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Dear Ke Kai,

There is certainly a lot of movement happening in our communities over the last few days.  This message perhaps feels late, and that's because we've been gathering as much information as possible to inform our next steps amidst growing concerns of COVID-19.

Social Distancing & Event Cancellation

At our February General Meeting, we had announced Sunday, March 15th for our Open House and Monday, March 16th for our next General Meeting.  We know that these dates may have fallen off your radar, and that was somewhat intentional as we considered what our next steps might be.  We have decided to postpone our General Meeting and Open House until a later date.  We will continue to monitor the guidelines from the CDC and the California Department of Public Health regarding large gatherings of people.  

Vote for the 2020-2021 Budget

One of the topics at this upcoming General Meeting was to be a review and motion/vote to approve Ke Kai's 2020-2021 operating budget.  This is an important step in our financial management, our transparency practices, and keeping the direction of a membership-driven organization in the hands of its members.  Given the immediate need to have an operating budget, we  hope to take this vote in the next few weeks. The Board will likely prepare online documents and an explanation of our budget, allow room for Q&A, and ask members to vote in an online platform.  More details to come in the next weeks.

Canoe Practices and New Members

Weekday paddling practices (for adults) have started! 5:30pm on Mondays (women), Tuesdays (men), and Thursdays (all).  We currently anticipate beginning keiki practices on Saturday, March 21.  Based on current guidelines, paddling practices fall into lower-risk activities - outdoors, in well-ventilated areas, no large crowds. Meanwhile, we encourage all members to practice proper precautions, including staying at home if you fall into a high-risk population or if you feel unwell.  

We are still very much looking forward to the beginning of our new paddling season and ramping up our recruitment to bring new members to our club to share in the paddling experience.  Start thinking now of those friends and acquaintances you’d like to invite to join us!  

Congratulations and Gratitude

Lastly, we’d like to extend our congratulations to the club for an excellent 36th Luau.  What a night!

The dancers were amazing and graceful. The stage crew was brilliant. The kitchen staff kept us well-fed. The apparel crew sold out.  And the volunteers made light work of a huge event. We are so full of gratitude for our membership and the amazing efforts put in by all.

Club leadership are looking forward to debriefing luau soon.  Meanwhile, you can purchase your copy of a Luau DVD or USB in the Ke Kai store.  :- )

Take care, and stay well -

Les Charles, Active Founder

Jim Dimke, President

Sean Swing, Vice President

Grace O’Dell, Secretary

Nancy Neville, Treasurer

Bill Boosman, Sergeant-at-Arms

Mel Latham, Hula Advocate

Keanu La’a, Head Coach

Paz Rondez, Hula Rep

Rosanna Leighton, Paddle Rep

Jason Fertig, Paddle Rep