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PyCon Korea 2018

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Slogan of PyCon Korea 2018

PyCon Korea 2018 is announced to be held under the slogan ‘Dive into diversity’

Python Community aims to respect to the differences between the people in the world those who have diverse technologies, uniquenesses and experiences. Also, we listen to various opinions and help developing each other by their interactions.

PyCon Korea 2018 will share various cases that diverse people, in different situations, realms and intentions, have used Python and shed light on Python as the tool of accomplishing our goals and solving problems.

With Pycon Korea 2018, we hope everyone to see diverse views and experiences, break the boundaries and discover the original ideas.


We accept a broad range of Python-related proposals, from academic reports to commercial projects and case studies. Suitable topics include, but not limited to:

Please share your knowledge about web service development / deployment / debugging. Django, Flask, etc.

If you can use Python with Pythonic, you are welcome! Please share development methodology using Python.

Please talk about the behavior inside Python. How does Python control memory? What distinguishes Python from other languages?
Also useful tips are among the Python native libraries.

We can also find Python in our daily lives. Share examples of Python in life, the environment, politics, and the media.

The range in which Python is used is becoming more diverse. Share examples of Python being used in drones, robots, and embedded systems.

Gathering data is a sort of “extractive” process.  Does anyone who want to share their experience of finding these data diamonds in the rough.

From traditional ‘statistical analysis’ to ‘deep learning’, a variety of techniques are being used in data analysis.

The theme is not necessarily the latest trend. Is there anyone who would like to share or discuss  techniques for better data analysis using Python

The most important part of the Python ecosystem is the community of Python users. If you are running a community related to Python, tell your own story.

If you have a technical blog, how do you write it? Waiting for announcements related to the community.

Contains all topics related to Python that are not part of the above mainstream. The "geek" challenge with Python is good, and the tips are good too.

If you have a topic you want to introduce to the developer, it's okay if it's not related to Python.

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