Program for the Open Symposium on Latin American Research Infrastructures in HECAP (High Energy Physics&Cosmology&Astroparticles)

São Paulo July 5-10th 2020

General idea:

Plenary talks in 5 areas of interest.

Contributed talks: according to submitted white papers, distributed in these topics.

Keep as much time as possible for discussions

6 sessions

  1. Accelerators, Detectors, Instrumentation and Computing (6 contributions)
  2. Astronomy, Astroparticle and Astrophysics (6 contributions)
  3. Electroweak (Flavor, CP, Higgs), Beyond SM and Strong Interactions (7 contributions)
  4. Neutrinos (8 contributions)
  5. Dark Matter, Cosmology and Gravitation (8 contributions)
  6. National roadmaps (5 contributions)


Sunday July 5

13:00-15:00 Closed session – meeting of the Preparatory Group

Monday July 6 Chair: M. Carena

10:30-10:35        Welcome

10:35-11:00        Status of the Process and Goals of the Symposium - Marta Losada

11:00-11:45        Open Questions in High Energy/Astroparticle/Cosmology  - Carlos Wagner

11:45-12:00        BREAK

12:00 -12:30        Plenary I:  A&D&I&C ( A. Sanchez/Wahlberg/Camacho)

12:30-12:40        A proposal for Transversal Computer-related Strategies & Services for Scientific and Training efforts for the LASF4RI,  A. Sanchez

12:40-12:50        The ATLAS/Brazil Cluster: Current Status and Perspectives from the ATLAS Upgrade Programme,  J.M. Seixas

12:50-13:00        Brazilian Report on Safeguards Application of Reactor Neutrinos,  E. Kemp

13:00 -13:10        Developing the first astronomical and quantum imaging instrument using the Smart Skipper-CCD technique, G. Moroni.

13:10 -13:20        Southern Wide-field-of-view Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO), U. Barres de Almeida

13:20 -13:30        LA Computing, Daniel Elvira

13:30 -14:15        Discussions

Tuesday July 7 Chair: R. Rosenfeld

10:30-11:00        Plenary II: Neutrinos (Yepes)

11:00-11:10        Hyper-Kamiokande: Possible Contributions from Latin America, H. Nunokawa

11:10-11:20        An Andean Deep-Valley Detector for High-Energy Tau Neutrinos, A. Romero-Wolf.

11:20-11:30        Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Experiment (CONNIE), I.Nasteva.

11:30-11:40        DUNE in the Report on LASF4RI: the Colombian case, D. Moreno.

11:40-11:50        Latin America Contribution to JUNO, P. Chimenti.

11:50-12:00        Short baseline neutrino experiment in nuclear reactors in Argentina,  G. Moroni.

12:00-12:10        The ANDES Deep Underground Laboratory, X. Bertou

12:10-12:20         Neutrino White Paper, E. Segreto.

12:20-13:05        Discussion

Session on National Roadmaps Chair: A. Sanchez

15:30-15:45        A Venezuelan input to the Latin American Strategy for Research Infrastructures, J.A. López.

15:45-16:00        Colombian Network on High Energy Physics – Input on Experimental HEP, C. Sandoval.


16:00-16:15        Ecuadorian HECAP Groups Input to the Latin American Strategy epor for Research Infrastructure, E. Carrera

16:15-16:30        Letter of Report on the Paraguayan Group, J. Molina

16:30-16:45        LA-CoNGA Physics perspectives for the Latin America Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure, R. Camacho Toro

16:45-16:55        Update of  the European Strategy for Particle Physics, S. Mele

16:55-17:25        Discussion

Wednesday July 8 Chair: Jorge Molina

10:30-11:00        Plenary III: Dark Matter, Cosmology and Gravitation (D. Lopez/D. Restrepo)

11:00-11:10        A Latin American graduate school – The PPGCosmo experience, J. Fabris.

11:10-11:20        Brazilian Community Report on Dark Matter, F. Queiroz.

11:20-11:30        Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics – Contribution from Buenos Aires to the LASF4RI, D. Rodrigues.

11:30-11:40        QUBIC: Q&U Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology, B. García.

11:40-11:50        BINGO Radio Telescope, A. Wuensche.

11:50-12:00        Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), R. Rosenfeld.

12:00-12:10        The South American Gravitational wave Observatory (SAGO) White Paper, O. Aguiar

12:10-12:55        Discussion

Thursday July 9 Chair: H. Wahlberg

10:30-11:00        Plenary IV: Electroweak, Flavour, Beyond SM and Strong Interactions (M. Mulders)

11::00-11:10        The Study of the Quark-Gluon Plasma with the ALICE-LHC Experiment. M. Munhoz.

11:10-11:20        Colombian Network on High Energy Physics Input on Theoretical HEP, N. Bernal.

11:20-11:30        Physics exploration with the LHCb experiment [EW/BSM], M. Rangel.

11:30-11:40        Argentina Experimental HEP Input, F. Monticelli.

11:40-11:50        Brazilian Participation in the Next-Generation Collider Experiments, T. Tomei.

11:50-12:00        White paper on Nuclear Science in Brazil, A.L-Szily.

12:00-12:10        Tau physics at Belle II, E. de la Cruz Burelo

12:10-12:55        Discussion        

Friday  July 10 Chair: M. Losada

10:30-11:00        Plenary V: Astro (F. Sanchez)

11:00-11:10        The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), E. Dal Pino.

11:10-11:20        ASTRI Mini Array, Reinaldo Santos-Lima.

11:20-11:30        Unravelling the Mysteries of Ultraenergetic Cosmic Rays with AugerPrime - Brazilian Contribution, C. Dobrigkeit

11:30-11:40        The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO), I. Sidelnik.

11:40-11:50        The Cherenkov Telescopes Array: fundamental physics and instrumentation, V. de Souza

11:50-12:00        GRAND: Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection,  R. Batista.

12:00-12:45        Discussions

12:45-13:00        BREAK

13:00 -13:10        Update of Snowmass, Claudio Dib

13:10-13:55        Discussion: Next steps (M. Carena/M. Losada/R. Rosenfeld/Quevedo/Bertou)

13:55-14:00        Summary and Closing