional years in the Engineering Science School for Chemical Engineering, beginning  in 1993 prior to Economics.

High School Diploma. Glenforest Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario -- Canada.  Honors and Enriched Program; Student Citizenship and Provincial Scholar. Completed May 1993.

Certified Professional Skills

Web Advertising Professional. Google, Bing, Hubspot Professional: Digital Marketing, Web Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Web Analytics, Ad Sales, Video Advertising and Web Small Business, Microsoft Digital Literacy, Content Ownership Copyright and Video Branding Basics.            

eBusiness Professional.: Digital Marketing, EBusiness, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Web Business and Marketing, Web Business Development and Marketing, Marketing Management (Statistical Sampling and Analysis), Writing for the Web, Strategic Management, Business Process Management, Project Management, Introduction Information Systems, Customer Service: Learning Path Award, Six Sigma - White Belt, Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power. -- Alison (Capernaum Ltd), Open2Study, Aveta Business Institute

Additional Training. Active Listening and Communication, Certificate of Completion --  Distress Center Peel. Doubleclick For Publishers 10+ yrs on the job experience

Associations & Awards

Member, National Map Corps USGS. 2017- Present.

Helping to verify and update the USGS’ infrastructure data.

Webmaster, Distress Center Peel. 2005. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Achievement and Appreciation award as webmaster.

Member, eMarketing Association. 2013 - Present.

Cool Site of the Day, Feb. 2017, www.coolsiteoftheday.com

A high score for the website City Wellness Atlas..

Present Work

Web Management Adviser. September 2017 - Present. Dharamsala, India.

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

Expanding their reach and strengthening their brand in the digital space.

Web Management Adviser. September 2015 - Present. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Canada Tibet Committee.

Expanding their reach and strengthening their brand in the digital space.

Private Consultant. 2015 – Present. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Independent Internet Marketing Inc (incorporated sole-proprietorship).Verily, have tripled sales for brick-and-mortar luxury boutique’s e-commerce; directed the social media performance of important ngos; and established a regular readership audience of 20,000 a month with more than 10,000 email subscribers for my own trademarked social media channels. Released a tiny book that reached #5,832 on Amazon’s Business & Money sales list. Have been highly rated on Cool Site of the Day and can be found mentioned on public government blogs.

Monetization Ad  Specialist. July 2014 - September 2014. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

St. Joseph Communications.                                        

As monetization specialist successfully helped book digital media ad space unable to be sold within the month.

Content Contributor in Ad Operations and Web Marketing. 2013 – Present.

iMedia Connection. Los Angeles, California, USA.                                                 

NGO Magazine. Serbia.

Web Marketing Manager. 2006 – 2013. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

CCMC Sports Marketing.                                                

Digital Operations and Marketing specialist responsible for the planning, coordination and fulfillment of digital advertising campaigns by web media and email for The Canadian Hockey League, ScoreGolf and PGA Tour Canada. As well as assisting in the development of those brands for the digital space.

Digital-Advertising Performance Analyst. 2005. Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Azoogle Ads Inc.                                                        

As digital advertising analyst was responsible for creating custom management dashboards, reports and assisting in defining key performance indicators for performance based digital advertising.

Product Manager. 2004. Acton Ontario, Canada.

TVMi Building Products.                                                

A product manager responsible for the day to day communication, sales support and marketing of several construction building products, including their distribution at big-box retailers.

Writing & Marketing. 2003. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Freelance Contractor.                                                        

Worked for several clients in the hospitality and tourism sector, writing marketing correspondence, ad-copy and publication columns.

Web Ad-Trafficking Specialist. 2002. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Special project specialist performing the migration of digital advertising campaigns and accounts from an old server to a new one.

Web Ad-Trafficking Specialist. 2001. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Stockhouse Media.                                                

A specialist in Sales & Operations ensuring the fulfillment of advertising campaigns for digital media.

Project-Management Intern. 2000. Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

General Electric Equipment Finance.                                

Performed statistical analysis and project coordination on a national web-based robotic ‘credit-approval' system for big equipment financing.

Brewing Operator. 1993 (Summer Full-time College Employee) to 1998. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Labatt Breweries.                                                

Process controller for the production of a number of big commercial beer brands.