Required Check Off List after Event (No cleaning fee)

1. If you have any problems call 770-345-5000 (Studio 5 during business hours) or 770-630-4035 (Majesty Brown)

2. After the event all chairs are to be lined up against the walls  (DO NOT fold/collapse chairs, top chair legs go through the bottom back NOT OVER) see photo.  If you have used the tablecloths DO NOT remove them from the tables.

3. Garbage (don’t forget bathrooms) are to be disposed of in dumpster on Archer Street (down the egress stairs).  Any boxes have to be broken down before disposal.

4. Collect all personal belongings.

5.  Brooms & mops are available in mop closet next to men’s restroom.  Sweep floors, mop spills, clean hall and clean bathrooms  (Don’t lock the doors).  The place should look the same or better than when you came.  If you had to use the mop & bucket, make sure it’s been poured out and mop hung to dry.

6. Make notation of any damages found on the bottom of this list.

7. Sweep and collect cigarette butts if any are on the ground in front or back of venue.

8. Make sure all your candles are blown out.

9. Make sure all tape, string or wires are removed.

10. Upon departure the A/C & Heater (thermostats are located on wooden pillars) will be turned off

11. The lights are to be turned off.  (Hall lights stay on)

12. All 6 doors locked [2 sets of double doors, all 4 of these doors need to be closed tightly then locked. They each have an escape bar so you can leave but not get back in. Don’t lock yourself out prematurely. [1 single door upstairs of egress (push lock) and 1 single door downstairs of egress (push lock)

13. Sign Check Off List. Hang it in the mop closet. (Mop closet is beside the men’s restroom)

14. Leave key in mop closet. (Mop closet is beside the men’s restroom)

15.  NO confetti or glitter is to be used INSIDE OR OUTSIDE (not to be in balloons either).  

Failure to comply with any of the items will result in forfeiture of the damage/cleaning fee.

Do not sign until ALL is accomplished.  ONLY THE ACTUAL PERSON CLOSING SIGNS.



How was your event? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best

Any suggestions?

If all this is verified your damage/cleaning fee will be refunded within 15 days.  Failure to comply will result in loss of damage/cleaning fee respective to each issue.  You can collect your refund from Studio 5 downstairs during business hours.  Report of any damages on back: