Valuable Work for 28 Feb to 2 March

Particularly for students in Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 who are preparing for exams and may have missed lessons this week

Links to useful shared resources

Quick Link: Years 7-9

Quick Link: Years: 10-11

Quick Link: Sixth Form



All students have logins to the science Doddle package which is rammed full of Science PowerPoints and quizzes.


Suitable worksheets, revision booklets, MathsWatch & TT Rockstars available.

Sixth Form

Can complete independent work based around their subjects all will have things to revise and assignments to complete.

Links to useful shared resources

Useful for all students & parents

Shows individual homework tasks, targets from Academic tutoring and for some subjects feedback to assessments. Email if you need help to login. 


Useful for all students

Allows access to Email, online documents and Google Classroom. Can be used on all mobile devices. Email if you need help accessing your Google Apps.

Most useful for Years 10 & 11

A collection of short, memorable audio and graphical clips which are a great aid to revision when used regularly fr revision. After viewing a clip then make notes and test yourself. Younger students can also login by clicking “New Here, Get Started” on login page. Email if you require help.

Useful for students of all ages, especially years 7-9

Great competitive fun while you practise your recall of times tables. Vital for developing fluency. Email if you require help to access it.

Useful for all students studying Maths

Contains excellent short videos on al Maths topics, which can then be practiced and marked online. If you need help access Mathswatch please email

Useful for all students studying science

A comprehensive range of online teaching and assessment tools used to support students work in science.

Years 7, 8 & 9






Learn about colour theory,


Re-design your favourite bookcover

Private Peaceful, Miss Peregrine’s, Holes, Speckled Band, Romeo & Juliet (KS3) are particularly useful films to watch

AND/or write a short story set in extreme weather conditions


NBr 7B4 login to Doddle Acids and Alkalis task

8S4: use the activate 2 books to make notes on metals and acids plus complete summary questions, NBr Login to Doddle and complete the Acids and metals task

8S1:  Prepare for the test on the Earth chapter next lesson.

8S2 Period 1 with OTR - Doddle assignments on reactions of metals with acids and displacement reactions.

8G1 assigned work on doddle

NBr 8G2 Login to Doddle and complete the metals and oxygen task

8G3: Work is set on Doddle

9g1: how to calculate bond energy and reaction profiles. Chemistry for combined textbooks can help with this

9S2: Work through the presentation on the Electromagnetic spectrum set on Doddle

9G2: watch the presentations assigned on doddle. Make notes to stick in your book.

9S4: Work is set on Doddle


Inconvenient Truth & Sequel, Civilisations new BBC series on iPlayer,


Calculations - Add, Subtract Multiply and Divide.  Using decimals with these as well.

7B1 - work assigned on MathsWatch

‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ worksheet - emailed out to all year 7.

7g2 use any times tables games on websites but remember it is speed and the divisions that are important

‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ worksheet - emailed out to all year 8.

They have an assessment coming up so can use this time to revise.

9B2 - work has been assigned on MathsWatch


Year 7S1 - Work set on G4S for today’s lesson 02/03/2018

Year 8S4 - Work set on G4S for today’s lesson 02/03/2018

Year 8s1 (JPA) - work set in the google classroom.


Year 7 - prepare a storyboard with 8 frames, making us of the following shots - ECU, CU, MS, LS showing ‘How to make a cup of tea’.

Year 8 - Animation Challenge!   Collect a sample of snow, place it on a plate.  Take one photograph every minute until it melts.   You can use your smartphone/tablet for this.  If you are able to please edit this into an animation.  You can download apps to do this, or use this online software 

Year 9 - Introduction Project - ‘Online’.   Prepare a storyboard for your 30 second trailer for ‘Online’.  


If they have access to any appropriate app or keyboard they can practise their playing.


Students can practise / learn language via tablet/computer : memrise, duolingo, linguascope   Earphones useful   Forgotten code ? See KYO in 210

Y8 and Y9 students can access ActiveTeach to work though revision tasks.  

Design Technology

7/8/9    Making and development skills in 003/002  pbe/sov       combining varied wood types, template ideas and shaping/ forming.

9 USB grp / AAS - Use google sketchup - draw up your best 2 initial USB case designs.

8S Sound Booster / AAS Use link    Print & complete Bench Drill task sheet or use the website to complete diagram / safety features and instructions for use on paper. Also draw a Forstner bit and explain how that cuts a circle and safety advice.  

Years 10 & 11





Mr Ryall & Mr Tom’s group, reminder about homework set to produce a detailed design to meet the specification of the Image Gallery, and then collect 6-12 suitable images to represent each of your 3 raves and 3 rants. If you have image software available, or can work online in Pixlr then please also crop and resize to make a thumbnail of each. Remember to update your Assets Table on Google Drive and email or upload your images so they are ready for next Thursday’s lesson. Email if any questions.

