Teams of Our Lady (TOOL) is an International Catholic Movement for Married Couples meeting in Christ’s Name and in communion with the Church.  These couples bear witness to God’s marvelous plan of marital love to the world around them.  They seek to live as the first Christians of whom it was said: “See how they love one another!”

TOOL is not an end in itself, but a means that exists for the benefit of its members.  It encourages its members to pray and share with other, help one another grow in knowledge and love of the Lord and to bear witness to that love.  TOOL does not impose a particular type of spirituality on its members.  The Movement simply seeks to help its members advance, as a couple, along the path shown by Christ.

Each Team consists of 5 to 7 couples.  A key feature of the TOOL method is a monthly meeting that consists of:

Since its beginning the purpose of the Movement has remained the same:  to help each couple discover, in and through their sacrament of Matrimony, the riches and joy of married love as a part of God's plan and a path to holiness.

To join Teams of our Lady, interested couples are asked to participate in an hour long informational session on the Movement where details of membership are discussed and questions answered in order for the couple to understand the obligations and responsibilities of Team membership prior to their commitment to be a part of a Team.  TOOL is open to all couples who are in a marriage recognized by the Church.  Only one spouse needs to be Catholic.  

If interested in joining Teams of Our Lady or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone or through the form below.

Riley or Martha Kothmann