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Specials from the Kitchen


Barbeque Chicken Quesadilla                                                                 $12

Gouda, mozzarella cheese, pickled red onions, sliced

jalapenos, drizzled with chipotle crema on top

Lentil Spinach salad                                                                        $10

(new)         Baby spinach, red onions, Heirloom cherry tomatoes, persian

cucumbers, feta cheese, feta greek vinaigrette

Roasted Brazilian Nuts                                                                         $7

(new)   Mixed nuts, roasted with brown sugar herb butter compote

Shrimp Stuffed Mushroom                                                                 $12*

         White mushroom, stuffed with

shrimp scampi dip, topped with fresh herbs


Flat Iron Steak (choice 8oz)                                                                 $21

Served with cream of corn with spinach, roasted pasilla

chiles, red onions & chimichurri sauce

Portobello Burger                                                                                $14

(new)        Marinated portobello, provolone cheese, pesto aioli, grilled onions,

piquillo peppers, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, brioche buns

Wagyu Beef Burger                                                                                 $16

English cheddar  or blue cheese, sauteed onions, baby arugula,

heirloom tomato, crumbled bacon on brioche bun,  chips or pineapple slaw

Pesto Vegetable Lasagna                                                                        $14

(new)    Green zucchini, yellow squash, piquillo peppers, tomatoes,

eggplant, mix cheeses

Tarragon Airline Chicken                                                                        $18

(new)        Chicken breast with wild rice mix, vegetable medley, tarragon cream sauce

Creamy Tuscan Shrimp or Chicken Penne Pasta                                                $18/$16

Sun Dried tomato, asparagus, spinach, garlic, parmesan cheese

Loch Duart Salmon from North West Scotland                                                 $24

Blackened or Remoulade sauce served with Israeli Couscous

with asparagus, spinach & cherry tomatoes