Computer Science

Following mock, review ASCII.

Look at the digital divide within society - research document to aid revision and the 6 mark question

11Z (JPA)

Task 1: complete the GCSE POD assignment set recently.

Task 2:  Use GCSE POD and watch the 15 pods from the NETWORKS section. (52 minutes)

Task 3: Produce a mind map of the key aspects of this topic.

Design and Technology

CSp Graphics group- revise and prepare for mock exam on 6th March.

Use the following GCSE Pod’s: >Paper and card

                                                      >Plastics and new materials

                                                      >Modelling materials

                                                      >Industrial production ( mass, batch etc)

Remember the emphasis also on Maths- visit GCSE bitesize and revise how to calculate percentages.

Recap on prior learning: produce A4 factsheet on renewable energy sources: wave, wind, solar power etc. Visit GCSE bitesize section (under Geography) and use the internet.

Yr11 CSP Graphics group. See email sent to all Graphics students regarding controlled assessment tasks.


Complete the ‘Practise Test’ in your ‘REVISION TASKS UNIT 1’ folder on google drive. All students in 10Y1 (Mrs Ashton’s group) to also complete TASK-Mechanical-Electrical-Engineering-Processes.docx’

and TASK-Modern-Material-Foams---Material-Processes.docx - These are also in the same folder.

This ‘REVISION TASKS UNIT 1’ folder has been emailed to you from aashton - check your emails if you can't find it. Links are also on Go4school

Yr11 Engineering: Current assignment Unit 2

Continue to work through all sections of your drafting booklet. (Obj a, b, c, d). Continue to work on final submission of Obj a

This is your written report explaining your product disassembly & annotation of photographs with a Fully completed Specification.

All help docs are in your Yr11 google drive and the Y11 revision folder has help PowerPoints for materials and manufacturing processes. Also use as a source.


If you missed yesterday’s mock - prep for An Inspector Calls mock which you will be sitting next week - re-read text, look at GCSE Pod playlist (shared before half term by Mr Ryall).  Plan how you might tackle an essay on the theme of responsibility in the play

If you took yesterday’s mock - consolidate your understanding of the play’s historical and social context (research the world that inspired the play).  You could explore the position of women, socialism and capitalism, the class structure when the play was set (1912):

You could find out more about J B Priestley:

 You could also find out about the dawn of the welfare state after World War Two (when the play was written):

English Literature revision - re-read your set texts - Macbeth, The Woman in Black OR An Inspector Calls, Conflict poetry, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde OR Great Expectations OR A Christmas Carol

Poetry Revision - identify different kinds of conflict that feature across the poems in the anthology. Choose a pair of poems that are linked by their type of conflict and write a comparison of how they present that conflict. For example, emotional conflict in both Poppies and Catrin, or, resentment in both A Poison Tree and Cousin Kate.


Your final mock exam (Paper 1) will be week commencing March 19th in a normal geography lesson.  All topics covered need to be revised.  A good place to start is GCSE Pod.  Here’s a playlist of some Y10 topics to get you started: 

Health & Social Care

11X: - resources and task on google classroom. Task outline: Produce a page to be included in your volunteer booklet (can be typed or handwritten) where you describe at least 4 alternative forms of communication (bsl; makaton; braille; interpreter) at elmer vale. explain each form and add some pictures to illustrate. why is it important that we always try to use the young adults’ preferred method of communication (the one that they understand best e.g. bsl for our deaf residents)?    


10 American West

Students also have plenty of revision and all are invited to the google classroom as well as bitesize, the school website history section, their own notes and pod.

11s medicine and ww1 surgery

11 W1 have done the Medicine mock, so you need to do all the tasks in the Vietnam War booklet.

Students also have plenty of revision and all are invited to the google classroom as well as bitesize , the school website history section, their own notes and pod.

Ingots (IT)

An Email has been sent to Y11 students, 130 of whom are completing an additional IT qualification called INGOTS. Contact Mr Ryall if more info required.


Students should be revising the key areas using resources from their teacher. MathsWatch is a good option to review and practice.

10s4 Maths Work set on Mathswatch on basic algebra tasks as per Go4Schools.

10s3 and 10g2 use mathswatch to revise key topics, you have a sheet in your planner as this has your keys topics. 

10g4 In order to help you prepare for your rescheduled maths mock go to the following link Find the link half way down the page that says MME Online Revision, Revise red button. Then complete the reading and revision questions that follow.

Practice- students have key areas to revise from their most recent assessments. Students have been given their first revision pack which should be complete. MathsWatch is a good option to review and practice.

11s2 Maths Mathswatch work on Rounding as per Go4schools.


