Joslin PTA

Board Meeting Minutes  9/13/17

Julie Barschow called the meeting to order on September 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

Quorum was established.  Board members present are Stephanie Turner, Amber Caskey, Julie Barschow, Kate Mason-Murphy, Tamara Russell, Natasha Chapman, Debra Ambrose, Michelle Degon, Patrick Aziz, Summer McKinnon, and PTA members Catherine Bacon, Jen Brewerton, Jenn Hodges, and Maribel Segovia.

Introductions/New Committee Positions

Julia de Moraes motioned to approve minutes from August’s meeting. Kate Mason-Murphy seconded.

Treasurer’s Report

Current balance: $10,111.47

Debits since last report:


Boo-hoo Breakfast & Teacher Salads

Check 1149


BOY breakfast

Check 1148


ACPTA dues

Check 1150

Credits since last report:










Deposit - membership, fees


Deposit - membership, fees, picture commission

Outstanding credits:

$40 Membership

Outstanding debits:

$602.64  Picture commission donation to Joslin

$80         Reimbursement to Joslin of fees paid

Effective balance: $9,468.83

Principal’s Report

  1. Facility Project Sheet - outlines proposed improvements for Joslin if bond passes. Upcoming summer major renovations will be done at Joslin, replace roof, Mr. Aziz inquired about installing rain gutters to capture rainwater for our garden. Diffused tubing, lightning for the gym.
  2. Target for enrollment 75-100%, max capacity 374. We are currently at 281 enrolled students. PreK 3 and PPCD thank you notes (Kate to send?)

President’s Report

  1. Texas PTA guidelines - PTA members have to sign an Ethics and Conflict of Interest agreement. All present members signed the document. Julie will submit.
  2. Required training - general training is online, there is a training on Saturday, members are being urged to attend. Online training to be completed by Oct 11, Julie will send the link via email.
  3. ACPTA - letter to district to support funding for Prime time and PSS. Summer McKinnon will send the email to parents.
  4. Marathon kids will kick off Friday at 10am. Parents are welcome to come cheer the kids on!

Committee Reports


Spooktacular - we need volunteers for organizing and day of. We also need to plan the layout for the event as the cafeteria was very loud last year.  Tamara, Jen H, Natasha, Amber, Jen B, Kate  agreed to be a part of the planning committee.  Stephanie will share last year’s spreadsheets so folks can sign up and learn what has been done in the past. Committee will meet at 3:30 on Wed, Sept 30th at Radio.

Box Tops: We will be redoing the board - it will be updated monthly, more dynamic, we can post events, fundraising ideas, monthly incentives - pajama day, movie day etc.

        To do: previous year’s numbers (Box Tops)

Membership: We currently have 46 members. Our goal is 100.

New Business

Budget - Insurance - they are offering a social media writer - Summer will send details, such as cost, via email so we can vote. We have agreed to purchase this if cost is less than $150.

        Story Wranglers partnership - All PTA members accepted to donate $200 towards this program.

Teacher appreciation week - we will revisit in future meeting

        Donations - goal for the year is $1000. We can offer different company sponsorship levels.

        All members approved budget.

General Meetings - setting up playground meetings for PTA members, Family Fridays - Picnic Dinner once a Quarter. First Meeting, Friday, Oct 20th at 6PM. PTA to provide refreshments.


A Legacy of Giving

Snack Sign-up

Hello World, Tech studio. Tamara has been in touch with this program for 3rd-5th graders. After school program.

Hot Shots -

Julie Barschow motioned to adjourn. Stephanie Turner seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.