Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

121 Ling Road, #305, Toronto Ontario, Canada M1E 4Y2

Toronto[Canada]: (437) 887-9572|New York City[USA]: (646) 712-9315|


Digital marketing professional with Harvard post-graduate qualification in addition to the standard Google and corporate partner certifications plus a number of completed requirements in sales, management, cyber-security and leadership training. Of Vietnamese ethnicity, Canadian citizen now seeking American citizenship. Last filed income was $60K, credit score presently at Good expected to be Excellent by February 2019. Has close family American relatives.


Copyright X, Harvard Law School & The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Distance Learning. January 2019.

(Admitted & Deferred) Master of Business Administration MBA — Griffith University  Online, Gold Coast Australia. 2017.

Graduate Certificate MBA Essentials for Managers  — Rotman School of Management University of Toronto, Greater Toronto, Ontario. October 2014 - November 2014.

Bachelor Degree in Economics  — University of Toronto, Greater Toronto, Ontario. September 1995 - December 1999.

Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Science — University of Toronto, Greater Toronto, Ontario. September 1993 - May 1995; Two years in the Chemical Engineering Science then switched to Economics.

Honours Program Diploma, Award  for Citizenship and Academic Excellence  — Glenforest Secondary School, Greater Toronto, Ontario. September 1989 - May 1993.


National Map Corps USGS, Volunteer: Update and verify the USGS’ infrastructure data.

eMarketing Association — Member


Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Dharamsala, India — Web Management Adviser: September 2017 - PRESENT, Expand their reach on social media and the world wide web by providing them with the right advice and tools.

Canada Tibet Committee, Montreal, Quebec — Web Management Adviser: September 2015 - PRESENT, Expand their reach on social media and the world wide web by providing them with the right advice and tools.

Independent Internet Marketing Inc, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Business Owner: 2015 - PRESENT; Incorporated consultant for marketing on the internet (find it on  Industry Canada and search engines). Proprietor has a  #5,832 book in Business & Money (Amazon) on December 28, 2015 and for branded websites as presented by University of Oxford, City of Toronto, Government of Canada, Greater London Authority UK and Cool Site of the Day. That reaches 8,654 subscribers and at least 150,000 web users regularly.

City Wellness Atlas™: Mostly but not exclusively Open Data information visualized on the Google Maps platform. Cool Site of the Day  ranks it a 5.5 Cool Score.

COMMGiving™: A daily marketing blog offering tips, explanations and observations.

The Culture Proof™: A general interest blog that analyses current memes (meems).

Hustle 4 Info™: A ‘news you can use’ website that looks at current affairs and issues using news sources on the internet.

Including pro-bono assistance to various including, a Toronto based luxury jewelry retailer with sales worldwide, and Scarborough Association of Volunteer Administrators and Managers.

St. Joseph Communications, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Web Ad Specialist: July 2014 - September 2014; Monetized 100% of all unsold  ad impressions.

CCMC Sports Marketing, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Web Marketing Manager: 2006 – 2013; Oversaw digital ad operations ('ensuring the delivery of advertising on website, mobile, email') and project-management for a network of sports teams and publications websites. Successfully project-managed the launch of the national Canadian Hockey League regional web-portals. Exercised SEO to grow website traffic by 300% in the first year, creating saleable inventory that could be sold to advertisers

Azoogle Ads Inc, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Digital-Advertising Performance Analyst: July 2014 - September 2014; Monitoring return on investment for performance-centric media buying.

TVMi Building Products, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Product Manager: 2004 - 2004; Introduced a new product on to retail store shelves. Managed the marketing materials for the product line; creating consumer, professional and buyer documentation. Provided product support to retail and professional buyers.

MSN-Sympatico, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Web Ad-Trafficking Specialist: 2002 - 2003; Project staff to assist in the switch from one ad delivery platform to another ('a professional challenge to be running duplicate big-budget advertising campaigns on parallel systems and keeping accurate records for clients through the implementation and evaluation phase of the project.')

Stockhouse Media, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Web Ad-Trafficking Specialist: 2001 - 2001; Web ad-trafficker ('ensuring the delivery of advertising campaigns purchased on the website').

General Electric Equipment Finance, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Project-Management Intern: 2000 - 2000; Statistical analysis and project coordination in the creation of a national 'credit-approval' software and hardware system.

Labatt Breweries, Greater Toronto, Ontario — Summer-student Brewing Operator: 1993 - 1998; Process controller for the production of a number of big commercial beer recipes.

#305 - 121 Ling Road

Toronto, Ontario


TO: (437) 887-9572

NYC: (646) 712-9315



Retail Trade E-commerce

B2B Product Marketing


Process Control Manufacturing

Non-Profit, Civil Society, NGO

Content Creation, Product Ideation

Online Community Building

Small Business Owner


Introduction To Copyright Law In America, Certificate

Youtube Content Ownership and Video Brand Basics Certifications

All Google Adwords, Sales and Analytics  certifications (expires annually)

CyberSecurity, Certificate

Bing Ad Certified  

HubSpot Inbound (CRM) Cert.  

Facebook Blueprint  

Doubleclick For Publishers 10+ yrs

Marketing Management - The Marketing Research Process (Statistical Sampling and Analysis), Certificate  

Web Business Development and Marketing, Diploma  

Business Process Management, Diploma

Introduction Information Systems, Cert.

E-Business, Diploma Project Management, Diploma

Customer Service, Learning Path Award Alison Inc.

Effective Time Management, Diploma

Six Sigma, White Belt, Certificate

Active Listening and Communication, Certificate

Writing for the Web, Cert.

Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power, Cert.

Strategic Management, Cert.

Advertising, Integrated Marketing & Communication

Microsoft Digital Literacy Cert.


Webmaster Achievement Distress Center Peel, 2005


English, Vietnamese