 Work on compositions or performance using iMacs and practice rooms


GCSE PE - Analysis of performance: For your fitness weakness - please plan a 6 week training programme, using the appropriate training method, training principles

BTEC Sport - revisie your test has been provisionally book for 2 weeks time 15/3/18 - TBC

NBU’s GCSE group - Analysis of performance - complete strengths and weakness for your own performance share on google doc with me and NBU & Revise

RMY group - revise and send me your strengths and weaknesses if you haven’t already

Philosophy & Ethics

Tasks available on Go4Schools

Continue revision for Year 10 exam scheduled for next week.
(1) Use the attached knowledge organiser to develop your knowledge of the key Christian beliefs and practices and the Relationships & Families theme that will be part of the exam
(2) Attempt the following questions as practice and email them to me by Tuesday 6th March if you want the feedback before the exam.
Question (a) There is no such place as Hell. Evaluate this statement. In your answer you should
Refer to Christian Teaching
Give reasoned arguments to support this statement; Give reasoned arguments to support a different point of view
Reach a justified conclusion (12 marks)

Question (b) It is wrong for religious couples to use artificial contraception within marriage.
Evaluate this statement. In your answer you should give reasoned arguments to support this statement; give reasoned arguments to support a different point of view
Refer to religious arguments
May refer to non religious arguments
Reach a justified conclusion (12 marks)

This task should take between 60 and 100 minutes to complete.

Tasks available on Go4Schools

(1) Reminder - H/W yesterday to prepare for a 15 question fact test on Christian Beliefs (Knowledge Organiser attached for those who were away yesterday). This will take place on 7th March
(2) Using your notes and the revision guide make revision resources on the following topics:
(a) Christ's resurrection, ascension and life after death (pages 18/19)
(b) Christian beliefs about Life after Death (pages 20-21). Also, read the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats (attached) and be sure you can explain how this teaching explains how God will judge people when they die. Ensure that you can explain the belief of Purgatory for Catholics.
(c) Make a flow chart to explain the concepts of Sin - Salvation - Atonement and how they are linked together. (pages 22-23)
(d) Attempt the 12 mark question on page 27 of the revision guide (The best way to gain salvation is to obey God's law).

This task should take between 60 and 100 minutes to complete.


Revision using Google Classroom, ActiveLearn, Memrise and Duolingo. French students can also be completing speaking questions for chapters 1 and 2 of the book and share with teacher via Google Docs.

Year 10 Spanish Mrs Keys- use Activelearn to catch up on any exercises not yet completed in Chapter 1 &2.  You can access these as ‘Exercises’ rather than ‘Tasks’ using the bar at the top of the screen.

Students should be working on Speaking Test questions from Ch3, 4, 5 and 6.  These should be shared with their class teacher.

Spanish see Go4Schools where you will find all the resources you need to work on conversation questions.  Completed tasks to be brought to your next lesson on Wednesday.


10S1 - Forces revision on Doddle assigned by Mrs Ward

10S2 - complete assigned work on doddle

10S3 Period 3 with OTR in 118 - Assignments on Doddle, Fuels and Fractional Distillation, Revision and Quizzes.

10S5 - Complete Doddle task set by Mr Cameron

11T1 - Waves revision on Doddle assigned by Mrs Ward

11T2:  Ammonia and fertilizer work set on Doddle by Mr Bradley

11T3 - Doddle assignments on EM waves.


Year 10 - If you haven’t already done a final visualisation diagram for the Flashforward film poster then please do so.  Those that have done it already, you should practise your editing skills - you can get a FREE trial of Affinity Photo on this link - available for Windows and MAC OS 

Year 11 - Prepare a ‘draft’ storyboard for the Port4ward film trailer.

Sixth Form


Year 12

Year 13

Applied Science

Work has been set on Human environment impact via Doddle


Year 12 You have a deadline approaching for 1b you should have these sections:  The external and internal environment of a business, several examples of situation analysis, an analysis of type of market and finally the effects of supply and demand. Please continue with your assignment.

Begin to work your way through the revision books you were given and identify areas that we need to work on together.

Year 13 You have a deadline approaching for 8a you should have these sections: how and why a firm recruits, the process of recruiting and finally the legal and ethical implications of recruitment. Please continue with your assignment.

English Language

Year 12 English Language

Create revision posters of key terminology to revise each one of the language levels.  Then use the internet to research and makes notes on the differences between the lexis, semantics and grammar of British (Standard) English and American English.

Read the Theories Revision document (all 22 pages) and Red Amber Green (RAG) rate your understanding of each of the theories to indicate how confident you feel about each one. Make notes in the margin of any questions you would like to ask about each one.

AND Write a paragraph in response to the question: In what way can Latin be used as an example of Wave Theory?

You will need to research the influence of Latin, particularly upon the development of English. The following link might help you, but you will need to THINK about both the theory and the ways Latin has influenced the language and draw possible conclusions from the evidence you have. The answer is not given to you in the extract.

AND You might also want to consider the way the greater social and geographic difference from the point of origin of a new language feature, to the point where the influence of the change is weakest, might eventually lead to two largely different languages developing. How has this happened with languages such as French, Spanish and Italian?

If you finish this, continue work on your Language Investigation.

English Literature

12 Eng Lit - Ms Hindson has shared a link for you to watch.


Your homework is - watch the film below - great for your studies and emotive too!  

The cryosphere is under serious threat - we are all under threat - its our children and our children's children who will inherit this mess!!

Q:  Are we presiding over our own extinction?

This comes at an interesting time - if you look at the USA's climate change pages they have been taken "down" by President Trump.  They are "re-thinking" their thoughts around climate change...

Mr Trump has also gone back on the Paris Climate Change agreement - 2015 - are jobs more important than the world??

Big Qs:  Are we living in the age of stupid??

What legacy are we leaving?  

Are we programmed as humans just to consider the immediate??

 I welcome your thoughts on this next lesson!!

Health & Social Care

Unit 14

Learning Aim B (overdue for some students)

Examine the investigation and diagnosis of physiological disorders

·         Definition of investigative and diagnostic

·         How easy is your disorder to diagnose?

·         Medical history – how would the patient describe their signs and symptoms . Do they fit a the pattern of the disorder

·         The next step may be diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis

·         Describe the likely diagnostic tests

·         Assess the importance of medical history and all the diagnoses

Learning Aim C

Treatment and care for Physiological disorders (see shared doc for assessment criteria) Due 9 March

Single - complete learning aim B, unit 5 assignment (all resources on google classroom). Please share assignment by 3.10 today. Double - unit 4 - as per emails (28/2 and 1 /3) and google classroom - bring annotated test to Monday’s lesson and printed A notes for source article (or upload to google classroom, again by start of lesson on Monday). Triple - complete learning aim A, unit 18 assignment  (all resources on google classroom). Please share assignment by 3.10 today.


Year 12 to complete steps to war work. Use you testbook to make detailed notes on Rhineland/Austria/Czechoslovakia/Poland. Then read the rest of the chapter on who was responsible for the outbreak of the war.

Year 13 (D) to complete notes from the lesson on Tuesday. The other group 13E will do the essay postponed from Wednesday. This will be done next Wednesday and you need to do a essay plan.


Continue to build computer game. If you do not have access to gamemaker then you should be examining the brief for learning aims B and C (google classroom) and planning the evaluative documents in readiness for completing after the testing process.

Year 13: BTEC  - task has been placed in the google classroom.

Year 13 BTEC IT - JOL - Focus on consolidating unit 2 revision aids. Big focus on Learning Aim E and F

Year 13: BTEC (JPA) - Lesson Three

Assuming you are not in Venice, please continue with the task that was set Wednesday in the classroom


Year 12 you now have two sections to revise (we will test both soon) ELS and Crime. Good practice are the old spec AS papers available on unit One has 10 minute ELS questions and Unit two has Crime Questions (1 -6)  

Year 13 We will have a mock of unit 4 during March you should revise all patterns, most important are: Occupiers liability, Nuisance,  Psychiatric harm and pure economic loss. there will be questions on these!


Ensure that all set work is up to date. Make use of online resources or Email Mr Ryall if you would benefit from additional support in completing work

Ensure that all set work is up to date. Make use of online resources or Email Mr Ryall if you would benefit from additional support in completing work.

Maths Further

Feedback on your recent Decision exam will be available later on Friday - there are particular topics for you each to review - for example Travelling Salesman and explanation of Big-M need reviewing. Await Email from Mr Ryall


Year 12 - complete your strengths and weaknesses of your own performance. Skills, Tactics, Fitness.

RMY - year 13 - please complete your practice strengths and weaknesses on your own performance - the real assessment starts o n Wednesday in the lesson


FYI: Although no timetabled lesson today - yesterday’s lesson missed with the Eye Dissection will now happen on Monday’s Lesson - please see me in Registration on Monday for alternative work if you do not wish to dissect the eye (first half of lesson only) - Thanks, Mr Furlong.


Year 12 BTEC Sport: I have sent the PowerPoint from the lesson today to the Google classroom. Any students who are in from Miss Brownsell’s class today, please do tasks from the PowerPoint.


Snow day Doddle task on Alkenes set by Mr Cameron


Year 12 - Revise and prepare for exam questions from your exercise books and the course text book.  You should have the exam paper from our lesson the other day - you could prepare a plan for how you would answer the 20 mark question.

Year 13 - Since the deadline for P2 and P3 has already gone.  Please use this time to make sure your work is the very best it can be.  Proof read, spell check - make sure you have done everything!   I am expecting this work in on Tuesday, completely finished and printed.